Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Placement october 19th

(Tuesday oct. 19)
I officially do not like my field placement. I do nothing most of the day, and only help the kids when they have questions, and sometimes I have to say, "I'll help them," or the teacher will do it instead. I also have a math class, but they're doing coordinate planes and liniar equations, which are easy, but I can't see their graphs, so I can't help them. I can sometimes, but I can't be sure they're graphing them right. I can help them creat the equation, but friend A doesn't get it. It is frustrating, because I can't see the exact problems. One of the teachers was helping me help him, since I wasn't sure how to do it, but now I get it. Y, then thinking where they put the number of boxes or whatever than changes plus what is added, then the total which is the tetal than they get when they add everything. It makes sense now. This kid should actually be in an LD type math class, but they put him in the wrong one and he couldn't change it. Why? No idea. Its stupid! I thought about bringing manipulatives, but he would just play with them instead of do the work. He already can't concentrate. I may try to find out what he likes and then use it to teach him the math. Maybe that will work... I hope, because I hate seeing him struggle.

I can schedule classes today, but one of them that I wanted to take wasn't able to be scheduled because I haven't taken the mretest. I had to contact DSS, then the math department, then DSS again to get everything worked out to take it ASAP so I can schedule it.

I decided not to take the math class now, but I will take the test, because I still need it of next semester when I do take the class anyway and if I don't pass it this semester I can always try again next.
Arg scheduling is complecated.
So Meagan and I had fun walking to our next meeting/class after our 6-9 Education Psychology class. Last week there was a whole conversation on facebook about us throwing canes. (its hillarious maybe I'll post later haha!) This week my teacher gave me a large print paper (which I can't read), so I made a paper airoplain. Naturally, right? lol
TTYL I'm just bored

Kong air squeaker football

So, I got Bilko the air kong squeaker football from
It came last week, but nobody told me I had a package notice and had to pick it up from the front office until a few days ago, and I never got a chance to go get it till today. I got it and opened it, and Bilko took it but he wasn't that interested at first, until I threw it for him! He ran and grabbed and started charging around our apartment! It was sooo funny! I recorded a sound file of him, but I don't know how to upload it to here. Help Please? If you guys wanna hear him that is...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

H2O Fall Getaway

Friday night, we got to the campground around 8, and the first session was supposed to start at 8, but as usually it seems with H2O events like this, it started 10 or 15 minutes late. The speaker was Steve Haze from University of Mi... Mi... Michigan! There I said it! That state up north that I dislike because I'm from Ohio and we're rivals. LOL. Despite being from that state, he's a really good speaker. The first session was about our relationship with God. It was really comforting to me because he talked about how we tend to think that God is disappointed or angry with us when we sin, but he isn't. He knows that we are human and therefore tempted by sin and he loves us even when we sin. I needed that message.
We then went to our cabins and everything just to get our beds set up, and went to the camp fire for awhile, but soon realized there was nothing to drink so we headed to the dining hall to get drinks and snacks. We sat down to eat near a table of people playing some game where they had to pretend to kill people and it involved yelling. I think it was ninja.... Stupidest most pointless game ever! It was really annoying, and then we went to our cabin (Sara and I did at least), and got ready for bed. I couldn't get to sleep for a long time though, because people were really loud in our cabin. Sara fell asleep right away, but I couldn't. This morning the lesson was about relationship with friends. We talked about this guy named Abishai (Ab-ih-shy), that was a cousin of David's, and every time someone went against david he offered to kill them because he was so loyal to David. The lesson was basically that we should be loyal like Abishai, not that we should kill people for our friends! Abishai never did kill the people, because David always stopped him. Check out "First Samuel 26" to read about it. That's where part of it is at least. The last session was Saturday night, and about relationships with significant others. Did you know there is absolutely no verses on dating in the Bible? I did, but it just registered last night. All of them are about friendships, but not specifically dating, because dating is something our culture has created. They talked about how to tread people in dating relationships and any relationship. It was a very very very good sermon that made an impact. We had a Q and A session and I was going to ask "what would you say is the best way to bring your significant other closer to God?" Another girl asked basically the same question, but it was about how to bring your boyfriend or someone you want to date to Christ and invite them to church. I used my Braillenote to record the response, but I won't put it up here, because I don't know if that's even legal hahaha! After the service we had a small group fusion time. The guys and girls split up, and we had questions to answer about how we liked the getaway. It was awesome! My group ended up talking for two hours about anything and everything! We answered the questions, then had a big Q and A session about dating and relationships for our pastor's wife leading our group, then a bunch of questions about our own lives and everyone gave opinions and it was amazing! I loved it! :D

Right now my neck is absolutely killing me! I have no idea how I did it but somehow yesterday I did something and it started hurting, and then sleeping on that horrible camp bunk bed hurt like crazy this morning! I can hardly move it without it killing me. Sara and Mike have both tried giving me backrubs, and they helped for a little bit, but then it started hurting again. I'm sooo excited about the final session, which is in BG for us Falcons, UC has it with there church. Its about marriage.

