Tuesday, November 8, 2011

not very creative

Not much went on today. I went to Classroom management, but skipped Weather and Climate to go vote. I used the talking voting machine, which I love! I've used it before, but thisone was different. There was no way o f changing the speech rate, so it was really slow. I voted no on issue two (dealing with teachers unions and all that), while I agree with some of the stuff packed in there, most of it I do not. Although, I don't like politics, so yeah. I voted for the issues that concern me.
Anyway. I had a quiz in phonics, and that went well, but now we apparently have this huge project due in exactly two weeks from today, and I don't really have time to do it! Aaaaah! I guess I will be working on it whenever I can for the next two weeks, and hopefully finishing it up before ACBO convention on the 18th.
Did I tell you all I got another ACBO Scholarship? I did! :)
I just realized I haven't sent back the registration form! Crap! I'd better do that before going to bed tonight!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothings post

So, I got a 46/50 on my Weather and Climate exam!!!!! :D
I was so shocked and excited when I saw that! Especially since, acording to a friend of mine who emailed our professor, our class average was a 56! Yea!

Today was a boring day for the most part. I got up around 9 ish, and fed Bilko and all that. I decided to make eggs around 10:30. They were ok. I've had/made better though lol. I tried putting peperoni in them, because origionally they were supposed to be an omlet. It was ok scrambled though lol. Got my praxis packet from DSS, where they had it because my doctor hadn't gotten the form back conforming my blindness so I can get accomidations for taking the exam in January. Well, one of them at least. I have to take 3 tests...
Sent that off (I keep forgetting we have a mailing service on campus lol.) I hung out with Shelby and one of her friends for awhile, and then got a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. MMM! I'd never had one before, but I kept hearing them mentioned on facebook, so thought I'd try one. O, I finished my lesson for Wednesday, crap gotta email that to Mr. P! I just have to get the cricket cutouts (from the cricket machine, the cutouts are vowels), tomorrow, but other than that I'm done.
Well, nothing else interesting happened today, so TTFN :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bilko's Bloggings--I'm baaaack!

Hey all! So I know mom posted earlier about me throwing up, but I'm fine now. Honestly, she wouldn't have freaked out so much if Sara hadn't said it was white foam. I ate my dinner at 7:30 instead of 5:30 (torcher! Let me tell you!) just in case, but I've been fine ever since. I just drank my water to fast I think. Mom asked if there was any way that there could be laundry sope (what's that?) in my water bowl, but everybody pours it over the big, loud, machine thing. --Bilko, that's a washer.-- Thanks mom. Anyway. I feel fine now. So, I thought I was in the mood to write, but I'm tired, so think I'll go to bed. Here's what I posted on FB earlier: So, yesterday mom and I went to the big place with all the food and sometimes loud music, (what's it called? I don't remember), and there were lots of people and I got to see my friend Tyler! Mom talked to some groups too. Boring! I slept. Now waiting for mom to take me out. Lazy day today for me.
Pretty much sums up my weekend, other than going to this restaurant with mom and our other people we live with and a bunch of people I'd met a couple of times before. I think they were the girl called Sara's family. Mom tried to put me under her chair but somehow i got stepped on or pinched by the chair and I didn't like that. I started yelping and stood up. Then mom found that there was a bench near her I could lay under and she could still have the leash since it was where Shelby was sitting right next to her. Shelby had to jump over me though. haha!
Going to bed now, but maybe write later,

Bilko, vomiting, fome, what? :(

Ok so hopefullyI'll get another post in today, but I had to put this down. Bilko was fine this morning for breakfast, we went to church, and came home. I left him in my room when we went out to eat, because it was a chinese Bufegh and I didn’t want to bring him. I came home, let him out of my room and played a little tug (he only tugged for a minute), and petted him for awhile. I took him outside, but he first drank all the water in his bowl. I’m not sure how much was in it still, but he drank for awhile. I took him out and he Peaed. I came in and a few minutes later (while I was in the “.bathroom), my roommates said he was gagging so they took him outside. Apparently, he threw up white fome and no food. Could he have digested it already? Could it have been because of drinking so much water so fast? I think I may try to call Chuck if he’s in and see what he says. The food/water bowls are near the washer/dryer, but not where they would have sope and stuff. I’m really upset right now, mostly because I don’t know where that came from. I’m also mad at my roommates, because one of them insinuated that it was my falt. This person said “No offense, but it’s your responsibility to watch him.” what the heck! How the hekk am I supposed to be watching him when I’m not here? I’m in my room right now, although we have a friend (mostly of Sara and Mike’s), over, but I really hate the show they’re watching and don’t want to be around people right now. I think I’m going to post this and try to find something to take my mind off of everything. God, please let him be alright! My mind is filled with panicked fog right now, and I won’t be surprised if I either blow up at someone or start crying… or puke. I pray I’m overreacting, but you never know. God, please help him to really be alright! God please!!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Transitions Expo 2011

Today Shelby and I spoke at the second Annual Transitions Expo at BG. We got up around 6:30, (well I did), and we walked to campus, which is about ten blocks, to be there by 8:30. It was cold! It was a nice walk though.
After a yummy coffee and blueberry muffin, we listened to LeDerrick... Horn? I think that was his last name, but I'm not sure. He has a neurological impairment and spoke of his difficulties and how he came to where he is today. Then we talked to two groups of parents of students with disabilities. There were students ranging from freshman in high school to seniors. It was really fun. There were 4 of us total. The first group wasn't very talkative, but the second was really good. Then I went down for lunch, and Shelby left. I ran into a friend/teacher at the Sight Center I did some things with a few years ago, so that was fun to see her, and she gave me a ride home, so that was nice. She helped me find Sara S, who I went to ACBO convention with last year, and so that was great to see her and little her dog too. LOL
I also got to see a girl that I went to camp with a few years ago, who's now a Sophomore in high school. She has a visual impairment. I then talked on a panel for students. It was called "learning after high school," and there was me, a girl from a two year program, and a man who was in an internship program type thing. It was a really nice mix of people and representations, and at the end I got a business card from one of the Special Education coordinators at TPS! He wants me to try to get in to wherever he is for methods. he said "we're always looking for highly enthusiastic methods students," or something to that effect. I was really excited.
Now we're getting ready to go to Outback Steak House with Sara's family for her uncle's birthday.
11:07 pm We're back, and it was fun. I love Sara's grandma, and her family is so fun! We got lost trying to find a mall, but we did it, and I got a cool clock puzzle for my classroom, and a nerf basketball set for Alex and Mason. I had this really cute pair of shirts, but they were $50, and I wanted to get the toys lol, so I didn't get it and am asking for it for Christmas. Sara took a pictchre.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Angels Catched Me.

I saw this vidio on facebook, and just had to share:
This kid was 2 years old when he fell from a 2-story window! He was fine in 6 hours, thanks to the power of his parent's faith in God and prayer!

Song, song of the south

Sweet Potato Waffles and I shut my mouth!

Ok, yeah I know that's not the right words, but it goes with my post, because that's exactly what I'm writing about! Yes folks, I had sweet potato Waffles this afternoon! Shelby had been talking about this place in town called "Mile's Bakery," for weeks. Yesterday, she said she had Sweet Potato Waffels, and I decided I really had to try them. After Shelby was done with classes for today, we walked there. It’s only crossing the street at the end of campus by the dorm “Founders,” then crossing Wooster, turn right, walk until you cross the tracks and a little parkinglot entrance, step up on the sidewalk and turn left, and it’s on that block, but I’m not sure how many doors down it was. We’re planning on going next week again so I will count. Not that anybody actually cares about how you get there, but I put it in for my own reference hahaha!

They were sooooo good! They could have been a little warmer, but we came late in the day so they probably weren’t really serving them much longer or something, and they were still really good! They came with these Candied Almonds on top, and a little cup of sirup, (I just dipped the waffles in it, less messy. :)
I also got a Pumpkin Chi Latte. That was good, but reeeeally sweet! Especially with the waffles! Lol
I couldn’t even finish the waffles since that combined with the latte was too sweet, but I ate all but a few bites of them. I ended up asking for a cup of water. Lol
In conclusion, (I sound like I’m writing a report!), The waffles were good, but don’t get the pumpkin Chai Latte with them. Get one or the other, but not both.
Now that I’ve gone and made you all hungry, I’m going to post this and probably work on my lesson plan for next Wednesday.
Jen and Bill

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So here's the amazon link to Kyle's book "No Excuses."

Looong day!

Today I set my alarm for 5:30, because I wasn't retaining anything I was studying after about 9 last night, so wanted to sleep and go back at it. It worked out, and I think I did well on the exam, but don't really want to get my hopes up just in case. Mike Helped me study for about half an hour before I had to leave for class, and I think that helped out too. I went to my 9:30 class, (classroom management), and then hurried off to DSS (Disability Student Services), for my exam. I thought I needed to buy a scantron, (you know, those bubble sheets?), but apparently my professor said I could just circle the answers on the test. I was glad, because I think scantrons are dumb, but I can't use them so yeah...
After the exam, I went and got on the van to go home, and (of course), realized I had left my keys in DSS. I called to make sure, and then rode the van back to campus, went back to DSS for my keys, and then back to wait for the van again. That wasn't fun, but that's what I get for being forgetful!
I had pizza rolls for lunch, (yea practically no time and being lazy!) did my assignment for Content Literacy that I neglected to do before then in favor of studying, and was back to campus within half an hour for Phonics at 1, and then content.

