Monday, November 15, 2010

Going Blind

So I was looking on FB today and found that somebody had liked this, so thought I'd check it out. I haven't heard about it, but that's not surprising with the crazy amount of school work I've been having lol!
Here's the official website of Going Blind the Movie
Enjoy! (and hopefully it works this time!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Placement october 19th

(Tuesday oct. 19)
I officially do not like my field placement. I do nothing most of the day, and only help the kids when they have questions, and sometimes I have to say, "I'll help them," or the teacher will do it instead. I also have a math class, but they're doing coordinate planes and liniar equations, which are easy, but I can't see their graphs, so I can't help them. I can sometimes, but I can't be sure they're graphing them right. I can help them creat the equation, but friend A doesn't get it. It is frustrating, because I can't see the exact problems. One of the teachers was helping me help him, since I wasn't sure how to do it, but now I get it. Y, then thinking where they put the number of boxes or whatever than changes plus what is added, then the total which is the tetal than they get when they add everything. It makes sense now. This kid should actually be in an LD type math class, but they put him in the wrong one and he couldn't change it. Why? No idea. Its stupid! I thought about bringing manipulatives, but he would just play with them instead of do the work. He already can't concentrate. I may try to find out what he likes and then use it to teach him the math. Maybe that will work... I hope, because I hate seeing him struggle.

I can schedule classes today, but one of them that I wanted to take wasn't able to be scheduled because I haven't taken the mretest. I had to contact DSS, then the math department, then DSS again to get everything worked out to take it ASAP so I can schedule it.

I decided not to take the math class now, but I will take the test, because I still need it of next semester when I do take the class anyway and if I don't pass it this semester I can always try again next.
Arg scheduling is complecated.
So Meagan and I had fun walking to our next meeting/class after our 6-9 Education Psychology class. Last week there was a whole conversation on facebook about us throwing canes. (its hillarious maybe I'll post later haha!) This week my teacher gave me a large print paper (which I can't read), so I made a paper airoplain. Naturally, right? lol
TTYL I'm just bored

Kong air squeaker football

So, I got Bilko the air kong squeaker football from
It came last week, but nobody told me I had a package notice and had to pick it up from the front office until a few days ago, and I never got a chance to go get it till today. I got it and opened it, and Bilko took it but he wasn't that interested at first, until I threw it for him! He ran and grabbed and started charging around our apartment! It was sooo funny! I recorded a sound file of him, but I don't know how to upload it to here. Help Please? If you guys wanna hear him that is...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

H2O Fall Getaway

Friday night, we got to the campground around 8, and the first session was supposed to start at 8, but as usually it seems with H2O events like this, it started 10 or 15 minutes late. The speaker was Steve Haze from University of Mi... Mi... Michigan! There I said it! That state up north that I dislike because I'm from Ohio and we're rivals. LOL. Despite being from that state, he's a really good speaker. The first session was about our relationship with God. It was really comforting to me because he talked about how we tend to think that God is disappointed or angry with us when we sin, but he isn't. He knows that we are human and therefore tempted by sin and he loves us even when we sin. I needed that message.
We then went to our cabins and everything just to get our beds set up, and went to the camp fire for awhile, but soon realized there was nothing to drink so we headed to the dining hall to get drinks and snacks. We sat down to eat near a table of people playing some game where they had to pretend to kill people and it involved yelling. I think it was ninja.... Stupidest most pointless game ever! It was really annoying, and then we went to our cabin (Sara and I did at least), and got ready for bed. I couldn't get to sleep for a long time though, because people were really loud in our cabin. Sara fell asleep right away, but I couldn't. This morning the lesson was about relationship with friends. We talked about this guy named Abishai (Ab-ih-shy), that was a cousin of David's, and every time someone went against david he offered to kill them because he was so loyal to David. The lesson was basically that we should be loyal like Abishai, not that we should kill people for our friends! Abishai never did kill the people, because David always stopped him. Check out "First Samuel 26" to read about it. That's where part of it is at least. The last session was Saturday night, and about relationships with significant others. Did you know there is absolutely no verses on dating in the Bible? I did, but it just registered last night. All of them are about friendships, but not specifically dating, because dating is something our culture has created. They talked about how to tread people in dating relationships and any relationship. It was a very very very good sermon that made an impact. We had a Q and A session and I was going to ask "what would you say is the best way to bring your significant other closer to God?" Another girl asked basically the same question, but it was about how to bring your boyfriend or someone you want to date to Christ and invite them to church. I used my Braillenote to record the response, but I won't put it up here, because I don't know if that's even legal hahaha! After the service we had a small group fusion time. The guys and girls split up, and we had questions to answer about how we liked the getaway. It was awesome! My group ended up talking for two hours about anything and everything! We answered the questions, then had a big Q and A session about dating and relationships for our pastor's wife leading our group, then a bunch of questions about our own lives and everyone gave opinions and it was amazing! I loved it! :D

