Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do You Dream In Color?

Ok, so my friend Carina is in this documentary about 6 teens who are blind and their lives and whether or not they dream in color (duh)
Do You Dream In Color?
There's an audio described vidio promo that's really cool.
Check it out! :D

Site for product instructions and details! :D

O my gosh! I just found this sight (well somebody posted it on the zone bbs.) And its a site where you can look up products from food to makeup to dog and cat food and get details on how to cook it plus nutrician facts and more! Check it out!

O and the zone bbs is a website for the blind to connect and its really cool. the zone

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Third day of field experience

Tuesday September 28, 2010
I got to help a lot today. I helped a girl with her science homework in the seventh grade resource, and then help the same girl and another girl study and figure out the mean of 20+40+60+40. Anybody know the answer? NO CALCULATORS! They were doing it without calculators and had trouble, (which is sad because its a really easy problem that they should get quickly, but since calculators are so easy to use... Don't get me started lol.) I had to break it down so they would get it. I'll post how I taught them if somebody comments with the answer lol. Yea teacher mind, right?

Friend D in the 8th grade class is gone, he supposedly changed schools. The 8th grade class was ok... I didn't help anybody in there, but it was ok just listening to the teacher work. During math, I sat and listened and then attempted to help a student I will call S. S is very far behind his class in math, and was very very confused today. The teacher said she would send me the lessons before Tuesdays and I can go over them so I know what is going on. I'm excited! I get to teach! :D :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second day of field experience

(written on Tuesday)
Ok, so today I came in just as my teacher was heading to lunch, and again, I forgot mine, so I talked to her while she ate and she said she wished I could come in the mornings because in the afternoon she has 2 resource periods and then works in the classroom with the lady who is alergic to dogs. (Although she kept saying "guy," I'm confused), I now go to Mrs. Mead's room and sit in on her math class for the last period instead of going to the science class. friend D, the kid that got a demarit last week, got one again this week, but it was the classroom teacher that gave it to him because he, again, wasn't behaving and doing his work. I helped a couple people in the eighth grade resource, and tried to help a few in 7th. I don't feel like I'm going to get much out of this experience, but I'll try...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Field Placement

I am in a seventh and eighth grade special ed science class this semester and my first day was yesterday. First day I was there they had a sub-- Not exactly a good thing. I was nervous, but ended up sitting in on a history class, and 2 study halls. the study halls were supervised by the substitute teacher for my regular teacher. I had to reprimand a student so many times the other teacher gave him a demarotte. I also yelled at some students for yelling and not going to seats. They were standing in the doorway screaming and I don't know what else, but I feel bad now because they didn't even know my name yet. I helped a student with a question on a worksheet, and I hope that shows them that I'm not mean. I don't like being mean, but I guess I have too sometimes... Then I was in a science class, because my teacher apparently helps out there in the afternoons. That teacher gets her kids focused by question-of the-day. I'm not exactly sure how she works it, but it seems to work. She also explained why they were learning what they were which is always awesome to see. The teacher was allergic to dogs, so I don't know how this will work. She said that it should be fine for once a week as long as Bilko doesn't touch her. I have to keep far far away from her then since he looooves people!

When I was on the bus, for some reason a friend and I started talking about my fake eye. I went to show her, (not take it out, just show her with it in), and keep in mind I've done this a million times before, and of course, this time it fell out. Lucky me! My friend wouldn't touch it, so she just took my hand to show me where it was at, and I put it in my pocket. I went home, cleaned it, and put it back in but it is facing up so it looks like I'm rolling my eye. I don't have my suction-cup to fix it either! Grrr! The day started out with me not being able to access my online exam, (which I needed to take at 7:00 am because of placement), then I forgot my lunch, Bilko's food for the evening since I didn't think I could go home before class, and my name tag. Not exactly a good day. I'm kinda worried that the kids don't like me now since I reprimanded them, but I can't do anything about it now, and hopefully can show them that I'm not a biotch next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this majorly sucks!

so my fb status for the day: Grrrreat! My Ed Psych exam that was supposed to be available to take online today at 7 is not there! This is the only time I have enough time to take it! grrrr! Unless its blackboard that hates me (is it possible to pray for something that doesn't live... grrr! Its definitely my enemy right now! haha)