The really neat thing that happened tonight was a documentary about this guy with no arms or legs that Wrestles, and does MMA (some marcial arts/wrestling thing I'd heard of, but didn't really know what it was.) His name is Kyle Maynard. Shelby and I went, and it was good, but not as influential as I'd hoped it would be, because it was mostly for ESPN, so focused more on the sports aspect than a ton of personal story. (yikes, run-on sentence! lol)
I think I'm going to look up the book he wrote though, and will post on here about it if I find it.

I was going to go to H2O's mass Operation Christmas Child thing tonight, but decided not to since I've been up since 5:30 and am tired, plus Sara, Mike, Shelby and I wanted to do boxes together, and they didn't want to/couldn't come tonight.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

P-Burg day 6


November 2, 2011
Dena and I got to school kind of late today, partly because I was making tea when Dena showed up, and partly because Dena missed the exit we needed and we drove around for awhile to find where we needed. We still aren's sure how we got here the way we did. Then Mr. Pevoar wasn't in his room when I walked in, and I spent the first 5 minutes just talking to the third graders while we waited.

I forgot to bring the cookies (just little bags of mini cookies), for my students today, but that's ok, because I wasn't exactly sure how many kids I had since we started new math groups last week. I counted and I have 17 students, and 20 bags of cookies. Hmmm, sounds like a math problem. "If Ms. Jenna has 17 students, and each student gets one bag of cookies how many bags are left if she started out with 20 bags of cookies?"
That could have been worded better, but o well. It would be a good introduction to story problems though, especially since it relates to %sthing that really happened, (or will happen next week at least.)

I'm thinking of posting a kid quote every day that I can. I have at least a weeks worth. Some of them I may post together, because they've related, and funny.

Mr. P told me about a 2-day seminar about IPads and using them with people with disabilities, but mostly autism. Its at BGSU, and free for students. Its November 12-13, but you don't have to go all of the sessions. I'm really excited and want to go for the first day at least, but that's Walker and dad's birthday weekend. I don't know if I'll be able to go or not.

O! I figured out Justin and Ben. Justin's voice is higher than Ben's.
I think I have the other students, but some of them still confuse me. Hopefully it'll be better when I see them every day.

I met my other first grade math student today. She's really quiet. I told her about Bilko, but I'm not sure she really got it. She liked petting him when I took him off harness at the end though.
Ok, so I'm taking time out of studying for Weather and Climate to post this (most of it was already written), so going now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can I do it?

So, I just randomly decided to try (key word TRY) to write a post every day this month like many of my blogger friends are doing. I'm not signing up though, because I doubt it'll actually happen with school and all haha!
Anyway, I've been studying like crazy for my Weather and Climate exam on Thursday, and am still freaking out about it. I pray that the exam won't be that dificult, because he gave us a ton of study questions ranging from 30 in one chapter to 63 in another, and there's 5 chapters! So scary!
I went to the study session tonight, and got most of the answers I think, but he won't give us the entire study guide answers, because (and this kind of makes sense), he wants us to look them up on our own, but it really stresses me out that I don't know exactly if I have them correct so I can study! Aaaah!

I'm going to P-Burg tomorrow! I'm sooooo excited! I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go, but Dena got her info so we're both set! :D

There was something I was going to blog about that happened today, but I don't remember what it was. Fail? Yep. O well.
O! This isn't it, but I'm bringing my kids little ginger cookies, (I think that's what kind they are anyway), that are shaped like Ghosts and Halloween things. I hope they like them, and aren't alergic. I doubt they are, but you never know, so I'll ask Mr. P before I give them out.
Ok, I'm going to listen through my phonics sounds for my test next week, (after doing my dishes), O! Pea Soup! That was one of the things! My grandma made Split Pea Soup over the weekend, and gave me some to bring back to school. I was starving, (like stomachaching hungry), and heated it up as soon as I got home from study session. Shelby and I ate it, but she only had half a bowl and rice, and I had 2 bowls. All gone; it was sooooo gooooood!!! lol

anyway... Going to do dishes, possibly go through phonics sounds, and go to bed.
Night all! :D

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween adventuresHalloween Adventures

October 30, 2011
I came home this weekend, because everyone else was doing something (Sara and Mike were going to Columbus to the OSU game), and I didn't want to stay in BG. My cousin picked me up on her way home, and all of us went to the football game to watch Walker play. Finally! They won!
Saturday, mom and I went to Marian to the Verison store so she could get her phone connesg, since she washed her new one four days after she got it and had a loner until now. While we were there, I wanted to look at the IPhone 4S. Mom said she had doubts about whether or not I could use it, but she would get me one, (I'm still on her plan), if I could. I can't really use the data plan I have now, because my phone doesn't work well with the internet, so its kind of a waste of money. The IPhone also has color identifiers you can get, GPS aps, OCR aps, bar code readers and more that would make life sooo much simpler for me. I wouldn't have to ask my roommates to read the direction to not a box anymore if the bar code reader does what I think it will.
Mom and I got Chipotle on the way home. Yum! When we got home I read my Bible for awhile and ended up reading the rest of 1 Samuel instead of studying for Weather and Climate like I'd planned. Oops! O well, maybe God . help me remember that information, because I did read my Bible instead of study. I have until Thursday so hopefully I'll understand it all by then. I also looked at IPhone demos and info about Voice Over.
Around 5, mom took oe and Bilko over to Grandma's, because all the little kids were getting dressed to go trick-or-treating. All but my cousin's youngest, who's only a year on Friday. One was Spider man, one a Vampire, and one a rupunsel (without the long haq because she didn't have a wig.) They were all so cute! I passed out candy and it was fun. At first not many kids came by, but we figured that that they couldn't tell the porch light was on, so I ended up having to sit outside. I brought Bilko to sit beside me and he loved all the attention. One little boy just wanted to sit and pet him.

We did have an insident when my uncle set one of my little cousins out beside me and didn't tell me. I couldn't figure out why he was still there when the kids had left. Keep in mind I don't see this kid much at all. Maybe a couple times a year since I'm never home, so I don't know his voice at all. I told him to hurry or he'd lose his friends, so he ran after them, and then my uncle came out and asked where he was. I felt so stupid and horrible, but at the same time angry when I found out that my uncle was the one who sent him and but didn't tell me he was there. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. If I'd known he was there that wouldn't have happened! Arg! O well. The wasn't anything I could have done differently really. It was a combination of so many kids and not knowing his voice and my uncle not telling me. I'm sure it'll be funny in a few years when I'm not still so mad about it happening. I think it affected me the most because I'm going to be a teacher, so I felt respensible.
The same kid though can be a little pistil. He apparently doesn't know how to share. He even took toys from the one-year-old! I was playing with him with a race track thing, and then he ran away, and my other little cousin came up and she and I were playing. Then he came back and took one of the cars. "I want to play!" he said. I scolded him and told him he had to ask nicely, and then he did. His mom is much better than she used to be about disciplining him though. He obviously wasn't that mad at me though, because he joined the other kids in, "shooting," me while I gave the older girl, (3-years-old), a "piggy-back" and a "horsey" ride. I love little kids! :)

P-Burg day 5

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I who am slow of speech and tongue...

So my friend posted a status about how she was being made fun of or told she couldn't do something because of her speech impediment. I thought this was a good reminder for her, and everybody with a disability, so I'm posting my comment to her status here to remind me, and anyone else who reads this:
So, I had to look this up, but it says in Exodus 4:10 When God is talking to Moses about leading the Israelites out of egypt: Moses said to the LORD, "O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech
and tongue." God says in verse 11: The Lord said to him, “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?
My point? Moses had a speech impediment, and he lead the Israelites out of slavery! So people are dumb and need to stop judging others because of stupid things. Who cares what people say/think. God made all of us the way we are for a reason. :)

Hope this helps somebody through tough times.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Getaway 2011! :D

"Remember that the evil one attacks you continually with burning arrows of accusation. If you use your shield of faith skillfully, you can stop those missiles and extinguish their flames. Even if some of the arrows find their mark and wound you, do not despair."- Tammy Smith speaker at the H2O Fall getaway this past weekend
Here's the notes I took Friday and yesterday from the getaway, which is just a retreat of H2O churches from Bg, Kent State, Ohio State University, and University of Cincinati. Let me know if you want/need any of the notes clarified :) O and excuse the even worse than usual spelling. I was writing faOctober 22, 2011
I'm sitting in the dorm/cabain type thing I share with a bunch of other H2O BG people for the weekend. Well, I guess it was just last night and today, but whatever. This weekend has been tons of fun so far. Starting out with Katie B, Christine, Bridget and I getting lost on the way to the camp. We drove 15 minutes to far because they were looking for the wrong road number, and then the rods we had to go on were really creepy country roads and it was dark. We kept saying a guy with a chainsaw was going to jump out in front of us. Haha!
We got there late, but we didn't miss much except worship songs. Here's some of the notes I took from last night's teaching. They had a packet, but it wasn't in accessible format so I wrote my own:

theme: Truth matters.
Is there truth? Does it matter? Christians have a bounded set of truths from the Bible. The bible isn't a set of moral standards, but God didn't give us it as a moral code. There is one in it, but that's not what it is. The bible is about "breaking down the divide." God is reconciling ALL men and women to himself. Like the banquet in Matthew where God invites anybody to come. Salvation (Vista Church in Columbus), sin, (massage parlor), sit side to side, but the line of sin doesn't go between the two buildings. Line of sin goes down the center of the hearts of everyone.
Everyone has a deep longing, a deep hunger for something more. "There is a secret set within all of our hearts..." (John eldrich) We can't make it, (hunger) go away. Nothing can satisfy our crucial longings but God. We get so caught up in being caught up that we don't know why we are here. The spiritual longing can drive us to God or drive us to inside world. We look to the world for so many things.
second cor 4-4: The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