Right now my neck is absolutely killing me! I have no idea how I did it but somehow yesterday I did something and it started hurting, and then sleeping on that horrible camp bunk bed hurt like crazy this morning! I can hardly move it without it killing me. Sara and Mike have both tried giving me backrubs, and they helped for a little bit, but then it started hurting again. I'm sooo excited about the final session, which is in BG for us Falcons, UC has it with there church. Its about marriage.

The sermon was really good. I would tell about it, but I don't have time right now. If anybody wants to know about it leave a comment and I'll post about it later. TTYL

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frogger with Chuck

I just got done with a meeting with my GDB field rep, Chuck. He came down to help me with crossing the street my apartment is on to the bus stop. I don't usually use this bus, but since I have late night classes, it would be easier to get on the "south Route" bus than call campus escort. Basically, I cross the parking lott in front of my building, and walk along the curb until I get to my usual shuddle stop that we use for the Enclave shuddle, then we turn left from the bus stop (its at our back then we do this) then he finds this curb, its kind of rounded, so he rounds it to the right and when it levels out we turn and cross the parking lott again to the sidewalk on the other side. We then turn left on the sidewalk and follow it until it T's off. We turn right and find the driveway to this house near the complex, turn left in the driveway and the street slopes up so when we find that slope we stop and wait for an all-clear and cross. The sidewalk splits at the curb, so we go streight and I tell Bilko to "find the poll." We're there! It's not near as complicated as I thought it would be. :)

After that I wanted to work on rounded curbs, so Chuck drove us to downtown BG and we worked a route of them. We basically did a large rectangle, and he did amazing! Yea Bilko! That's the best work I've seen out of him in a long time! He was having fun, and really paying attention. :D There was a large lab across the street at one point that got him distracted, but I made him sit and lay down then sit again and he was fine. :)
Chuck praised how good he looks and how mature and focused he is. He also praised my handling which is always nice to hear haha!
He said that Bilko had some tarter on his teeth, but they wern't bad, and I admitted I hadn't been brushing them as regularly as I should.

I actually should be in class right now, but decided not to go since we were going to be late anyway, and I really didn't feel like trying to explain to Chuck where the building is hahaha! Besides, I only know how to get to the classroom from one door that we can't drive too, and nothing is brailled in that building. I could have asked Chuck for help, but o well... I really didn't want to go to class! lol

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Poopy Adventure

Yeah... exactly what it sounds like really...
I took Bilko out earlier, he was pawing at me trying to get me to get up. I thought he was really hungry and had to go too, so I fed him and took him out. I was totally right, because he pooped pretty much as soon as we got out there! lol
I marked it with my foot like we're supposed to, then he moved and started pooping again, so I used my other foot for that... then he moved to my other side and pooped again! Crap! I don't have 3 feet! Ok, maybe he'll stay there... nope he moved and stopped pooping thank goodness. I would have called my roommates to get one of them to come help me find the third pile, but I didn't have my phone. I heard somebody walking toward the building, so I was like, "hey, random question, but could you help me find the dog poop? He kept moving!" So this random girl helped me find it but at first she just was pointing and being like "its over there and right there." Um, duh! I'm blind!--why do sighties do that?-- anyway...
She finally told me exactly what to do and I got it. It was just really funny haha!
Um ok so I have no idea why I felt the need to share this with the wirld... It's just been a really lazy and boring day here and I wanted to write! lol

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dorito update

So, the doreto dish was actually pretty good. Nick and I both had some, and there's still like 3/4 of a pan left. Hopefully Meagan will try and like it tomorrow since Mike and Sara don't like Mexican and I don't want to eat it all. Maybe I'll post the recipe soon.

Dorito adventures

I’m sitting here alone in the apartment since my boyfriend ran a friend home, Mike went with him to get something (IDK), and Sara went to Leann’s for dinner. I’m making this “cool Ranch Dorito Hot Dish” that Mandi suggested, but I’m kinda scared it’s going to absolutely suck. First of all, it called for ground turkey. Where the heck do you buy ground turkey? We couldn’t find it and the guy at the delly had no idea what we were talking about, so Nick suggested we buy chipped turkey and that would work just as well. I didn’t agree, but we got it anyway and tried it. We basically ended up cooking it like we were browning it but obviously it didn’t brown, but we added the salsa and corn anyway. It called for green pepper and onion, but none of us like that, so we didn’t use it. I think it may be ok, but I’m worried how it’s gonna taste with the delly-ish turkey instead of actually ground turkey. Its cooking right now so I’ll let yall know… If this sucks I’m gonna feel llike the stupidest person on the planet haha!