The sermon was really good. I would tell about it, but I don't have time right now. If anybody wants to know about it leave a comment and I'll post about it later. TTYL

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frogger with Chuck

I just got done with a meeting with my GDB field rep, Chuck. He came down to help me with crossing the street my apartment is on to the bus stop. I don't usually use this bus, but since I have late night classes, it would be easier to get on the "south Route" bus than call campus escort. Basically, I cross the parking lott in front of my building, and walk along the curb until I get to my usual shuddle stop that we use for the Enclave shuddle, then we turn left from the bus stop (its at our back then we do this) then he finds this curb, its kind of rounded, so he rounds it to the right and when it levels out we turn and cross the parking lott again to the sidewalk on the other side. We then turn left on the sidewalk and follow it until it T's off. We turn right and find the driveway to this house near the complex, turn left in the driveway and the street slopes up so when we find that slope we stop and wait for an all-clear and cross. The sidewalk splits at the curb, so we go streight and I tell Bilko to "find the poll." We're there! It's not near as complicated as I thought it would be. :)

After that I wanted to work on rounded curbs, so Chuck drove us to downtown BG and we worked a route of them. We basically did a large rectangle, and he did amazing! Yea Bilko! That's the best work I've seen out of him in a long time! He was having fun, and really paying attention. :D There was a large lab across the street at one point that got him distracted, but I made him sit and lay down then sit again and he was fine. :)
Chuck praised how good he looks and how mature and focused he is. He also praised my handling which is always nice to hear haha!
He said that Bilko had some tarter on his teeth, but they wern't bad, and I admitted I hadn't been brushing them as regularly as I should.

I actually should be in class right now, but decided not to go since we were going to be late anyway, and I really didn't feel like trying to explain to Chuck where the building is hahaha! Besides, I only know how to get to the classroom from one door that we can't drive too, and nothing is brailled in that building. I could have asked Chuck for help, but o well... I really didn't want to go to class! lol

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Poopy Adventure

Yeah... exactly what it sounds like really...
I took Bilko out earlier, he was pawing at me trying to get me to get up. I thought he was really hungry and had to go too, so I fed him and took him out. I was totally right, because he pooped pretty much as soon as we got out there! lol
I marked it with my foot like we're supposed to, then he moved and started pooping again, so I used my other foot for that... then he moved to my other side and pooped again! Crap! I don't have 3 feet! Ok, maybe he'll stay there... nope he moved and stopped pooping thank goodness. I would have called my roommates to get one of them to come help me find the third pile, but I didn't have my phone. I heard somebody walking toward the building, so I was like, "hey, random question, but could you help me find the dog poop? He kept moving!" So this random girl helped me find it but at first she just was pointing and being like "its over there and right there." Um, duh! I'm blind!--why do sighties do that?-- anyway...
She finally told me exactly what to do and I got it. It was just really funny haha!
Um ok so I have no idea why I felt the need to share this with the wirld... It's just been a really lazy and boring day here and I wanted to write! lol

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dorito update

So, the doreto dish was actually pretty good. Nick and I both had some, and there's still like 3/4 of a pan left. Hopefully Meagan will try and like it tomorrow since Mike and Sara don't like Mexican and I don't want to eat it all. Maybe I'll post the recipe soon.

Dorito adventures

I’m sitting here alone in the apartment since my boyfriend ran a friend home, Mike went with him to get something (IDK), and Sara went to Leann’s for dinner. I’m making this “cool Ranch Dorito Hot Dish” that Mandi suggested, but I’m kinda scared it’s going to absolutely suck. First of all, it called for ground turkey. Where the heck do you buy ground turkey? We couldn’t find it and the guy at the delly had no idea what we were talking about, so Nick suggested we buy chipped turkey and that would work just as well. I didn’t agree, but we got it anyway and tried it. We basically ended up cooking it like we were browning it but obviously it didn’t brown, but we added the salsa and corn anyway. It called for green pepper and onion, but none of us like that, so we didn’t use it. I think it may be ok, but I’m worried how it’s gonna taste with the delly-ish turkey instead of actually ground turkey. Its cooking right now so I’ll let yall know… If this sucks I’m gonna feel llike the stupidest person on the planet haha!

O and Sara doesn’t like half the stuff in this dish, so IDK who else will eat it and I may be eating it all by myself. *sad face* Hopefully Nick will try it and hopefully he won’t hate it…