If we heed the messages of the world and go where they lead, we are in danger. If you look and act like everyone around you, or on TV, you are lost and in danger.
2 cor 5-2: Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling,
Where will you allow or have you allowed your hunger to take you? Philipians 3 19-20: Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things. 20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.
Our hunger can be on earthly things. A mind on earthly things will destroy you, and it is not always easy to tell it is happening. No amount of people-pleasing will bring you the happiness and contentment you crave.
As Christians our primary identity is not here, it will not be found horrizontally, but vertically. God's love is just determined by our acttions.
1 Peter 2-9: But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
I belong to God. I AM a child of God. When you act your own doing what you want to do you will be alone. You were crafted with intentional design for a specific purpose. There's a list of works that only you can do. God has a plan for you. He has a "list" for you. Proverbs 16-9: In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Everything about your life is to be a holy endeavor.
First John 1: That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched -- this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.
God does not want to be like anybody else. Be yourself, because God made you this way! You are incredibly inportant to Gods kingdom Matthew 4 (5?)-13. You are the salt of the earth. Isaiah 42-6: I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles, 7 to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.
Your meant to be conformed to christ. Romans 8-29: For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.
Our you trying to conform yourself to be like someone else, not Christ? You are loved to a degree unimaginable and that love will not waiver. Jeremiah 31:3: The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.
Romans 8-1: Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
The love of God is everlasting. NOTHING can separate you from his intense love for you. Psalm 139.
Hebrews 13-5: Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.
James 4-8: He's ALWAYS with you!
You have everything you need to live a beautiful impactful life. Prov 14-12: There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.
This is not your true home. If you act like it is you will be discontent. The world says "do this --- and will be comforted, happy etc."
Gal 2-20: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
If you walk in alinement with your feelings about yourself, you will not walk in alignment with God. Not "am I loved?" but "I AM loved." Not "am I awesome?" but "I AM awesome." You are more spirit than flesh. We are a masterpiece. Our spirit matters more than our physical appearance
1 Peter 5-8: Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
Jon 10 9-10: I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
2 cor 10-5: Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.
Rev 12 9:10: The great dragon was hurled down -- that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. 10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.
Lies/acusations are pummeling us all the time. Evil lies about 3 things: God, ourselves, and others. Everyone is being attacked by accusations.
god: he doesn't care, he isn't listening etc.
Ourselves: You're ugly, you don't matter, etc.
others: they are better than you, people can't be trusted, nobody really cares etc. We can't listen to these lies! God loves us for who we are. He made us for a purpose, exactly the way we are!
I really enjoyed that teaching, because I often feel and listen to the lies, at least sometimes. Everyone does. I needed to be reminded that God always loves me.
No matter how badly I screw up, his love never waivers.

We had H2O olympics, and my team actually won a round of tug-of-war! One of the girls was a camp staffer over the summer, and they had a staffers vs. counselor tug-of-war, and they won by turning around and walking while they tugged so that they were facing forward so the center of gravity is more balanced than if you are trying to back up and tug, so we did it and won. We had another round almost right after we won, and lost it, but at least we won something! It was a great feeling! :)
We ate lunch, and then had a small group breakout session. It wasn't as epic as last year, but it was good all-the-same. Now it's break, and I'm extremely tired, but can't fall asleep, so I think I'blind go out and try to find someone to talk too. More on today's sessions later.
October 22, 2011
Session 2:
"Today, today, I live for one thing, to give you praise in everything I do. Yeah, my praise goes out to you." (song quote)
Romans 10-19: Again I ask: Did Israel not understand? First, Moses says, I will make you envious by those who are not a nation; I will make you angry by a nation that has no understanding.
Isaiah 55-11: so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Hebrews 4-12: For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
gal 2-20: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 21 I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!
If evil could place a trick in your mind it makes it seem like its your thought but it originate from the "pit of hell." Evil has no power over you except what you give it. 1 jon 4:4: You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
When we reject the lie we win the battle. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Resist, don't try to ignore. evil will do everything possible to thwort seeds of faith in God, it will be apposed by evil. primary scheme of hell is to get us to believe lies, comparison.
2 Cor 10:12: We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.
God always wins!!
James 4:7: Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Everyone is being pummeled all the time in conversations and everything. Think of wizard of Oz, because he acts undestructible and scary, but behind the curtain, which was torn down by something very tiny, (thanks Todo), he's weak, like the devil is weak before God.
You need to fight off the lies, (represented by coats piled on a guy in the audience), because we are so cover by them we can't be seen unless we fight them off. You are designed to run on one of 2 tracks: the life track: abundant life of piece joy purpose etc with a god that loves you. The death track:
The devil isn't very creative, (you aren't--, you can't--, you won't).
Truth does matter, love trumps moral codes. If we were loving like Jesus loved we would live moral lives, but we aren't Jesus so have to have moral codes. If live by moral grid you will be forced to judge. That is the truth that kills. Romaans 8. Jesus says don't be angry, but ask forgiveness and forgive. Your shoes are meant to live on the life track of life and joy. "We are what we repeatedly du," aeristotle. Its not about a code, its about an identity, protecting the truth. Obedience is not bad, (like society says), but it is saying, "thankyou God! That's it? Give me more to do." You have to truly believe (not naturally of course), but try to believe that what God says about you is true. You are special! As his child he has set the road before us that he knows will blindless us. We can invest ourselves in this life, or in the kingdom of God. Opporate in accordence with the flesh, or in the spirit. Get waist deep in the spiritual war, or passively sit by and get pummled. Are you going to read the bible a lot, or not? Saturating yourself in the word will help you to know and accept his word.

Session 3:
acts 17 paul is in thesalanika and they start a riot, then he went to barea and people from Thesalanika came to drive him out. separating him from Silus and Timithy. They had buildings for worshiping false gods. We do too. Library, sports stadiums, etc. All ofer campuses and all over the world we have these types of places. Their is brokenness all around us. Most of us are preoccupied with ourselves, but God stirs our hearts, because people are completely looking toward things to satisfy them that Christians know will not. Holy Discontent, a book that was quoted if you want to check it out. Epicurean: athiasts. stoics: pantheists, past/suffering must be endured. We all invest in our energy in things we think will satisfy. Are these things worthy of your life. Paul invested in connecting people to the good news of Jesus Christ and not idols.
our goal as christians is to discover people's story and bring Jesus into it. How?
Develop relationships. How many times do you sit on a bus or van or someplace and not said a word to them? Reach out! Even if they are "weird" or different from you, discover their stories and teach them about God.
discern: Think and pray about what's next. How can I help get your message to them Lord.
Do it again.
We may not make changes that will be like Peter at Pentecost, but like Paul at Athens. It is a privilege to be involved in helping people come to Christ.

Thanks to anybody that actually read this far! You rock! Comment with your thoughts (good or bad), please? :))

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prayers Please!!!

I'm sending this post because I just heard some horrible news. My friend has been having a lot of problems with her health the past couple of years, and lost 4 family members in the past 10 months, oone of them a ten-month-old baby boy today. He died of heart failure. He had been on oxygen and more for months since he was born, and he was doing much better and off the oxygen and they thought he was going to be ok. He was lifelighted this morning and died. To make matters worse, his parents were only 17 and 18 years old! Why? Why does God let this happen? What are his reasons for taking such a young and helpless child? We most likely will never know, but God has a plan. He always does. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my friend and this entire family in my prayers. Will you all please do the same?

Also, my friend is going in for surgery (I can't think of the name right now but it's really, really risky), on November 15th. If you could pray for her then it would be greatly appreciated. She seems to think two more people are going to die this year, since apparently they die in sixes in her family. I told her she's being rediculous (in different, nicer words) and I'll be praying for her all-the-same, but she isn't at all convinced.
Prayers, or good thoughts if you don't pray, please? Thankyou

Cold, rainy, but not a bad day

Hey all,
So I was going to get up at 7 today just to make sure I had time to talk to the roommies before I went to class, and didn't have to rush around, but, of course, I didn't get up then. Usually I would, but yesterday was a long day, and this weekend is gong to be even longer, so I slept till 8 ish. I got up, got everything ready including giving Bilko his breakfast with the half pill in it, and was out the door at 9:05 and off to the stop to wait for the van for the complex I live in to take me (and like 14 other people at that point in the morning) to school. It was REALLY REALLY cold and rainy today! Bilko, being the weird water-hating lab he is, didn't want to walk through any water, but I made him, getting my shoes soaked in the process. After Standing in the rain and cold for about 15 minutes, I checked my email on my phone, and behold! An email from my professor of my 9:30 class saying class for today was canceled! "Sweet! I'm going home!" I said to nobody inparticular, "my class was canceled!" I then rushed off back to my apartment.

Sara and I decided that, since I didn't have class until 11:30 and she didn't until 2, we would go grocery shopping. Well, we couldn't find the money bag with the combined money we put in every month so we are contributing evenly to the fund. We ended up paying with our own money, flipping out because we couldn't find it, and going to McDonalds for breakfast. I just had a hash brown. We baught a ton of groceries though, and so I was excited to have good food again!
I got my content lit exam back and got an 86%! I was excited, but at first, the way my professor was talking, I was afraid I failed it.I couldn't read the chart for one of the questions, and I completely forgot to ask her about it since I was so afraid of getting everything else answered. I made it though because she let me answer it with her in her office today. I love my teacher!