O and Sara doesn’t like half the stuff in this dish, so IDK who else will eat it and I may be eating it all by myself. *sad face* Hopefully Nick will try it and hopefully he won’t hate it…

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do You Dream In Color?

Ok, so my friend Carina is in this documentary about 6 teens who are blind and their lives and whether or not they dream in color (duh)
Do You Dream In Color?
There's an audio described vidio promo that's really cool.
Check it out! :D

Site for product instructions and details! :D

O my gosh! I just found this sight (well somebody posted it on the zone bbs.) And its a site where you can look up products from food to makeup to dog and cat food and get details on how to cook it plus nutrician facts and more! Check it out!

O and the zone bbs is a website for the blind to connect and its really cool. the zone

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Third day of field experience

Tuesday September 28, 2010
I got to help a lot today. I helped a girl with her science homework in the seventh grade resource, and then help the same girl and another girl study and figure out the mean of 20+40+60+40. Anybody know the answer? NO CALCULATORS! They were doing it without calculators and had trouble, (which is sad because its a really easy problem that they should get quickly, but since calculators are so easy to use... Don't get me started lol.) I had to break it down so they would get it. I'll post how I taught them if somebody comments with the answer lol. Yea teacher mind, right?

Friend D in the 8th grade class is gone, he supposedly changed schools. The 8th grade class was ok... I didn't help anybody in there, but it was ok just listening to the teacher work. During math, I sat and listened and then attempted to help a student I will call S. S is very far behind his class in math, and was very very confused today. The teacher said she would send me the lessons before Tuesdays and I can go over them so I know what is going on. I'm excited! I get to teach! :D :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second day of field experience

(written on Tuesday)
Ok, so today I came in just as my teacher was heading to lunch, and again, I forgot mine, so I talked to her while she ate and she said she wished I could come in the mornings because in the afternoon she has 2 resource periods and then works in the classroom with the lady who is alergic to dogs. (Although she kept saying "guy," I'm confused), I now go to Mrs. Mead's room and sit in on her math class for the last period instead of going to the science class. friend D, the kid that got a demarit last week, got one again this week, but it was the classroom teacher that gave it to him because he, again, wasn't behaving and doing his work. I helped a couple people in the eighth grade resource, and tried to help a few in 7th. I don't feel like I'm going to get much out of this experience, but I'll try...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Field Placement

I am in a seventh and eighth grade special ed science class this semester and my first day was yesterday. First day I was there they had a sub-- Not exactly a good thing. I was nervous, but ended up sitting in on a history class, and 2 study halls. the study halls were supervised by the substitute teacher for my regular teacher. I had to reprimand a student so many times the other teacher gave him a demarotte. I also yelled at some students for yelling and not going to seats. They were standing in the doorway screaming and I don't know what else, but I feel bad now because they didn't even know my name yet. I helped a student with a question on a worksheet, and I hope that shows them that I'm not mean. I don't like being mean, but I guess I have too sometimes... Then I was in a science class, because my teacher apparently helps out there in the afternoons. That teacher gets her kids focused by question-of the-day. I'm not exactly sure how she works it, but it seems to work. She also explained why they were learning what they were which is always awesome to see. The teacher was allergic to dogs, so I don't know how this will work. She said that it should be fine for once a week as long as Bilko doesn't touch her. I have to keep far far away from her then since he looooves people!

When I was on the bus, for some reason a friend and I started talking about my fake eye. I went to show her, (not take it out, just show her with it in), and keep in mind I've done this a million times before, and of course, this time it fell out. Lucky me! My friend wouldn't touch it, so she just took my hand to show me where it was at, and I put it in my pocket. I went home, cleaned it, and put it back in but it is facing up so it looks like I'm rolling my eye. I don't have my suction-cup to fix it either! Grrr! The day started out with me not being able to access my online exam, (which I needed to take at 7:00 am because of placement), then I forgot my lunch, Bilko's food for the evening since I didn't think I could go home before class, and my name tag. Not exactly a good day. I'm kinda worried that the kids don't like me now since I reprimanded them, but I can't do anything about it now, and hopefully can show them that I'm not a biotch next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this majorly sucks!

