Monday, March 17, 2014

Back again. :)

Hey all,'I haven't written in awhile since I haven't felt like it. However, I'm doing a lot more now than I was earlier in the year. I'm involved in Cincinnati Goalball, which is really fun. We went to our first tournament in Michigan a few weeks ago. I'm the only girl on the team, so I had to be put on a pool team with two girls from Wyskonsin. They'd played together before, so that was cool. Our guys got Mercied all four games, but scord once, and my team got mercied twice, 8/2 once, and 14-7 the last game. It was fun! I loved actually being able to use the goals, because I've never used them before and found that it is a lot easier to stay aligned when you can use the goal to back up against before throwing. We have another, more casual, tournament this coming Sunday, so I'm excited about that. Randy has been looking for a job down here, but hasn't found anything yet. He's applied to places though. I can't wait until he has a job down here! My job is boring, mostly, but it is a job so I'm not really complaining. I do get things to do from finance, which is good since there small easy things but things that need done and I'm saving time for them. I don't know how long i'll be at the company, but it's nice to have a job. Speaking of jobs, I worked at a summer camp this past summer and it was the best experience ever! I loved it! It was a Christian camp, so I got to work with kids and share my faith and grow in my faith and I wish I could work there all the time! Maybe I'll post more about that later. Right now I've got to go pack to go to a friend's house tomorrow, we have an ACBGCC (Greater Cincinnati Chapter), meeting tomorrow so I'm staying at there house and getting a ride to work Wednesday. I'll get to use their treadmill to work out to get in shape for the "Flying Pig" walk I'm doing to raise money for ACB. 5K, 10K, and half Marathon.... wish me luck! I may die! lol Really, bye for now.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Very Very Very long time o see! I'm baaaaack!!!

Hey all! I was bored today and saw somebody's post to a blog on the guide dog network group I'm apart of on facebook, and realized that I hadn't posted on here in awhile,although I've written. Yeah! Almost two years would be considered awhile! Gosh! Hmmm... An overview of the past two years... I started dating randy in April of 2012, who I met through Mike and Sara, and he stuck with me through the horrid methods experience I had, (not a good teacher placement), and student teaching, (which was with Mr. P from earlier posts, and was really good.) Now we are engaged! :d We're getting married September 27, 2013! I have my dress picked out and my bridesmaids dresses almost decided on. We're getting married in my home church and having the reception in a reception hall at our fairgrounds. I'm so excited! :D Also, I have a job now, not teaching as I'm not sure I want to do that at least right now, but as an Office Mannager at a company working with adults with cognitive disabilities. I'm living with the owner of the small company now, they thought I'd be a great fit for the company and knew my dad from school, so decided to help me out so I could find a place. They truly love having me work for them and say that the company feels complete like it hasn't for two years since the previous lady that did my job died of cancer, (R.I.P for her), so I know it isn't just because they knew my dad that they hired me haha! :) I'm moving in to my own apartment December 9th, and am really excited about it! It's unfurnished, but I have some furnature already from family and Jim and shelly,, who I'm living with now, have some they don't use that they said I could, so that's great! I like my job, although it can get boring sometimes when people are not coming in and I'm caught up on what I have to do lol! Other than that it's great, and I get to talk to clients which is fun. You'd think I had more to write... Oh! i'm still working Bilko, and he's doing great. He has some fatty sists on his sides, but the vet said they aren't cancerous so he's fine. Boy did I freak out the first time I found one though! Randy was there, and his brother's dog had some, so he calmed me down. Oh, we had to put Hope down in March. She was our standard poodle. She was having seizures and the medication was making her in to a different dog, and her organs were shutting down. The meds weren't helping much either. It was really sad, but she's with Jesus now... Mom and dad got snickers, a Golden doodle, (golden retriever/poodle cross), in april and she's a bundle of energy. she was only 8 weeks when they got her. She loves Bilko, and Bilko likes her, but not the pulling on his ears andconstantly wanting him to play part. He'll be seven in December! How'd that happen! Oh! I went to a Cincinnati Goalball group last night, a friend I know through aCBo plays and told me about it, and I absolutely love it! Shelly went with me and promptly decided we had to get a ball for OTS and play as a staff. lol! I'm sore now since I haven't played in forever, so will probably take a hot bath tonight lol. I did well though, scored the winning point in overtime for the game where the teams were ACB (mine), vs. NFB, so that was awesome. I'm planning on going whenever I can, hopefully every week, when it starts again in January. It's $25 for ten or so weeks, so pretty good. They have two weeks in December, but I hope I can convince them to let me pay half of it or something since I'm joining late. I know there's things I've forgotten to say in here, but I'm going to post this now and take Billy out. Hopefully somebody still reads this!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!! and an update on the goings on here.