I got pinkberry (it's a frozen Yogurt place I'd never heard of util we got one on campus this year), with my friend Alisa. She had meal plan, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. I got chocolate and peanut butter swirl with strawberries and and roasted almonds. It was good,,but expensive. like $5 for a small.

When I came home, Mike was making Lasagna. Yum, yum! I took a break from writing this to eat it, and had two big pieces.

Now off to do do my reading folder for next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

P-Burg Day 4

from Wednesday, October 19, 2011 (Unedited and written between students and on breaks)
Ok, so today hasn't started out so hot. I came into the school only to be told what I gave her for my fingerprints wasn't what she needed. I gave her a copy that I scanned, but she wouldn't accept it at the main office. Do they need the actual fingerprints? I'm confused. I hope they don't, because all I have is the copy. What the heck? I'm not even sure I have the regular one anymore since I made a copy. God, please let me find it to get it in or them be ok with what I have! I'm honestly praying that is what will happens. Luke came in today and his aid had given him stickers for something, so Mr. P had him read some of them aloud. Luke said, "We're not reading aloud." Then we tried to get him to say, "good morning Miss Karg," which he did after some prompting. He won't say "Bilko," he just calls him, "dog." Grace (the new girl), came in after awhile and it's really interesting to see how the Para's work with them. They had them do calendar with this fun little song and a pointer. Luke sang it, (he repeated words, but he got through it and knew what he was doing.) Grace is so cute! She kept saying "good job."

With the first group of third graders, we read there story (Goldilocks andThe Three Bears), and Mr. Pevoar had them read it like a play. One was the narrator, one was mama bear (me), one baby bear, one papa bear, and one Goldilocks. Since Still was there we had enough people to have one person per part. We did some spelling, and most of them his trouble sounding things out. They are working on 3-letter consonant blends, like the s-p-r in spread or s-t-r in string. They have trouble with them.

I worked with the first graders and decided that they would be a good group to do a lesson with on short vowel sounds. Here's my idea: Do short vowel sounds. Try to get shower curtain (literally a curtain with pockets for letters), from Patti, (my phonics teacher), and get short vowel cards. Put them on the board and pick words with short vowel sounds and have the students jump to the letter of the short vowel sound they hear. They'd love it, since they are so hyper and active. I worked with them alone today after reading through the story for a couple times. We read through it, but they were really squirmy and I kept having to stop them and make them focus.

Lukas R said today when I asked him from he was on page 10, "yes." He also said, when he first came in and I asked him how he was, "good." I've never heard him do that before, (I don't think.) I love listening to Mrs. K work with Luke S. Its really interesting. They worked on time, and he's only in first grade, but he can tell you the time when asked.
tarheelreader.org You can pick different books that are read-aloud (jaws type voice), you can put any topic you want. You have to be careful though, because anybody can upload books on to it.

Mason's schedule was changed, so I worked with Jacob on his spelling worksheet, and reading his story. I haven't really worked with him before, but he's really quiet and sweet.

Mr. Pevoar ordered us a pizza today! He left to go pick it up, which I was confused about because I thought he was having it delivered. I forgot to tell him I don't like mushrooms, but I mentioned not liking peppers, and he got cheese. I had 4 pieces, (In my defense, they were thin-crust and I hadn't eaten breakfast!)

It was freezing in that classroom today, because the furnace won't kick on yet or something. I'm not sure when it will, but I'm wearing a long-sleeved sweater and jacket for awhile. Mr. P worked with Grace for awhile on math. For some reason she has this thing with saying random stoff like, "pickle face." I randomly heard Mr. Pevoar call her "pickle toes," and I couldn't help quietly laughing. She's soooo cute! They (Mr. P and Grace's aid), were "arguing" over wether or not she knows she's cute. "Either way she's cute," I called from across the room. We were the only ones in the room at the time.

Mason worked on patterns in math. There were blanks such as --- --- 53 59 --- 71. answer: 41 47 53 59 63 71. add 6.

I read the third grade story and had them alternate reading ever coupbbe pages, then we got out the cards and did cause and effect and fact/oppinion questions. I should have gotten some wrong. I didn't though, because they always had me chose before they did for the most part. We all kept tyeing.
I love my students!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P-Burg Day 3

From Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Today Dena, (the girl I carpull with), and I got to school and were told that we had to go to her teachers room and wait, because the teachers were having a meeting in Mr. P's room. We went in and there were "benderoos," I knew them as "wikki sticks" when I was younger, out. We started making our names with them, and mine looked better than hers lol. I'd been using them for years and she'd never seen them before this year so...
A couple of her students came in and they were facinated with Bilko. The one little girl wouldn't stop staring in his eyes. It was funny, yet annoying. Technically we wern't supposed to be alone with students, but whatever. I got to Mr. P's room just as my first group of third graders came in, so we talked until Mr. P was ready. He had to put the story on the flash drive for me, and he has a new student with a para today, so it was all crazy. He ended up having the boys do a word search on the computer while he did other stuff. I just sat and monitored them to make sure they didn't fight. Then I read a story with the first graders. I then worked with a boy named Lukas, who has autism, on reading, and then he did this matching game with his sight words from the story. It was cool, because Mr. P asked him if he was done, and he said, (for the first time ever), "still playing." We were both really excited that he said that, since it had never happened before. I worked with Mason on reading a book on a park in Africa and all the animals these people saw there. It was very difficult for him, because every one word is a struggle. He has to sound out each word, and so he doesn't remember what he read at the beginning of the sentence, let alone the story. Mr. P then showed him this game from a+math.com that is a multiplication game. It was a dungeon, and you had to answer problems to get through it. It was really cool.

There was a new girl today. She has autism, and is in third grade. She liked Bilko, but when he was on his back, she kept trying to pet the wrong part of him if you get my drift. LOL It made us all laugh.
I hope you all are enjoying my teaching experiences. I know I am! :)

Random Ramblings

This is just random thoughts from the day. Interesting, but random.
Anarchy: no rules.
Wouldn't that suck? No rules? It'd be very scary to have a classroom without rules. Semalia, (I can't spell, I know), is the only country with Anarchy. Scary! That's why we need rules in classrooms. Although there is one guy, (Alphy Cone), who believes that there should not be rules, because it gives kids a reason to find loopholes. I think he's nuts. We learned about him in Classroom Management. Conformity is subjective to perspective. Seriously. Everyone who says, "I refuse to conform..." ends up conforming to the group of nonconformists. My teacher told us a story about going to Mt. Rushmore and seeing all these bikers around. It turned out there was a Harly Davidson festival. They were nonconformists because they were bikers, but at that point and time, they were conformists. Funny, right? Weather and climate is a horrible class. My teacher doesn't read the answers to the questions he shows out loud so I can follow along and understand what's going on. When I asked him to read them he walked up from the front of the room to the back (mind you this is a huuuge lecture hall), and told me he would tell me later when we meet. Why can't he just read the answers aloud? It isn't that hard! Science sucks when teachers can't teach. It would help if I actually wanted to know about how weather happends. I'm not really interested in the technical jargon, but I need to learn it for the class.
I had a phonics midterm today, and it wasn't that bad. I think I did well on it, but I don't want to get my hopes up just in case. My weather and climate professor wants me to meet with him tomorrow to go over materials. I don't really see how this is going to help, because I still can't read his lectures, but whatever. I'll go talk to him tomorrow. Maybe it'll do me some good. I need to catch up on the readings though. He doesn't have all of the lecture powerpoints up either. Ug. I'm just praying I get a B. Not very high aspirations for this class, I know, but with this guy teaching... He's a nice guy, but I don't learn well with his teaching style. I need discussion and interaction. Ok, that's enough rambling for now. More field placement later.

Bilko's bloggings-- itchy itchy!

Hi all, mom finally gave me the computer again!
So she wrote earlier about my alergies--I think that's what they're called-- that make me all itchy and I hate it. I have white spots where my fur is thin from my scratching. I hate it! Mom's been giving me these pill-things that she sneaks in to my food, but since I can't taste them since I'm so focused on the food I don't care, and they help, but they make me really thirsty and have to do my business a lot. I really don't like that, because I know it's making things harder for mom since she has to take me out a lot more often. She called the Vet here in the town where we go to school, and they said the only thing they can do is give me the pills or a shot that would do the same thing. Mom's not sure she believes them, but she doesn't know what else to do. She's been giving me half the pill though, so it's not near as bad as it could be.

