Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bilko's bloggings-- noooo! :(

Hi guys! So mom's letting me use the computer again, since her most pressing assignment isn't due till next thursday. Yesterday was weird. Mom's been getting up really early the past few weeks, and playing on the black talking thing and the thing with bumps, BN I guess she calls it. Yesterday she got up early and did that, then got her food as usual and fed me, but she got to talking to Mike and Sara and we didn't get to go on the van thing that takes us to the place with lots of buildings and people like usual. We got a ride from Mike since he was taking Sara to her "Preschool Practicum." Mom forgot to put the stuff on my feet that protects them from the salty stuff on the sidewalks when there's the cold white stuff on the ground. When we got home, she usually just wipes my feet off and lets me run around, but yesterday she kept me on leash and lead me in to the bathroom. I usually am not aloud in there since she thinks I'll get in to the trash (which I did once last week, but I just wanted paper!) I was like what heck? Then she took my leash off and started the tub! What? Mom! what are you doing? She took off her human fur since she said she didn't want to get it wet, well I didn't want to get mine wet either! She then tried to get me to climb in to the tub for food. What do you think I am, woman! crazy? She then tried to coax me in by standing in the tub, but I ran toward the bathroom door. She finally had to pick me up and put me in! I was sooo mad! I just stood there and she gave me food for being so good and I stood there until she told me I could come out which seemed to take forever! I was so stressed out that I threw up the food she gave me when I was out in the living room, and I ate it again before mom could know but she came in and found me so I grosed her out haha! She did give me a treat after getting in the tub too when I got out though. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm tired from running all over campus and trying to comfort mom when her BrailleNote broke. I just hope mom doesn't make me get in the tub anytime soon! As my other mom from a looong time ago said on facebook, I don't like baths!

Darn you Apex!

and no, not the puppy. :)
I have to send in my BrailleNote Apex, because for some very weird reason the dot 5 key stopped working. I can't do anything that involves that key which includes a 4 5 6 reset which would bring everything back to factory settings. I called tech support and they told me to reset it, which i'd done at least twice already, and then the lady told me I had to send it in. Luckily a friend of mine who is actually a linguistics teacher who is blind on campus has an MPower she's letting me borrow. I'll call her SWG... don't ask haha!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love Me - JJ Heller

This Song is absolutely amazing!Check it out and have tissues handy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday :) bestest!

So I'm officially not a teenager anymore! :)) Actually, doesn't feel any different. Lol.
I was woken up this morning by my roommates (Sara and Mike at least, Meg was still sleeping I think) coming in and singing "Happy Birthday," with synimon rolls and a candle in one of them. Yum Yum! That was goood breakfast!
I just hung out and looked on FB for awhile and read all the comments on my wall (I think like 115 as of a few minutes ago! Wow!) Then my parents came around 1, and we went out to this Mexican restaurant called "Don Pablos" and I was adventuress and tried fish tacos. Weird! My brother said I should try them, and I didn't know what to get, so I did and didn't like them. The rice and beans were good, but I really didn't care for the tacos and the enchilada I tried from my grandma. My mom made this giant cookie, and they sang happy birthday to me and we ate the cookie in the restaurant. Then they gave me gifts. I got a new pair of earrings from mom and da. Diamonds that I can wear all the time. I got this keychain beed thing from my grandma (mom's mom) and she picked beeds like hearts and a lock and key thing. I think they are like pandora, but not, maybe they are, I don't know. I got movies from mom and dad, and an ITunes gift card from the boys, Walker and Brennan, and a starbucks gift card! :D :D
and Money and singing cards (one from grandma and grandpa, and one from mom and dad),
When we got home, Walker wanted to say hi to Billy, (who kept licking the floor every now and again in the restaurant, but he was probably getting reeeally bored), so he took him to the bathroom for me, and I went inside. I smelled cake when I walked in to the hallway of our building, and when I opened the door... "Surprise!" There were tons of my friends! I totally wasn't expecting it! well, I was kinda suspicious, because Mike mentioned Lasagna by accident earlier, and the cake smell... It was awesome! :)
We had fun hanging out and playing scrabble, (me Brook, Kaitie, Jennie), maybe someone else but I can't think of who it was for the life of me! and it was sweet because Jenifer gave me Chocolate truffels and Trisha a stargbucks giftcard! Number two! :D Can you tell I like starbucks? lol

I did hear from Nick. Yesterday he told me his great grandpa died yesterday, and so I called and talked to him for awhile. It was kinda awkward since we hadn't talked in over a week, and I think it was weighing on us both that we wern't dating anymore but it was nice to talk to him again. He then texted me happy birthday and I texted thanks and we texted for a few minutes. It was good to hear from him. I did wish he was hear for the party, but I mannaged not to dwell on it, and overall it was an amazing birthday! :D Much more good than sad :D.
I love my friends!
(O and no spell check so excuse typos.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bla bla bla blogging.