Well, this past two weeks has been great. I found out I got a 4.0 this past semester! :D I was sooo surprised! I thought I’d at least have one or 2 B’s!!!
Now that I’m on break, I've not really done much except read, go to Grandma's and bake cake and cookies and help with chili, (yum!), and I went bowling with Dee and her boyfriend Thursday night. It was really fun. My games kinda sucked, (93, 82, 86), but it could have been worse. We walked around Walmart for awhile afterward and looked at stuff and talked. Sara, Mike, and our friend Ben came over last week and we hung out for a few hours and played Wii and ate AJ's pizza.

Christmas was nice. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's instead of great Grandma's for once for the entire Christmas eve, (usually we split it between the two houses even though its the same side of the family), and great Grandma didn't come, because she said she was not feeling well. I got a nice gold pearl necklace/bracelet set that can go with about anything dressy, so that was cool. I also got some nice tops, (one purple and one grey), that were dressy, so that was good since I need more dress clothes for teaching. Even though I won't be in the classroom this semester really, I'll need them for methods/student-teaching next year. I got some bath-and-bodyworks Sea-Island Cotton spray and lotion. I have so much bath-and-body its crazy, but at least I have variety lol. I got a gift card to the mall, and so my cousins and I went shopping on Monday, and I got some good deals. I even got Bilko a treat dispenser that is a soccer ball like ball with a hole in it for treats/food. He loves rolling it around and shaking it to get the food it, but he gives up after awhile, so I help him, (when I can find the ball.)

Christmas day we got up and all the grandparents came over as usual to see us open gifts. (More clothes, ITunes card, a new pare of boots that didn't fit so we're going to try to return them, an Ohio State pillow (from Walker.) We went to grandma and grandpa's at noon for Christmas dinner, and had a very... awkward conversation that consisted of my grandpa's racist jokes. It was horrible, and my grandpa's not a bad guy, and he's nice, but... I ended up throwing a grape at him from my apple salad. We all just hung out and talked until it was time to go to grandma's at 3. We had a silly gift-exchange in which I got one of the gifts we brought (and I really didn't want), and my dad got a pop-it extreme with an optional "shake-it" setting. We traded. I then set around and talked to my cousin and one of their girlfriends for awhile. That was interesting, just because I've never really talked to this girl before since I just met her at Thanksgiving.

Its now Newyears Eve Day, and Walker was up half the night puking last night, and mom was up with him. I didn't feel like going to my parents room to sleep, (I was half asleep and comfortable), so I was awake too off-and-on. He was going to have a party tonight, but I'm not sure if that's happening or not now. I'm just hanging out at home tonight with my family. Nobody invited me anywhere, and I that's fine. Usually I'm the one that has the party, but not this year, since the usual guests (except me and one friend), are doing other things in other towns. I keep telling myself that I'm going to work out more this year, and I mean to do it. Honestly, though, anything more than a few times would be an improvement. I get so busy with school and such that it never seems to happen.
Well, now that it's actually 2012 and I'm posting, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

not very creative

Not much went on today. I went to Classroom management, but skipped Weather and Climate to go vote. I used the talking voting machine, which I love! I've used it before, but thisone was different. There was no way o f changing the speech rate, so it was really slow. I voted no on issue two (dealing with teachers unions and all that), while I agree with some of the stuff packed in there, most of it I do not. Although, I don't like politics, so yeah. I voted for the issues that concern me.
Anyway. I had a quiz in phonics, and that went well, but now we apparently have this huge project due in exactly two weeks from today, and I don't really have time to do it! Aaaaah! I guess I will be working on it whenever I can for the next two weeks, and hopefully finishing it up before ACBO convention on the 18th.
Did I tell you all I got another ACBO Scholarship? I did! :)
I just realized I haven't sent back the registration form! Crap! I'd better do that before going to bed tonight!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothings post

So, I got a 46/50 on my Weather and Climate exam!!!!! :D
I was so shocked and excited when I saw that! Especially since, acording to a friend of mine who emailed our professor, our class average was a 56! Yea!