Any ideas anybody? I hate being itchy and hate being a burden to my mom! She says I'm not and she doesn't mind doing it because she loves me, but I can't help feeling bad! I love you mommy! You let me off harness between classes after you typed on the computer and everybody else scratched with the stick-things and nobody talked for a long time, and I had fun!
Well, mom needs the computer back, so talk to yall later!
Sargent Bilko

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bilko update

Ok, so I still have another week to post of placement at P-Burg, but I wanted to get this in first.
Bilko has been guiding well and having fun, but he's been having trouble with alergies. I really first noticed it freshman year of college, when he was scratching a lot, and my Aunt noticed he had bumps on his stomach and private area.
I took him to the vet, and the gave him meds, but I am not sure if they were steroids or not. He was on them for awhile (don't remember how long), and then it went away. I didn't have any trouble last summer, but this year he started scratching again. I took him to the vet in BG, and he gave me steroids to try and stop the itching. I put him on two pills a day for a week, then one a day, then one every other day, but (instead of putting him on half a pill every other day for a week like he suggested( I stopped giving them to him to see how he'd do. It was ok for awhile, but he's been scratching a lot again lately, and there's bumps on his legs and missing patches of fur. I didn't want to take him back to the vet, so I started him on half a pill again once a day. It's helped, but I hate the steroids, because he gets really lathargic and has to "do his business" a lot. I don't have time to take him out every twenty minutes, but the half pill has been doing pretty good, and he does have to Pea more, but that's not near as bad as it was over the summer. Today he's been extremely lazy--like not wanting to get up to go to church lazy-- but I can't decide if he's just really tired from yesterday working around the wedding shops for Sarah's wedding dress (more on that later I hope), or if something's really wrong. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to see what they can do about the scratching other than the steroids, and hopefully they can get me in. I'll be taking BG Transit, since all of my roommates that can drive are in classes all day tomorrow.
God, please let Bilko just be tired from the shopping and staying up while we played rock band until 1 in the morning and not him really sick.

Well, he hasn't thrown up (except for last week when he ate tampons) so I'm taking that as a good sign. I'm going to feed him now, so if he eats ok that's another good sign.
If anyone's actually reading this, please pray or send good thoughts/vibes or whatever that I'm just paranoid.
Thanks :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

P-Burg Day 2

October 5, 2011
P-Burg day 2
I woke up this morning and Shelby was making french toast. It was pretty good. I made coffee, and promptly left it sitting on the table since I was rushing around getting reading for the day. I'm sitting in Mr. P's room, writing because I don't have any students until 1:00, and Mr. Pevoar is out turning an evaluation in. I was fine until like 11, and then I started yawning. I really wish I'd had coffee. Mike and I had a competition going to see which one of us would forget to put something away first, (just started yesterday lol), and I think I just lost. O well. I really don't care.

I had my first graders today, but one was sick so not there, and Mr. P didn't have time to email me the stories so he's been reading them to me before I work with the kids. I asked him about making a phonics book for the kids, so I can use the cricket machine and laminator and such that I need to use for third year field experience. We have to choose 5 pieces of technology and learn how to use them so we know how for later in our careers, so I want to use it for that project as well as phonics. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas though. I don't have any really funny quotes this time, but here's what I do have:
random kid: Mrs. B (bus said full name), I'm your favorite teacher.
Mrs. B: Your manyy favorite teacher?
Kid: Yeah. (I'm not sure the kid even realized what she said haha!)
Mr. P: What do you think a digraph is?
Luke D: Um, a kind of animal?
(FYI, a digraph is two consonants put together that make a different sound than either consonant. Example: ph, this, shall etc.)
1:00 pm I'm bored. Luckily, my final student will be coming back in pretty soon, although I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with him at this point since I have no materials... 2:30 pm I ended up working on math with Mason, and then, (since Mr. P was trying to help the Para with the little boy who has autism), listening to justin, (J-Monkey), and Ben S. Then Mr. P started using comprehention cards with them. They have different topics dealing with reading/vocabulary/-prehention and questions with them. It was cool. Not much else to tell. but i'm posting "Kid quotes," as well so that is fun.

P-Burg Day 1

From September 28, 2011Field placement!
I got to the school and signed in, then Mr. P came down and walked with me to his room since I didn't know where it was. There was a new Para Professional for a student with Autism that was starting today too.
Dayly Schedule:
9:10-9:40: 3 third graders Cody, Jordan, Chad, come to work on spelling and reading. 2 with IEP's one struggling reader (Cody.)
9:40-10:10: 4 students LLI, first graders, Luke D, Ryan, Michael, Dylan, reading (high energy.)
10:10-10:40: (typically) Lukas R, semi-verbal autism, reading.
10:40-11:10: Break.
11:15-12-10: Mason, 4th grader, significantly below grade level (1st grade), working on reading, spelling, science social studies (when needed.) Also Jacob, third grade, reading and writing.
1:15-1:45: Mason again, math.
1:45-2:15: 3rd grade reading group: Ben, Ben K, Justin, (J-Monkey.)
Rest of day no real schedule.
I worked with Jacob and Mason, one on spelling and one Jacob read to me from a book. It was really fun. Jacob is really pretty fluent at reading, but Mason has trouble. He's at a first grade reading level in 4th grade.
I really enjoyed working of the Bens and Justin. They have comprehention problems, and Mr. P thinks they'd be a good group to work with for my lessons for Phonics and/or Content Literacy.
(P.S. I am finally giving up on not using first names. They can't be traced by that so it works)

question for anyone!

Ok, so yes, I haven't updated in forever! I have been busy with classes and field placement and frankly, while I've written quite a bit, I haven't had the innclination to post it. Here's a question, anybody know how to back-date my posts? I want to post things from placement, but don't know how to back-date it so it actually is in the right time frame. I'm going to post them now, but would like to change it if possible. lol Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mandisa - Waiting For Tomorrow

really cool song. :) Hopefully this actually will play this time...

Lyrics:Maybe tomorrow we'll start over
Maybe tomorrow I will finally change my ways
Said the same thing yesterday
Don't know why I'm so afraid
To let You in
To let You win
To let You have all of me

Can't live my whole life wastin'
All the grace that I know Uou've given
'Cause you've made for so much more than
Sittin' on the sidelines
I don't wanna look back and wonder
If good enough could've been better
Everyday's a day to start over
So, why am I waiting for tomorrow (x2)

Maybe today I'll start believin'
That You're mercy really is
As real as You say it is
It doesn't matter who I used to be
It only matters that I've been set free
You rescued me
You're changing me
Jesus take everything

I'm making this my moment now
To grab the hand that's reachin down
To save me
You saved me
I'm making this my moment now
To grab the hand that's reachin down
To save me
You saved me

I'm gonna grab the hand that's reachin down
And I'm not gonna wait until tomorrow
Oh, tomorrow

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I just have to say this.

Ok, so today's 9/11. Yes. There has been facebook posts all day today about it, and vidios galore. I remember exactly what I was doing when we found out... standing in line waiting to go to art class. I was in fifth grade. I don't remember if we actually went to art or not, but I do remember all the fourth and fifth grade students going in one classroom and watching the TV. I also remember a little girl laughing about it, and my best friend at the time getting really mad at her. I'm not sure we all totally new what was going on, but we, most of us at least, were aware and mature enough to know it was serious. I remember being really sad for those people that died and their families.

What I also remember is all the banding together our country did after the attacks. Yes, it was horrible! None of us will ever begin to understand why the people who did this did what they did. What was going through their minds we will never know, but what I no for certain is this:
God has brought good from that horrible time. My pastor spoke about this in church today, but I was thinking it already. People were so much kinder after those atacks, and willing to help others in need. Yes, there was (and sadly still is), unfounded fear and predjudice about middle easterners in the U.S, but God really helped us to realize that it is important to work together and be united as a country.
God bless America!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't ya just Love it when?...

Don’t ya just love it when…?
You find a dollar in the pocket of the jeans you wore last week? How about when you snag the last cookie? What about when you randomly run in to someone you’ve never met before and find out you have tons in common? I do! That’s what just happened to me a few minutes ago. I was relieving Bilko, (auspicious start, I know), and someone pulled up in a car. He just stopped and stared at it. I kept trying to get him to do his business, but he just kept staring. I heard someone get out and start walking up to the door. I said something like “hi.” And something about Bilko staring at her. Then I was like Bilko seriously do your business so we can go out of the rain! The girl laughed and Bilko wouldn’t even begin to circle like he is supposed to, so I gave up and asked the girl if she wanted to pet him. We walked in to the building to get out of the rain, and she started petting him and he loved it and was wagging his tail. We started talking and I found out she lives on third floor above me. I said something like “O, third floor, you don’t have to deal with people being noisy above you. Sometimes I think the people above us sound like elephants when it’s really quiet.” We laughed and she said that she is one of those people, because she’s trying to learn drums, and is practicing her base peddle. She said she was looking for someone to teach her, and since I’d played for 8 years, I said “I can teach you!” She agreed and we started talking about music. Turns out she plays violin, and I’ve been wanting to learn, so we’re going to swap lessons. Hopefully we are going to meet up this weekend and I’ll teach her some basics. I mentioned that (since we were thinking of meeting Sunday), “We’re going to H2O at 11:30, you wanna come?” She declined, but I JUST MET HER! I NEVER INVITE PEOPLE I JUST MET TO CHURCH! I am sooo proud of myself right now! :D
So, I increased my self-confidence, and hopefully made a new friend, all in 20 minutes! :D (hmmm, kinda sounds like an Infomercial.)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

hmmm... what to write...

Ok, so I have been reading all day for school and fun, and felt like writing something. I actually do have homework still, but I don't have any classes on Monday, so I'll do the relatively short and easy assignment on my earliest memory (I think it has to be of reading/being read to), then. Partly because I can't think of what to write about. Anybody remember the book about the girl getting a big cherry Popsicle and everybody taking a lick of it and so she hides it in her closet and (of course) it melts and she never gets to even try it. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, but I had it in braille and it had this awesome picture of a Popsicle that kept getting smaller and smaller until it was just the stick...

I think that's one of the earliest memories I have, but I'm not really sure since I was read to a lot when I was little. *sigh* can you tell I'm bored and just wanted to write something? I was working on a story that I started in May, but I have very infrequent inspiration for writing it, and I ran out of it. I don't think I ever finished a story I started. :( If I did I don't remember it or have it anymore because of the random changes in technology and all of it breaking at some point.