My Educational Psychology exam is online today and I get 3 hours to take it, well I don't, literally don't, have 3 hours in which to take this bloody thing! (Yes I'm being british, blame jaws), Its not showing up on my blackboard! I've emailed my prof, twice, and now am thinking about going to bed again but that would probably not be a good idea since I have placement in TPS at 11... arg! This sucks, but since I can't do anything about it I'll just have to either skip seminar or skip class (ed psych is 3 hours so we have shortened class today) I'm the only 1 that gets 3 hours,(well me and Meg), thanks blindness? Never thought that would come outa my mouth.
I hate this, but I'm surprisingly calm about it since I can't do anything about it.
Probably gonna study some more. (bleh!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Funny Story

Wow! You ever get those days when you go around thinking its a different day? My story is a lot more elaborate than just forgetting what day it was

It all started yesterday. When Bilko and I got back from home (the thing bilko was talking about in my last post that I went to was a football game between my high school team and my cousin's team), I realized Nick was home for the weekend. I started texting him (mistake number 1), and seeing if he could come over when he was done fixing his car. Apparently his breaks were almost shot, so good thing he got it fixed. For some reason, I started missing him really really really badly. We just saw each other last weekend! What the heck was wrong with me? I blame "Aunt Flow" she just had to visit yesterday, and that he was only 20 minutes away verses 1.5 to 2 hours, is the only reason I can think of for me missing him so much. That and Sara and Mike were together and cuddling and tickling each other. They're engaged, and for some reason them cuddling bugged me last night. It never has before (ever!), and I have no idea what was up with me then. It won't bug me today, and (if they're reading this which I don't think they are), I'm totally not saying don't cuddle around me because that's dumb. Just because I am not able to be with my boyfriend doesn't mean I have to ruin it for them. Anyway... After lots of me bugging him (arg! I felt so friggin stupid and needy! I hate it when girls are like that!), Nick finally said "I'm coming" although he was absolutely exhausted and really just wanted to go to bed. It was like 9 something when he got here. I thought he was mad at me because he was like "this better be good if I'm getting up the energy to drive 20 minutes there and back tonight" or something similar, but he wasn't, he was just wondering why I was wanting to see him so badly. I honestly had no reason for him coming except I was being a rediculously sickeningly needy idiot, but he came and we talked and cuddled and went to get the new taco Bbell burido (yum!) and when he left around midnight I was fine.

Well I was really out of it when I woke up today, and for some reason thought it was Monday and I had to email a friend my part of the assignment so she could put it together and turn it in that day. I got up and emailed it to her (after making up 1 more question), at 6:30 this morning saying sorry I hadn't sent it sooner and hopefully it'd work (with tons of spelling mistakes haha!). Then I went to the bathroom and back to bed. When I finally got up around 9:45, I still thought it was Monday, and couldn't remember when I last took Bilko out the night before, so I took him out in my PJ's (I probably looked like crap lol), and came back in and fed him. Then I was like "why was Nick here on a Sunday night? He has class this morning..." Then it finally dawned on me that it was Sunday! Wow! arg!
If anybody read all of this, got any idea why I was acting so weird last night? I think it was a combination of everything above. O and for the record, I'm still a vergin and plan to keep it that way til Marage (this post kinda sounds otherwise) I blame college haha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bilko's bloggings: Hiss Hiss!

Ok, so yesterday was definitely an adventure! Mom and I decided to take a root to DSS (disability services), that we'd taken a few time's before, but never alone. We had to pass right buy where the van thing picks us up and takes us back to the place where we live, and I couldn't understand why mom wanted me to pass it, but finally I relented and kept moving. Then we crossed a parking lot entrance, and then another and went through a little passage between 2 buildings and turned left and kept going till mom told me to find the stairs and we were at the building. Yea! Go me! Awsome! Mom was excited and gave me kibble and pets and sounded really happy.

