Friday, March 26, 2010

Bilko's bloggings

Ok, so mom said I can write this before she catches you all up on what's been going on lately-- Yea! I get the computer! *wags tail and wiggles excitedly*
So yesterday was weird. It was raining (bleck!) and usually I don't like the rain but mom makes me go out and work in it anyway, but yesterday she put this weird yellow thing over me. I hate that weird yellow thing! It sounds weird when she puts it on-- like a scratchy sound as she adjusts it. It keeps me dry in the rain, but I still hate it! I don't want to move with it on. It feels weird and I shake and try to get it off but it doesn't work and then mom gets frustrated cause she just dropped her white shirt in mud (she says she'll tell you about that later), so we went back to our room and she turns on this blowy thing and puts the shirt in front of it then she says we have to go back out. I'm still wearing the yellow thing, and when we're walking down the stairs I don't want to go and just stand there so she corrects me and I am forced to go to her side sliding on the wet steps but I'm ok just mad that she's making me do this. Then we go outside and she tries to get me to work on this rout we do every day but I don't want to! I want this thing off me! Now! She doesn't listen to my complaints and tries to get me to work but I won't so she gets mad and her friend is walking by and walks with us around a huge puddle and mom heals me and then I grudgingly walk and work and then we go through this building that we do every day and mom does obedience to make sure I'll listen and I grudgingly obey then we go to the building with lots of music and I don't want to work with the yellow thing so finally she makes me sit and takes it off! Yes's's! :D I then lay down by this chair like I do twice a week and listen and watch mom and a bunch of other people singing. Ok, good, normal stuff. Then We go to this dorm I've never been to before and mom makes me lay down while some girl puts some hot thing on mom's hair. I wanted to sniff it but mom and the girl both said no its hot so I didn't. Then we took the bus back to our dorm and mom was like freaking out cause her shirt had mud on it so she was running around trying to get that cleaned and then she fed me and got all dressed up nice and we took the bus back to the cool building with the music and we were sitting there with her friends from the grou. Then I'm laying there nicely and mom's mom (my grandma I guess) comes up and says "hi Jenna," and I get all excited and start wagging and trying to say hi but mom corrects me. Then she takes my harness off and I go with her mom! Yea! Wait? Why am I going with her? O well... Then mom goes up on stage and sings like she does during the other times we come to this building but now there's lots of other people. What is this? Then after she's done mom walks up to me with her mom guiding her (steeling my job!) and I get excited and sit up and lick this guy behind the ear before mom's grandma can stop me and he freaks out until he realizes what's going on then I get pet by mom and wag. Then she makes me lay down for awhile for the other singing people then we leave and go back to the dorm and get our stuff and go back to the house with my friend Hope. Few! That was a long day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Most Boring Day of Field Placement Ever.

Or so I thought. Here's what I wrote on the BN when I wasn't busy today:

So I have a feeling this day is going to last forever. I can't believe it but they have assessments all this week, and the kids need them read to them. My teacher was going to scan them and send them but she left them at school. I might be able to tach them a writing lesson though. 9:48 am Yeah, my teacher quickly read the writing worksheet, and I get to work with the kids reading that and making sure they know what to do. I'm excited because its something different and challenging! :) I guess I'll have to scan the assessments when I'm teaching Special Ed. They need to be read to them--the direcations and such. There's a little girl in this class and she's sooo cute! She was coloring something for a worksheet and said, "I take too long." "That's ok Your just being careful," I said. She said something about not wanting to mess up. :) A perfectionest 6-year-old? I never thought I'd see the day! LOL These kids are so much fun to work with, but I just don't feel like they'd listen to me if they wern't told too. Maybe, but I don't know, and don't feel like dealing with a sub that knows and does nothing to figure that out. The last time a sub was here, my fellow PCCer and ow had full control of the classroom, and we thought we were going to die! I'm sore from yesterday. Diving on a cement floor and getting hit with a basketball sized goalball being rolled hard across a gym will do that to you. LOL
No editing was done here and you get to see what comes out when you type to fast on a brailleNote haha!
TTFN (don't really have homework that's due, but I might get a headstart on some stuff due later this month. So totally unlike me!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goalball Blog

I'm on my way back home from Goalball in Columbus, and had a blast! We started out introducing ourselves and doing stretches. We did passing drills (which reminds me of basketball haha!), and then blocking. I got hit in the stomach like 5 times. It hurts! Its so much fun though! LOL
I played two games one before lunch (pizza) and one after. During the first game, I got hit in the... um... breasts. Now that hurt, especially since I wasn't expecting it haha!