Speaking of breaking technology, I hope my computer battery doesn't fry on me. I can't get another one right now, and i really need my computer! I think I need to put my files on dropbox again...
Seriously this post is so random!
I had 3 days of school this week, and only 2 next week. I don't always have my Monday class, and until field experience is finalized I have Wednesdays and Fridays free with 4 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 15 credit hours in all, o and I did change out of Pluralishtics and am taking it next semester. I was going to take 18 credit hours and 75 hours field experience, but decided I didn't want to deal with that much stress. LOL. I will probably take 18 hours next semester though, just to prepare myself for Methods. *shudders* I am nervous about next year for sure! Methods is the scariest (supposedly) part of Teacher Education, and I have a year to prepare for it.
Ah well, God willing... I'll survive, get my license after passing the test needed for it, and become a highly successful and well-loved teacher of students with special needs. If God has other plans... I pray he gives me very clear directions, because I suck at interpreting them! (and, as I realized reading through other posts, spelling! It's ridiculous!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Let the Year Begin!!!

Today was the first day of my junior year. I love my schedule so far. I Have only one class on Mondays, (and we only meet 6 times a semester), 4 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 3:45, nothing on Wednesdays and Fridays until field placements are set up. I'll have 75 hours of work in the schools this year, and (even without PCC), I'll be in the classroom teaching! Yes! I actually want to get in contact with this lady who's totally blind (I think) and has tought preschool for years. I really want to know how the heck she did it (she's now working at OSSB.)
Ok, back on topic. I only had one class today like I said, and it's at 3:30, so I pretty much messed around and got my sylobi (plural of sylobus, which niether of those I can spell. Ug! and apparently my grammar's gone to heck in a hand basket as well! lol), for the two classes that have it posted as of earlier. That's gonna suck tomorrow if I don't have the others because the course shells for the classes aren't open yet. I ended up heading to campus at 2:30 so I could stop by DSS and get my books on my flash drive. I can't figure out how to use MyFiles, which is what the university uses, but it's confusing with jaws.

My first class went well, except there is 2 other classes that they recommend you take along with this field experience class, because they both involve teaching lessons to students after preparing them, but I'm only taking one, and the only open classes are during my Education in Pluralistic Society class (sounds scary don't it?), and my Weather and Climate class. Pluralistics I need for my major, and Weather and Climate is one class without a lab I can use for a science requirement. I freaked out, and emailed my adviser with an urgent email explaining the situation, so I hope she gets back to me tomorrow!
I'm excited to start placement, but I'm worried about that other class right now, and I don't know which courses (before Methods and student teaching senior year), have field experience.
Anyway, enough with my rambling. I'll try to post more this year, for my own benefit at least.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Job applications and Dentists.

Three Posts in 4 days? You all should be proud! :) lol
This summer, I've been looking for a job, so I can pay for some of my own stuff. I don't get any government aid yet, because I have to many savings bonds and such for college saved up in my name and they won't give me SSI till there done, and plus I'm in school, so... Getting a job is proving dificult though. Like I said in an earlier post, I was and still am trying for a babysitting job, but it isn't working out so far, so I've applied for a job at the library on campus. I literally went to the library with the Counseling/Voc Rehab guy, (he's working at DSS for grad school hours and helping me also helps him get hours), and he and I got an application from this lady at the info desk and he helped me fill it out and we sent it back Via Campus Mail. It didn't say specific jobs, and we didn't have time to look online for specifics, but hopefully they'll hire me for computer work or something not involving putting books on shelves lol.

On another, less wonderful note: I had a dentists appointment tonight, so I'm home for the next few days before going back for school. Normally I hate the dentists, (who doesn't?), and this time was no different. I have never had a Cavity before. I was always so proud of that fact since most if not all of my friends have had at least one, but my luck ran out today. :( The Dentist decided to get it done right then and there, so she numbed me, which I thought was going to hurt a lot more than it actually did and I was really tense haha! My mouth is still numb, and dad and mom keep laughing at my facial expressions and attempts at talking hahahaha!

I actually have an appoint with the (Opthamologist?) or whatever the eye doctor is called, Thursday, so it's the week for doctors I guess. I also need to get my prosthetic eye cleaned, but I don't have an appointment for that yet.

Wow, this is a really weird and stupid post, but I wanted to write something to keep my mind off food... I can't really eat well until I can feel my face! lol

Sunday, August 14, 2011

House of Mirrors

Here's another really good Tenth Avenue song: house of mirrors
Please listen to it! It is a very good song for all of us to keep in mind :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sanctus Real and Tenth Avenue North!

Tonight was the opening of the Stroh Center, the new athletic arina at BG. They opened with the groups. Sanctus Real and Tenth Avenue North.
I liked both groups, but Tenth Avenue was my favorite.
Here's "Healing Begins" (having problems inserting links, so here's the URL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFUHrXfuNU4
Now: Hold My Heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry6udsW9leA

also, go to http://tenthavenuenorth.com/
To download a really cool song they premered tonight!
I would post Sanctus Real songs, but am really tired, so I'll get around to it, hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Telling Potential Employers you are blind.

Ok, I was on this websight for blind/vi people to hang out called The Zone BBS, and i found this board post about the title of this post, here's my response, and if anybody actually reads this I'd like your thoughts on this please! :)
I agree that in most cases one would do better not telling of blindness before meeting in person, but here's something for debate: what about babysitting"I am looking for a babysitting job for the school year, and got my best friend to recomend me to one of the families she's babysat for because they needed someone for mondays and wednesdays which is when I could work. They have 3-year-old twins, one with autism, and they speak mostly duch, but are really getting good at english except when they are really upset. I went over to their house last saturday, with my friend, and was interviewed by the parents and then helped my friend babysit. They saw me interact with the kids and realized that the kids liked me a lot, and when I was leaving I was kind of hopeful that they'd hire me, even though they said they'd call me and let me know. I got called on Monday and told that they really were sorry but they were going to have to say no mostly because the girls were still young and needed someone to watch them all the time and they wanted someone who could read to them, (I told them I have braille children's books), and the one girl likes to go outside and ride her bike and doesn't always do what she's supposed to and stay where she should. I was upset, (I totally fell in love with these kids), but in a way I understand. They wanted someone who could read the books the kids got from the library and such, and they weren't there when we took the kids to the park and I helped keep track of them. I hadn't told them of my blindness beforehand, thinking that they wouldn't give me a chance, but my mom said that I should have when I told her about it because the parents are putting the safty of their children in my hands and need to know. I said that's why I had the interview! Any helpful ideas on this and how to get a babysitting job would be helpful. thanks :)


Ok, so I meant to post this last week, but never actually got around to it...
July 30, 2011 5:00 pm
T and C got married today. It was at outside wedding, and it was in the 80's and sunny, so it was hot. Abi was flower-girl and kowen was ring barer and they were sooo cute! Abi didn't know flowers would already be lining the isle so she started crying and saying, "I dropped them!" she even tried to pick them up hahahaha! Then kowen was crying because his grandma brought him chocolate to keep him quiet and, (of course), it melted, so he was upset about that.
the serimony was good though. I thought T was going to cry, but he didn't. The bride's-maid's dresses were apparently black with white mixed in. I was sitting by dad, so didn't get details about what was going on. C didn't cry either. We're waiting for the guys to get ready so we can go to the reception.
I did bring Bilko to the wedding, but I'm leaving him home for the reception. (although, I could probably get out of dancing if I brought him... lol.) I'm not a huge dancer, and I haven't been to a wedding since before Nick and I broke up and he was with me, so I'm trying not to be moody. I have to be happy... I'm still young and God will send the right person my way in his own time.
Ok, dad's yelling for me to get ready (which I am so he needs to shut it), and mom and B are arguing and ticking me off, so I need to go. tell more after reception.
11:32 pm The reception was fun. We all sat around and talked until the bridle party got there and they entered, D and A (best man and maid of honor), gave toasts. We then ate and it was Italian Chicken breast, (delicious!), garlic mashed potatoes (also very good), green beans, (good), and fetechini alphrado, (nothing special.) The cake was half white half chocolate with some kind of strawberry filling. WONDERFUL AND I WANT MORE! lol
Then the dances started, and for the life of me I can't tell you what their first dance was! :( The father daughter dance was, "I Loved Her First." I ended up talking to a friend, who I haven't seen in years, and we kind of just sat there for most of the night because the DJ KEPT PLAYING SLOW SONGS! Those are great and all, but I actually wanted to dance! That's weird, because I'm not usually a dancer. I'm not any good at it, so I'll mostly only dance with a lot of people on the floor so I don't stick out as much, or with family and friends around me. Finally they started playing faster songs, but I didn't want to dance until the "Chacha Slide" came on, and I made my friend go out with me to dance it. We danced off and on throughout the night after that, but a lot of the time not many, if any, people were dancing, so we didn't want to without other people. Eventually I ended up dancing when we were getting ready to leave, because Brian asked me to dance, and then (for shits and giggles), I asked R S (my friend's dad), and we danced. Honestly, I didn't think he would... Then B was dragged on to the floor by Aunt M, (put up to it by dad), and he sort of danced for a couple songs before leaving the floor again. The last song we danced to was The "Y-M-C-A." I ended up dancing with C's mom for a bit and then she got Walker because I told her too and we danced the YMCA.
We went to taco bell afterwords because mom and I were hungry and so was Walker and Bee'
Well, I'm tired so night all! I'll post this in the morning on blogger, (edited to not use actual names.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Upupdate on me... again

Summer is here, and I actually have internet and time to write now! I've been busy, kind of. with helping with my cousin's grad party where we combined 4 parties since 4 of my cousin's all graduated this year and had a lot of the same friends/family to invite. That was fun. We went to the community center at 8 on memorial day and got ready for the party which started at 1. There were sooo many people it was insane! there were tons of people playing basket ball, valley ball and corn hole, plus the entire cafeteria thing full of people..