Then when we came back out and headed back we turned to soon and ended up in the wrong connecting hall thing. There's 3 buildings that are connected, and we went into the first connecting thing instead of the second. Mom told me to turn so we could go into the building and go through it, but I wanted to go back outside instead of going through the building, so she said "ok, we can do that," when I looked toward it. Well I really wish I'd just went through the building, because we were coming to these steps that I show her and then we pass them, and this hissy-spitty thing came and shot water at us! I don't like water, and mom didn't want to get wet so we quickly got out of the way of the hissy thing, and some lady asked if she could help us get by it and mom told her where we were going so the lady told us when to go and we hurried past the hissy-spitty thing and got back on track. Then I didn't want to go up this hill we needed to go up because the van that takes us home was there and the guy started talking to mom and I thought we were going to go home, but she said no and tried to make me go up the hill, and finally I went and we got back to the building we needed. Hissy-spitty thing is not fun though! We've went by them before, but haven't gotten caught before that time.

Other than that it was a good day though, especially since mom's cousin and uncle came and took us home to my friend hope and the rest of the family. Mom went to someplace and left me in my kennel at home because she thought hope and I would get into trouble. Its hope's fault! She does stupid stuff like try to get food off the counter! I am glad we got to come home for awhile though, because I like seeing everybody. We're back at the place we live at now and mom needs to do homework, so I need to post this. More later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bilko's bloggings-- fun weekend

September 7
So this past weekend was really fun! After mom and I got back from classes mom's grandma came! I was sooo excited to see her! I love seeing people I don't usually get to see! They pet me a lot! :) She took us in her car and they kept stopping to get yummy-smelling human food, and after driving for awhile we stopped at the lake! Its this place where we've been lots of times before, and mom got me to get in the water once. I didn't mind splashing around, but wouldn't go up past my knees. I didn't want to get that wet!

This time though, she didn't make me go in the water. I mostly got to relax for the weekend and play with this one little human that mom called Jade. I've met her before, and I really like her. She kept blowing in my face, and her air tasted good so I licked her. Sometimes she liked it, but sometimes she was like "eeeew!" I don't understand. Silly humans. I also got to see lots of people I remember vaguely from a long time again at the lake, and once mom went out on the water and left me with my grandma' (her mom), and her mom didn't make me stay on leash since she was watching me and we were on the deck. Then mom came back and called me and I came running down the steps to her and she was all happy and let me play with the other dogs a little as long as someone was watching me. She had me go back to her mom after a minute and her mom was supposed to be watching me, but she m/'ve forgot, because she went inside and left me out! I decided I wanted to explore so I went around and said hi to people, and went in the garage and some guy was petting me and then someone ratted me out and mom came and called me but I was already inside because her mom let me in. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted, and what does mom think I'm gonna do? Run away? As if! She has my food! It was a lot of fun, but I was happy to be back to the apartment with Mike and Sara and Meagan. This morning mom got up earlier than usual like we were going somewhere, but then she got all dressed up and then changed out of it to more normal clothes for her. I don't understand what that was about, but whatever. Human's are weird! Ok, so mom says we're going grocery shopping before class, so talk to yall later. Arf arf!
Ok I don't bark, Shhhh! That was for blog-readers only!)

Bilko's Bloggings-- weirdness

September 3
This morning was weird! Mom got up and went right to the black thing that talks a lot. She was on the black thing for awhile and also the little weird looking thing with bumps. Mom says that's a "braillenote"... Whatever. I'll just use BN. Then she got dressed and then fed me. She usually feeds me first. She fed me, but didn't take me out right away. She always does! She ate her breakfast first, then got everything she needed ready. I think we're going somewhere, because she put a bunch of my food in a bag, and packed her stuff too. I wonder what's going on? Then when she finally took me out it was raining! I hate rain! Then we went back inside and got her blue thing to wear. Thankfully she didn't grab the yallow thing. I hate that thing! We went to class and it was raining. Then when we came back out to go to a different class it was sunny. Yea!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fatal Attraction The Musical

Ok, warning! This is not a post for yung ears!

Ever seen the movie "Fatal Attraction"? Well, here's Fatal Attraction the Musical!
Its friggin hillarious!
Now I wanna find the movie on Blind Mice Mart! hahahaha!