Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bycicle, burgers, and bonfires O My!

I'm at Nick's right now writing on the air matress (its friggin huge and reeaally comfortable actually), that I'm sleeping on while here. Nick and his dad are touching up some paint spots on his car and his mom is mowing the lawn. Nick came over on Tuesday and spent the night. Then I went home with him Wednesday and we had fun renting a tandom bycicle and riding 10 miles ish maybe more. I haven't ridden a bike in forever! It was fun! :) I have a tandom but its up in the top of the garage and hasn't been taken down in a couple years.
Then when his parents got home from work, we had a nice dinner of fresh strawberries, corn and... I can't remember what the main dish was! lol Maybe that's because we had pork loin tonight and it was delicious too. Anyway... after that we went outside and had a bonfire in this neat little fire ring Nick's dad put on the patio. It was really smoky and annoying for awhile, so Nick's dad got down and started blowing on the flames! Nick took a picture and it (apparently) looks like he's trying to kiss the flames! :) lol I said he was going to burn his eyebrows off.

Today we got up and had breakfast (after I fought with the shower because the knob was weird and I couldn't get the right temperature), and then went to buy his dad's father's day gift. It's the Avatar movie. I got my dad a card that says something like:
I wanted to get you a card for this, but he wanted to get a pack of beer, so we drank the beer for you and filled out this card! It has a couple of dogs dressed as humans totally waisted and says We love yuo dad! Really really we love you!
I thought my dad would get a kick out of that.

After that Nick called his dad to see if he wanted to go to lunch with us, but he had to finish something at work so we went to Nick's great grandmother's and delivered some pictures to her from Nick's uncle. We stayed and talked to her for awhile and she's the cutest little old woman ever! She was dog-sitting, but she put the dog in the garage just before we came because she was going to go out. She kept going in to the garage and saying "mandy shut up! Your a bad dog!" Poor dog she just wanted attention haha! She's blind in one eye but she obviously could tell Bilko was there, because when she got in the house accidently she ran right over to us and stood barking right at him until Nick's grandma took her back outside. Bilko just sat there lol.
Nick's dad called soon after and we went out to this really good restaurant (I forget the name) and I had a buffalo chicken wrap and homemade chips with ranch.
It was good

Nick's taking me home tomorrow on his way back to Indiana for work. He has an internship this summer :)
Well IDK what else to write, and I'm not even sure if anybody actually reads this haha!
Signing off.

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Becky said...

Fun - glad you got to ride a tandem! Thanks for your comment on my blog ... will follow your adventures, too!