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey! I'm still alive! :) Amazing huh? I've been sooo busy with school, and really should be busy with it right now, but I'm not cause I wanted to write this... obviously! IDK why since I kinda think I'm the only one who reads it lol! If you are reading, leave a comment with... your favorite form of exercise, that can also include laughing histarically at the idea, since until recently that've been me! :)
I say until recently because I never really worked out much until a week ago, last Wednesday to be exact. Three of my roommates and I decided we were gonna work out together every other day, because Sara and I need to get in shape--although we're both skinny, we aren't in shape by any means,-- and Mike used to work out all the time because of football but doesn't really anymore. So we went to the workout room at our apartment complex, and I did the elliptical for like 15 minutes, but then decided I should really be doing a paper that was due Thursday, so I left. We then decided to work out Tuesday Thursday Saturday since those are the days Sara doesn't go to the preschool the next day. I went Saturday with them and did the bike (not sure how long), and messed around with weights and the rowing machine which I really like. We were over there for about an hour, but not sure how much of that was actually working out. I didn't get to go Tuesday since I was busy but I went today, and did 3.89 miles (roughly) on the bike, and 30 reps (or whatever you call them haha!) on the rowing machine set at 40 lbs, plus a little bit on elliptical. Got bored since I didn't bring my booksense and went back to the bike since there's music there haha! Next time I'm charging my Booksense and bring that, although it may get in my way since I don't have a clip or anything for it... Overall though, I feel good! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is this feeling

So sudden and new?...
I don't understand my feelings right now. I've been really stressed these past few days because of all the homework I have to do. I should be doing it right now, but I seriously can't concentrate. I have been so bla this week. Monday was Nick's birthday, so I called to wish him a happy birthday, didn't answer so I left a message. I then saw that someone had posted happy birthday on his facebook wall, and her name was Jenna, (yes I was creeping. Yes I know, I'm an idiot.) I decided it'd be funny to have two Jenna's post right after each other, so I wished him a happy birthday on FB as well. I put something about it being his 21st and don't drink to much haha! I know he wouldn't, so I was hoping he'd get that I was joking, but yesterday I noticed he'd deleted me as his friend. How immature! If it was about the posting about drinking thing he could have just deleted it and said something to me or posted a comment saying what he really was going to do (unless he was going to get trashed, which I doubt), he didn't have to delete me! Why do I care? No idea other than I hoped we could still be friends and I had this foolish idea that he may be checking up on my on FB like I was him, because we were still to awkward to talk to each other. Apparently I'm an idiot and need to stop kidding myself. He does have every right to hate me though. I mean he had no idea I was going to break up with him until I did it, and since he doesn't feel the same way about religion as I do he probably feels like I'm the biggest pain ever. (I gave up swearing for lent.) We were together for almost 4 years. He probably thinks that I'm a, (fill in dirty word of your choice here), for not realizing this before and ending it sooner, and believe me I think that about myself anyway! I don't know... I just thought it was dumb that he de-friended me sara and mike but none of the other friends he has on there because of me. I kinda feel like, (for most people) deleting people from FB is like deleting them from your little world, because you don't get updates anymore on how they are doing, and that's the point of facebook isn't it? I realize I'm probably over-reacting, but when I haven't talked to him in over two months... I just want to know he's ok! Not that he updated his statuses much anyway, but when he did. Ok, I'M going to stop being a pathetic sap now and post this. I promise I'm not dependent on a guy, but we were together for 3 years... Aaaarrrrg! Shutting up NOW!

Friday, March 11, 2011

SP--East and South

I went to East Elementary yesterday, (Thuosday), for awhile and worked with a woman I'll call Mrs. Goggles. (nickna/e a girl in my class came up with when we were younger.) I had fun helping a boy with figuring out pennies and nickles. He spoke mostly Spanish, so I greeted him and he was all smiles! It was cool. I al helped a fourth grader with multiplication and devision using fake pennies as manipulative. That was cool, because that is what we were learning how to teach before break. I then went and brought the first graders in to the hall in groups of 4, (they wanted to see Bilko and were doing reading groups), and explained to them what Bilko does for me. I had the harness on and had them read his sign, "do not pet me I am working." Then I took off the harness, made hm say sitting, and let them pet him. Mrs. Gogqles was totally amazed how well I handled that with having them read it and everything. I was thinking 'duh! what else would I do? they're first graders! They need to read.' I then talked to my mom's PE class of 3rd graders, and let them hold the harness and then let them come up in 4s to pet him before getting their shoes on.
Today I went to South Elementary and observed Mrs. Kits. She had IEP's part of the day so I got to sit through 2 of them. One the parents only spoke Spanish, and I realized how inadequate my spanish-speaking skills are. I was thinking about minoring in Spanish, but I'm not sure I will. I may try to learn on my own or something. At least enough to get by in parent-teacher conferences. I want to find spanish radio or something to listen too. I'd like to go to Spain next summer, but I don't if that will happen since I kind of want a job for the summer... The resorse room at South has a lot of kids doing lots of different subjects at once. They do tests it there, like math but the teachers aren't aloud to do more than just make sure the problems are set up right. It is interesting to see how they work with several subjects at once. they mostly give one kid a question or problem then help someone ekse than go back when the other kid is done with the question...
I really want to student-teach in Texas, especially with the crappy bill being talked about passing in Ohio. I don't know much about it except its something to do with getting rid of the teacher's union and capping pay at $34,000. That really scares me. What is this country coming to if they're running teachers out of the field? It hasn't passed quite yet but it might, and it will eventually effect everywhere! I'm horrified! how the heck can they do this? Kids NEED TO LEARN! O well, guess I can't do anything about it, so why waste time worrying? (BTW East and South are 2 schools in my town.)

Airport Madness!

from tuesday March 8, 2011
So we're on the plain and almost didn't make it. So when you take a guide dog on a plain you would think you could get to a relieving area to let the dog go before they go on the flight. Well apparently Houston likes to make things complecated! We had sooo many issues coming to find a relieving area!area because nobody knew what they were talking about! the one lady sent us down to bagage where there was one and we couldn't find it because it was on the other side of a parking garage. We went to ask somebody but nobody was in information. somebody did tell us there was 1 in termonal d so we tried there after riding the stupid train for half an hour and going in huge circles because the train went weird ways... don't ask hahaha! we didn't find it in d either so went back to c and decided to go and try and get him to relieve on concrete. I should have kept up on making him do that. we tried to get him to go in front of a cop car, (nobody was in it), but he wouldn't and we had half an hour till boarding. Aunt L, (teachers sister that told us all to call her Aunt), ended up driving us to a patch of grass and he finally went! We then had to rush through security and they scanned my braillenote twice for some reason, but we made it to the plain with time to use the restroom before boarding. few! Talk about stressful!