Today was a boring day for the most part. I got up around 9 ish, and fed Bilko and all that. I decided to make eggs around 10:30. They were ok. I've had/made better though lol. I tried putting peperoni in them, because origionally they were supposed to be an omlet. It was ok scrambled though lol. Got my praxis packet from DSS, where they had it because my doctor hadn't gotten the form back conforming my blindness so I can get accomidations for taking the exam in January. Well, one of them at least. I have to take 3 tests...
Sent that off (I keep forgetting we have a mailing service on campus lol.) I hung out with Shelby and one of her friends for awhile, and then got a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. MMM! I'd never had one before, but I kept hearing them mentioned on facebook, so thought I'd try one. O, I finished my lesson for Wednesday, crap gotta email that to Mr. P! I just have to get the cricket cutouts (from the cricket machine, the cutouts are vowels), tomorrow, but other than that I'm done.
Well, nothing else interesting happened today, so TTFN :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bilko's Bloggings--I'm baaaack!

Hey all! So I know mom posted earlier about me throwing up, but I'm fine now. Honestly, she wouldn't have freaked out so much if Sara hadn't said it was white foam. I ate my dinner at 7:30 instead of 5:30 (torcher! Let me tell you!) just in case, but I've been fine ever since. I just drank my water to fast I think. Mom asked if there was any way that there could be laundry sope (what's that?) in my water bowl, but everybody pours it over the big, loud, machine thing. --Bilko, that's a washer.-- Thanks mom. Anyway. I feel fine now. So, I thought I was in the mood to write, but I'm tired, so think I'll go to bed. Here's what I posted on FB earlier: So, yesterday mom and I went to the big place with all the food and sometimes loud music, (what's it called? I don't remember), and there were lots of people and I got to see my friend Tyler! Mom talked to some groups too. Boring! I slept. Now waiting for mom to take me out. Lazy day today for me.
Pretty much sums up my weekend, other than going to this restaurant with mom and our other people we live with and a bunch of people I'd met a couple of times before. I think they were the girl called Sara's family. Mom tried to put me under her chair but somehow i got stepped on or pinched by the chair and I didn't like that. I started yelping and stood up. Then mom found that there was a bench near her I could lay under and she could still have the leash since it was where Shelby was sitting right next to her. Shelby had to jump over me though. haha!
Going to bed now, but maybe write later,

Bilko, vomiting, fome, what? :(

Ok so hopefullyI'll get another post in today, but I had to put this down. Bilko was fine this morning for breakfast, we went to church, and came home. I left him in my room when we went out to eat, because it was a chinese Bufegh and I didn’t want to bring him. I came home, let him out of my room and played a little tug (he only tugged for a minute), and petted him for awhile. I took him outside, but he first drank all the water in his bowl. I’m not sure how much was in it still, but he drank for awhile. I took him out and he Peaed. I came in and a few minutes later (while I was in the “.bathroom), my roommates said he was gagging so they took him outside. Apparently, he threw up white fome and no food. Could he have digested it already? Could it have been because of drinking so much water so fast? I think I may try to call Chuck if he’s in and see what he says. The food/water bowls are near the washer/dryer, but not where they would have sope and stuff. I’m really upset right now, mostly because I don’t know where that came from. I’m also mad at my roommates, because one of them insinuated that it was my falt. This person said “No offense, but it’s your responsibility to watch him.” what the heck! How the hekk am I supposed to be watching him when I’m not here? I’m in my room right now, although we have a friend (mostly of Sara and Mike’s), over, but I really hate the show they’re watching and don’t want to be around people right now. I think I’m going to post this and try to find something to take my mind off of everything. God, please let him be alright! My mind is filled with panicked fog right now, and I won’t be surprised if I either blow up at someone or start crying… or puke. I pray I’m overreacting, but you never know. God, please help him to really be alright! God please!!!!!