So I have a little more than an hour-- an hour and... 17 minutes to be exact-- until my first class of the day, so I thought I'd update yall on life here. I'm doing well. I think I've come to grips with Nick and me not being together anymore and that actually being a good thing in the long run... then again I haven't really talked to him except through a few texts and I commented on his picture on FB which I wouldn't have done if it hadn't shown up on my feed-- since last Tuesday. I want us to still be friends, but know that may take awhile if it's even meant to happen.
classes are going well: Spanish 1010 is easy so far since I took 3 years of it in high school but the last was 4 years ago so I'm going back to the beginning.
Transitions: should be interesting, and there's an add-on program you can take to become a transition specialist, so depending on how I like this class I may do that to have something to fall back on if I fail at teaching hahahaha!
Assistive Technology for special needs: The material sounds interesting, but the teacher is boring, and the people around me are all on FB so that's annoying when I'm resisting the temptation and trying to pay attention.
Teaching Middle School Math: That is going to be hard! I'm totally not liking it so far, and it's only been a week. At least I know I'm not the only one since the girl sitting next to me hates it already and we both can't figure out some of the problems. Wow that made me feel a whole lot better when she told me that! :)
Music Education for Elementary is a required class for Special Ed, (intervention Specialist), majors. There's a lecture part on Tuesdays at 8:30 am and then my resitation at 10:30 on Thursdays. It's fun! We get to sing little songs and play recorders... those things are soooo annoying! hehehehe!
PCC: Going to suck this semester! We have to come up with a research question related to our field experience/s and research and present it at the Urban Ed conference-- which is 2 days long, friday night and saturday-- and have 4 conferences with Dr. V (director) or his assistent who I don't really know but what I do know I'm not sure about but whatever. The only good thing is we don't have 9:15-10:30 seminar every Tuesday night, but that means I have to figure out when we do have it... O well.

I joined this "national Society of Leadership and Success" (NSLS), that is for people wanting to be better leaders I guess. I have an orientation meating Sunday at 3:00, so I'll have more information then. It's a life-long organization and looks really good on resumes (spelling?), so that's cool.

I'm also going to tutor this kid, I'll call him A for now, who is blind and in like 4th grade or something, in jaws and braille. I need to call his mom tonight and set up a meeting for Friday. Any ideas on how much I should charge? Comment with suggestions please! I'm thinking $10 per hour but I'm not sure.
Ok, really I need to stop rambling! Does anybody actually read this?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Help please?

Ok, so I've realized the links I've been posting aren't working. The link about going blind wasn't working, and I checked other links and they say "page not found" in blogger as well. I'm using the code Ro sent me because i can't get jaws to click on the add link button or whatever for some reason. Could this be why? Help Please it's driving me nuts! any jaws users know why I can't get that to work? any help would be appreciated! :(

Friday, January 14, 2011

Single :( :( :(

The title says it all really... Well all but the reason.
I broke up with Nick Tuesday night/Wednesday morning ish. No, it wasn't because I've found somebody else (don't think that'll happen anytime soon) or I don't love him anymore (deffinitly not!) I don't remember what all I have posted on here about the drama of religion. He and I went to the same confermation classes when in middle school, so as a stupid young tenth grader, I thought that ment that we're both Christians and it'd be allright. Well he says he's a Christian, but he doesn't go to church that much because his parents don't. He said he was willing to go to church, but that was basically it. He didn't want to read the bible or talk to anybody to learn more about what he said he believed in. We've been arguing about this for months-- since summer really-- and even off and on before that, but I thought we could work it out if he was willing to try. He'd go to church with me when he was here, and he seemed to like it, but he wasn't willing to do more than that. I know this probably doesn't make any sense what soever, it's confusing me as I right, but I thought if he loved me enough he'd at least try to get closer to God. I need someone who will challenge me and walk with me in faith. I can't be the one that believes and he just goes along for the ride. We would have fought about it for the rest of our lives, and raising children would have been hard. I want someone I can discuss what God is doing or what they think he's doing in our lives and why and stuff like that. I never thought about it before, because my parents don't really seem to do that, but my faith is more important to me than that. Does this make any sense?
I hate it, because he was my BEST FRIEND! We talked every night, and texted throughout the day. It's only been 3 days and I'm going nuts wondering how he is and what he's doing. I want so badly to call him, but know it will only make things worse for us both right now. I want to talk to him and make sure he knows that I want to be with him and if he were willing to try (he says he doesn't have the drive to do so, which is a huge part of it I won't force him to change) it could work. Ok, maybe I shouldn't tell him all that... I'm so confused!
It sucks because I think of something and am like I wanna tell Nick but then I remember I can't. The headphones I'm using are from him for Christmas this year. It would have been four years on March 21st. I'm not crying. I don't think I can cry anymore. I'm just... numb? Sure. I can't make any more tears right now. He apparently got me a voice activated clock over last weekend. Guess I'm not getting that now, but I already have a couple even though one's at least 10 years old and showing it. OK seriously this is pathetic and I'm gonna stop with the pitty party because I can't go on doing this. I just needed to write some of it down. I miss him and it's only been 3 days! Is it possible to be friends with your ex's? I don't know. Anybody done it? Does it work? Help! :(