Over spring break I went to Aldine Texas with the Education department. Actually it was all early childhood majors except me and Dr. P's son. We went to see the Aldine school system. We left Saturday March 4 and came back late Tuesday night. Our flight was delayed 2.5 hours due to who knows what, so we got to Houston around 4:30-ish which would be 5:30-ish in Ohio.
We decided to go to the Texas Rodeo, because most of us wanted to see Billy Kurington, but we missed the concert, so we just went to the huuuge carnival. Sara and I split yummy barbecue ribs and funnel cake. We were going to ride rides but decided not to do that, because the tickets were expensive. We got back to the hotel around 11:30 in Texas which was 12:30 in Ohio so pretty late.
On Sunday we went to Nasa space station in Houston and took a tram tour of some of the buildings including the old mission control center that was used for the first landing on the moon in 1969, and also the training center for the astronauts. It was cool, but I do wish I could have seen them. We went through a building that was the whole space craft that was the length of the building. It showed the rocket boosters as well. I also got an "audio tour" which was basically an MP3 player and a sheet with numbers that you typed into the player to hear what they said about whatever you were looking at, but I just ended up typing in some numbers to hear information since I obviously couldn't see what was around me anyway. Sara and I got dip-and-dots! They were sooo good! We had trouble getting the vending machine to work. Yeah, a vending machine for dip-and-dots. Weird, huh? We finally went to the actual stand and got them.
After Nasa we went to Galviston, (which I didn't realize is completely an island), and after driving around for awhile looking at houses and trying to decide where to eat, walked around on the beach. Bilko loved running around on his flexy leash. He even went into the canal for a little bit! It wasn't deep at all and no waves but he did like walking around in it. He did drink salt water, and I kept having to stop him, so I fed him and he drank pretty much a full bottle of water.
We finally decided to go eat at some famous Texas place called Lubi's, but it wasn't there anymore, so we went to this Italian and seafood restaurant called Mario's and I got lobster-stuffed ravioli that was quite good and jelato for desert. It was good. I'd never had and before, but the meal and it were expensive. $25 for everything. We had a really cool waiter who gave us tons of samples of jelato and Sara and I took a picture with him.
Monday we went to a EC Pre-k school that was a public pre-k-- weird since we don't have them in Ohio. It was a montessorri school for economically disadvantaged children. Here are my notes from it:
Preschool: montessorri schools are very structured and quiet. Did a song about reading before reading a book. (Read a book called The Cow Boy mouse. Haha!) Read aloud together. The teacher read the book but the kids did read it too. Lots of repetitions. They use a lot more difficult words than many preschools. Lots of singing. Lots of repetition used in instruction and memory techniques. Sounding out words. 100% participation (everyone gets to participate.) Visuals for everything. A lot of songs that the students sing to tell peers good job. (That's the way I like it for example.) Songs for rule following. lots of songs and motions. (I am happy when you follow the rules. I am sad when you don't follow the rules. to the tune of if your happy and you know it.) I don't like how she used pink for girls and blue for boys when giving students writing paper. The classroom is very colorful and everything is labeled. The curriculum now is what we learned in kindergarten. LOTS of repetition. They repeated the learning goals for the lessens after the teacher said them. In gym they were more like typical kids. They played a game where they had a "magic clip" and whoever had the clip had to run around the room until they found their partner and then they had to go get the number of beanbags that was said and take them back to their spot. They shared, practiced counting, and got exercise as well as listening. The teacher also had a moddle of what the kids were supposed to do on the mats, (where they put the beanbags), on the wall.
When they spell things a lot of times they just have the kids sound it out. (cow, Ca-ah-wa.)
The special Ed class wasn't as montessorri based because of having to teach to IEPS. Many of the kids have language problems. The second teacher was louder than the first, the classroom also seemed more open. The students were also more talkative. She didn't use the cards either. The walls aren't as crowded. She did a lot of repetition. The cards were used for when they were at stations. After we got back Sara and I wanted to go to the hot-tub, but didn't have much time, so we went for like 15 minutes and came back to get back in our professional clothes to go to a meeting the BG grads working in aldine. I looove Aldine! I'm not sure intervention majors can apply to student teach there, but I really want to! It is amazzzing! We had a wonderful "ar salking to the PR guy that does all the hiring of teachers in Aldine, and some BG grads that are now teaching in Aldine. We then just hung out in our hotel rooms for the night because we were all tired.
Tuesday we went to this engineering school for K-4. Yeah! An entineering-based elementary school! They had sessions where they did different types of engineering, although I didn't get to see any. It was really neat! Here are my notes from that day:
4th grade at an engineering and math science elementary school. Class 1 room number 30. She starts out with a warmup activity for the class, (a packet), she is reading the activity too 2 kids. A lot of independent work is done at the beginning of her class. This teacher randomly sings her instructions! Hahahaha! The class came up with weird words to make sure they had the right multiple choice letter. (one kid said "call of duty," when she said "cookie" for C haha!) She used "tree diagrams" for organizing answers from two groups, (how many colors combinations can you get when...) Sometimes they play basketball where they get to answer questions against another group and whenever someone gets an answer right they get to shoot. (Didn't actually do this but was told about it.) The entire class went to the bathroom at once and went in groups of 3 guys and 3 girls. Read homework problems aloud to check them. Played a math game with angles where the teacher drew a bunch of lines on the board and the students had to write what angles they saw, (they were numbered.) One person was at the board and the rest were answering at their seats. If everyone got the answer right the team got a point, and if the person at the board got it right they got another point. Teacher was very enthusiastic, and repeated instructions a lot. She has multiple classes. The second class she actually practiced the "geometry Simon says," which she didn't practice before playing the game with the first class. (Right, obtuse, acute, translation, reflection, rotation, perpendicular, intersecting, parallel, line.)
Classroom 2: She graduated from Toledo U! Teaches reading but incorporates writing and language as well. Uses smart board. Plays trash can basketball and other games for TAX preparation. She also does "Bubba Bucks" which means every time kids do homework, answer questions in class etc they get bucks and when they don't do homework etc they pay her and can spend them at her "store" once a month. Teaches budgeting money. Does crafts to go along with books. She lets them be very creative. As long as they have what is needed for grading they can do what they want with the project. They do not have much art so she incorporates it into lessons. (Not much music either. Once every two weeks.)
The special education teachers in Texas co-teach and work with the students in special ed in inclusion settings. TAX is harder than OAT and determins whether or not the students pass the grade. If not they go to summer school. Everything in her classroom is labeled and she has students that are "table captains" that make sure everything is put away. Flash cards for sentences and sentence structure. Has set of paint strips, (free from Loes), that say A B C D and they kids use a close pin to show the answer and they can pick what color paint strip they want. A CD with prefixes, suffixes etc and they spin it and whatever there finger is pointed to when spin stops is what they have to use for the sentence, (also free.) MANY free reading activities.
Overall I think the elementary school convinced me more than the Pre-K since I can teach elementary. I loooved it! I'm totally going to apply for student teaching! (well if possible. I'll check into it when I get back to school.)
We had tex-mex for dinner and then went to the airport where the next crazy adventure began!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Women's Weekend 2011

So this was from... like two weeks ago? It seems a lot longer hahaha! I'm posting my direct notes. I talked to the speaker afterword since friday nights talk totally applied to me, and she gave me some really good advice since I'd been thinking that I was pushing Nick away from God by breaking up with him... "You can't be God for him," she said. I know and I know all I can do now is pray for him, but it's sooo hard! We prayed together and she said she will continue praying for him.
Anyway... here are the notes. The parenthesis are just my thoughts, and most of the quotes are songs. Please let me know if this makes sence to anybody else. haha!

February 19, 2011
Expect more from God, guys, and life.
John 10 10.
You can have all God has for you, joy etc. John 4 4:14. Jesus wants to be the living water in your life. Living water satisfies like nothing can. You have had moments where you feel the living water, but then as life goes on your "cup" empties. We don't always go to God but to other things, "broken systerns. Jeremia 2 13 My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.
Instead of us (young women) go to living water, we build our own broken sisterns to try to fill up our own life. Guys, friends, shopping etc. We all desire marriage, so we settle for less than God's best. We don't feel fully satisfied in God so we settle for a guy who isn't quite right for you. You attract the guys, but if you dress to show...
Careers: Some people buy to what others want for life and not what God wants. what society says is popular, cool, etc and we buy into it. This leaves us empty. We settle. what have you been settling for? Settling in your relationship with God? Have you settled for a mediochar relationship with God? Settling with guys? Life?
(I have been settling with God lately. Thankyou God for getting me out of the relationship with Nick, because I know I was settling for him. He was not what you want for me, but God please help me to grow closer to you and not settle for how my relationship with you is now.) Paula settled for a guy for 4 years, he was a semi-Christian. She settled again for a Christian guy, but it ended up not being the right guy. If you surrender the ways you have settled, God is the living water. God comes first. Its about God. Philipians 3 13:14.
"You are more" Tenth Ave North. (I did the right thing! God have so much more in store for me!) "Here in my life," "One Pure and Holy Passion,"

February 19, 2011
("if I could not say a word... grace means your holding me to you.")
M: making him number one.
Whats the first thing you think about in the morning? Commit to spending time with God. We set time aside for facebook, but not God.
Mark 1 35. Jesus got alone to spend time with the Lord. Mathew 6 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
acts prayer: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, suplication ofaka prayer.) don't actually request anything from God unill S.
O: Offer up your plans. Paula went into college freshman year with no idea what she wanted and no guy. Got a guy but didn't work out. Proverbs 16 9, proverbs 19 21, 20 24, Jeremia 29 11.
R: Release what you are clinging to. Release the desire to be married. If you think your not beautiful this is something your clinging to. God knows who your husband is, and he will be attracted to you for the right reasons. Think of tray of cookies, you chose a little one, but don't realize a they're holding a big cookie for you, but you don't get it because you settled. Men are like cookies. Don't settle for the little cookie. Matthew 10 39 Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. E: expect God's best. Ephesians 3 20. 1 Corinthians 2 9 However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

We have to wait for God's best. "Marriage is good but its not God, guys are good but they are not God." (Quote from Paula.) God says that he is more than enough for me. "Wait For Me," by Rebecca St James. Jesus' love letter to us. (in packet) Psalms 27 14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

(Last Session)
God is pationatly in love with you. What to look for to NOT settle:
1. Does he *LOVE Jesus? A guy whose pation persute and lifestyle reflects his walk with Jesus. Is his life marked by servanthood and daily looking at God's word. Why settle for someone less than Christ-follower husband? 2 Corinthians 6 14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
1 corinthians 15 33 Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."
I am worth it.
2. Is he pursuing me? Is he pursuing my heart or pursuing my body? If he has a radar screen of other girls, don't settle for a guy that has you on the radar screen!
3. What is God saying to you about this specific guy? Go to God and find out what he says about this guy, pray about it and be open to his words. Iseah 30 21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.
Listen to God even if you don't like the answer.
Have a type of guy you want but focus on who God is making you to be. Stay focused on Jesus and put your worth in him and not guys or yourself. Triangle: you, him, top point, Jesus. Both of you go after same goal of running toward Christ. Always seek christ. revelation 2 4 Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love.
Stay focused on Jesus and do not forget him.
2. Dress modestly. Look at God more than the mirror. Work more on heart than appearance. Proverbs 11 22 Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.

"Beauty is abused by those who have not modisty with it."
3. Guard your heart. Proverbs 4 3. Whatever you have in your heart can control you.
"A woman's heart should be so hidden in christ that a man would have to seek Him to find her." (unknown)
4. Remember to have a realistic view of marriage. Marriage is not a fairy tail. The Reason For God by Timothy Keller. Plan for your marriage and not your wedding. Keep waiting and DO NOT settle for anything less than God's best.