I finally got to meet one of the members of 2 guide dog lists I'm on, and Bilko and her dog had fun sniffing and playing when we took them out of harness. smile
He is sooo much bigger than Bilko Its crazy! His fur is a lot courser too. Guess I take the fact that Bilko's extremely amazingly soft for grantit lol. It was nice to finally meet someone from the list.
I also met a lot of other cool people who hopefully will be my teammates. I'm still trying to make sure I can get to practices. It was fun though. :)


So now I'm finally getting around to writing about my spring break adventures.
I tried just typing it into blogger the other day, but (again) I pressed the wrong button. I'm really gonna start writing my posts in word documents and copying them.
anyway... Last weekend on Saturday, we had dinner with my cousins who made grilled salmon and vegetables of that rice-looking noodles called, roso? Rosaro? I don't remember lol. It was delicious! Well, the salmon was, my cousin managed to make all the vegitables I don't like, and I'm not a picky eater by any means! Then my brother and I went bowling with my friend Dee and her boyfriend. I got a 92 the first game and 88 the second. My brother beat me both times. :( I usually do better than that, but I haven't bowled in forever haha!

Monday I was stuck at home while everyone was at work/school.
Tuesday my grandma picked me up and took me to town (we live in the country which sucks for getting anywhere independently for a blink like me.) I hung out with a friend from high school and we went to East of Chicago for lunch and had BBQ'd Chicken Pizza. Mmm! We then walked around town and talked. We ran into another friend from high school that I haven't seen in forever, and a friend that I go to college with and was also best friends in high school.
My brother then had a band and choir concert tuesday night, and that was good. Bilko just slept by my feet, and sometimes looked up when the band started playing.
Wednesday I went to Bridges Academy in the next town over. Its a school for the Talented and Gifted. There is a boy there who is blind and in third grade and just learning braille. He hates it for some reason. He can't see anything at all either. I tried to get him to type his name but he wouldn't even try. It saddens me to think that he doesn't even want to learn. I was working with his mom, (who is his aid), to try to find motivation for him. He plays guitar, so I suggested using that as motivation-- if he learns so many letters or writes so many words he can play guitar for x amount of time,-- so I hope that she tries that and it helps. Any ideas guys? This kid is sooo stubborn!

Thursday I went out to lunch with my grandma and one of her friends to Arbies, and then walked around my grandma's block with Bilko while she did some yardwork. [I would've helped, but figured she didn't want me killing her bush! LOL.) She then tried to help me with my knitting, but we're both bad at it, so that was interesting. I had dinner with her and went to knitting class to try to get pointers. I know how to do it, but its so frustrating. I might try crochet... seems like that'll be easier since its only one hook instead of 2 needles lol. Any pointers all you blinks that do? (wink wink nudge nudge) How'd you learn?
I don't remember what I did Friday, and Saturday was spent hanging with family. This post is ridiculously long, so I'm shutting up now. My mom asked what I was doing and when I told said, "Do you really think people care about all that?"
Well, no, but if I post it online I can't lose it, right?
Seriously, posting this now.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goalball! :)

I got an email on facebook a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to join a goalball team for Ohio. We'd travel around the states and play different schools. Well its in Columbus, so at least an hour away, and obviously I can't drive haha! I'm going to a meeting with the potential members tomorrow in Columbus, so I'll get to see if there's a way I can still do it and do 15 credit hours too. Practice is only once a month for us non-Columbus-living people, so that's good. One of the people on my Guidedog list is going too, so I'm excited to meet her and her dog. I love goalball! :D (I may writ aout the rest of this week sometime... maybe tonight.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow! That was cool!

When I went to church tonight for Lent, I was kind of expecting the traditional lentin service—hymns we’ve sang every year during Lent and serman’s that somewhat hold my attention, but the pastor’s still boring so no matter how hard I try I end up zoning—but this year we have a new pastor. I forgot he plays guitar until I got to church and he started by playing “Cats in the Cradle” to go along with the serman. We also watched a video by “Rob Bell” that was cool.
The entire serman was about diciplin. Never anybody’s favorite topic, but a great serman. We talked about “Psalm 40 1-10” and “Geremiah 29 11-13” and “Mathew 7 9-11.”
We talked about how we sometimes think God doesn’t listen, or is cruel for not giving us what we want, but its always done because he loves us. A lot of what we want him to give us we think will make us happy, or make us have a good life, but it won’t. It will a lot of times come back to smack us in the face.
It was a really cool serman. (I'd post the links to the verces but my brother needs the internet lol)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah! Spring Break! *sigh*

So I came home yesterday for spring break this week. I was gonna post thursday night and tell yall about my crazy week, but I was half way through the post and hit the wrong key combination, (alt left arrow,) and so it went back to the previous page and lost all my work and I was tired and said screw it haha!
I ended up talking to a friend from the list I'm on about guide dogs on skype. Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends on campus at this actual restaurant that was good :) then I talked to my adviser about scheduling classes for next year and then went home. O before I went home Nick was coming by on his way home so he stopped over to say hi for a bit :) Yea! I didn't think I'd get to see him for like 3 weeks still and we already havent seen each other since feb 14th! :)
I'm going bowling with some friends at 5:30 tonight. I don't know if I'll bring Bilko though. I might since he won't get that much work this week. Less than at school anyway. He chewed up my mom's dirty clenexes this morning already... that's the only thing he gets in to, and I thought he only did it when he was bored... guess not or he got really bored really fast haha. IDK what else to write and I'm bored... maybe I'll find a game to play.
If your looking for fun computer games for the blind try
kitchen Sink by Jim Kitchen
I know they have windows games... I'm not sure about Macs but you can look.