so my fb status for the day: Grrrreat! My Ed Psych exam that was supposed to be available to take online today at 7 is not there! This is the only time I have enough time to take it! grrrr! Unless its blackboard that hates me (is it possible to pray for something that doesn't live... grrr! Its definitely my enemy right now! haha)

My Educational Psychology exam is online today and I get 3 hours to take it, well I don't, literally don't, have 3 hours in which to take this bloody thing! (Yes I'm being british, blame jaws), Its not showing up on my blackboard! I've emailed my prof, twice, and now am thinking about going to bed again but that would probably not be a good idea since I have placement in TPS at 11... arg! This sucks, but since I can't do anything about it I'll just have to either skip seminar or skip class (ed psych is 3 hours so we have shortened class today) I'm the only 1 that gets 3 hours,(well me and Meg), thanks blindness? Never thought that would come outa my mouth.
I hate this, but I'm surprisingly calm about it since I can't do anything about it.
Probably gonna study some more. (bleh!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Funny Story

Wow! You ever get those days when you go around thinking its a different day? My story is a lot more elaborate than just forgetting what day it was

It all started yesterday. When Bilko and I got back from home (the thing bilko was talking about in my last post that I went to was a football game between my high school team and my cousin's team), I realized Nick was home for the weekend. I started texting him (mistake number 1), and seeing if he could come over when he was done fixing his car. Apparently his breaks were almost shot, so good thing he got it fixed. For some reason, I started missing him really really really badly. We just saw each other last weekend! What the heck was wrong with me? I blame "Aunt Flow" she just had to visit yesterday, and that he was only 20 minutes away verses 1.5 to 2 hours, is the only reason I can think of for me missing him so much. That and Sara and Mike were together and cuddling and tickling each other. They're engaged, and for some reason them cuddling bugged me last night. It never has before (ever!), and I have no idea what was up with me then. It won't bug me today, and (if they're reading this which I don't think they are), I'm totally not saying don't cuddle around me because that's dumb. Just because I am not able to be with my boyfriend doesn't mean I have to ruin it for them. Anyway... After lots of me bugging him (arg! I felt so friggin stupid and needy! I hate it when girls are like that!), Nick finally said "I'm coming" although he was absolutely exhausted and really just wanted to go to bed. It was like 9 something when he got here. I thought he was mad at me because he was like "this better be good if I'm getting up the energy to drive 20 minutes there and back tonight" or something similar, but he wasn't, he was just wondering why I was wanting to see him so badly. I honestly had no reason for him coming except I was being a rediculously sickeningly needy idiot, but he came and we talked and cuddled and went to get the new taco Bbell burido (yum!) and when he left around midnight I was fine.

Well I was really out of it when I woke up today, and for some reason thought it was Monday and I had to email a friend my part of the assignment so she could put it together and turn it in that day. I got up and emailed it to her (after making up 1 more question), at 6:30 this morning saying sorry I hadn't sent it sooner and hopefully it'd work (with tons of spelling mistakes haha!). Then I went to the bathroom and back to bed. When I finally got up around 9:45, I still thought it was Monday, and couldn't remember when I last took Bilko out the night before, so I took him out in my PJ's (I probably looked like crap lol), and came back in and fed him. Then I was like "why was Nick here on a Sunday night? He has class this morning..." Then it finally dawned on me that it was Sunday! Wow! arg!
If anybody read all of this, got any idea why I was acting so weird last night? I think it was a combination of everything above. O and for the record, I'm still a vergin and plan to keep it that way til Marage (this post kinda sounds otherwise) I blame college haha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bilko's bloggings: Hiss Hiss!

Ok, so yesterday was definitely an adventure! Mom and I decided to take a root to DSS (disability services), that we'd taken a few time's before, but never alone. We had to pass right buy where the van thing picks us up and takes us back to the place where we live, and I couldn't understand why mom wanted me to pass it, but finally I relented and kept moving. Then we crossed a parking lot entrance, and then another and went through a little passage between 2 buildings and turned left and kept going till mom told me to find the stairs and we were at the building. Yea! Go me! Awsome! Mom was excited and gave me kibble and pets and sounded really happy.

Then when we came back out and headed back we turned to soon and ended up in the wrong connecting hall thing. There's 3 buildings that are connected, and we went into the first connecting thing instead of the second. Mom told me to turn so we could go into the building and go through it, but I wanted to go back outside instead of going through the building, so she said "ok, we can do that," when I looked toward it. Well I really wish I'd just went through the building, because we were coming to these steps that I show her and then we pass them, and this hissy-spitty thing came and shot water at us! I don't like water, and mom didn't want to get wet so we quickly got out of the way of the hissy thing, and some lady asked if she could help us get by it and mom told her where we were going so the lady told us when to go and we hurried past the hissy-spitty thing and got back on track. Then I didn't want to go up this hill we needed to go up because the van that takes us home was there and the guy started talking to mom and I thought we were going to go home, but she said no and tried to make me go up the hill, and finally I went and we got back to the building we needed. Hissy-spitty thing is not fun though! We've went by them before, but haven't gotten caught before that time.

