Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drop the new and pick up the old!

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in awhile... I've actually been really busy! :D
I was just at church today for like the first time in a month (I want to change that but since I haven't been home...)
Anyway pastor was talking about the story in Luke about Mary and Martha. Mary sat at Jesus's feet and listened to him, but Marthy, while she had started out sitting and listening, got distracted by all of the things she had to do around the house. She then came back and asked Jesus why he was allowing Mary to leave Martha with all the work, and Jesus responded that Mary was doing the good thing and listening to his word rather than worrying about everything and being distracted.
Pastor told us that we do the same thing today. We get sooo distracted by all of the technology and other things in our lives-- IPods, T.V, internet, texting and more-- that we don't take time to remember that Jesus should be the focus of our lives, not earthly things that won't mean anything in the afterlife.

Just thought I'd post that... hopefully somebody gets something out of it, but if not I have it for my own reference hahaha!

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