Other than that it was a good day though, especially since mom's cousin and uncle came and took us home to my friend hope and the rest of the family. Mom went to someplace and left me in my kennel at home because she thought hope and I would get into trouble. Its hope's fault! She does stupid stuff like try to get food off the counter! I am glad we got to come home for awhile though, because I like seeing everybody. We're back at the place we live at now and mom needs to do homework, so I need to post this. More later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bilko's bloggings-- fun weekend

September 7
So this past weekend was really fun! After mom and I got back from classes mom's grandma came! I was sooo excited to see her! I love seeing people I don't usually get to see! They pet me a lot! :) She took us in her car and they kept stopping to get yummy-smelling human food, and after driving for awhile we stopped at the lake! Its this place where we've been lots of times before, and mom got me to get in the water once. I didn't mind splashing around, but wouldn't go up past my knees. I didn't want to get that wet!

This time though, she didn't make me go in the water. I mostly got to relax for the weekend and play with this one little human that mom called Jade. I've met her before, and I really like her. She kept blowing in my face, and her air tasted good so I licked her. Sometimes she liked it, but sometimes she was like "eeeew!" I don't understand. Silly humans. I also got to see lots of people I remember vaguely from a long time again at the lake, and once mom went out on the water and left me with my grandma' (her mom), and her mom didn't make me stay on leash since she was watching me and we were on the deck. Then mom came back and called me and I came running down the steps to her and she was all happy and let me play with the other dogs a little as long as someone was watching me. She had me go back to her mom after a minute and her mom was supposed to be watching me, but she m/'ve forgot, because she went inside and left me out! I decided I wanted to explore so I went around and said hi to people, and went in the garage and some guy was petting me and then someone ratted me out and mom came and called me but I was already inside because her mom let me in. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted, and what does mom think I'm gonna do? Run away? As if! She has my food! It was a lot of fun, but I was happy to be back to the apartment with Mike and Sara and Meagan. This morning mom got up earlier than usual like we were going somewhere, but then she got all dressed up and then changed out of it to more normal clothes for her. I don't understand what that was about, but whatever. Human's are weird! Ok, so mom says we're going grocery shopping before class, so talk to yall later. Arf arf!
Ok I don't bark, Shhhh! That was for blog-readers only!)

Bilko's Bloggings-- weirdness

September 3
This morning was weird! Mom got up and went right to the black thing that talks a lot. She was on the black thing for awhile and also the little weird looking thing with bumps. Mom says that's a "braillenote"... Whatever. I'll just use BN. Then she got dressed and then fed me. She usually feeds me first. She fed me, but didn't take me out right away. She always does! She ate her breakfast first, then got everything she needed ready. I think we're going somewhere, because she put a bunch of my food in a bag, and packed her stuff too. I wonder what's going on? Then when she finally took me out it was raining! I hate rain! Then we went back inside and got her blue thing to wear. Thankfully she didn't grab the yallow thing. I hate that thing! We went to class and it was raining. Then when we came back out to go to a different class it was sunny. Yea!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fatal Attraction The Musical

Ok, warning! This is not a post for yung ears!

Ever seen the movie "Fatal Attraction"? Well, here's Fatal Attraction the Musical!
Its friggin hillarious!
Now I wanna find the movie on Blind Mice Mart! hahahaha!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sophomore year so far

Hey all,
I started college again last week, so I've been really busy, but I have some downtime before I have to feed Bilko and head to campus for my first class (I have a 6-9 every tuesday and then my learning comunity class from 9:15 to 10:30) I'm meeting one of my roommates (froommies now stands for fantastic roommies), for dinner and then going to class. I like my classes ok so far. I can get to them all right :) Yea! My new O and M instructor was so amazed that Bilko remembered the rout after only doing it once! He says he's never seen such a smart dog! Yea Billy! Show them all how smart you are! :D
I should probably figure out how to get to the library on campus... I've never really needed to go there before unless it was with friends for group work. I feel a lot more confident walking around campus this year than I did even last semester, and Bilko seems to too. Yesterday he had his first A.D.D day so far. He's been reeeally good up till then, and I don't know what made him so off, but maybe it was me being in a bad mood? Hmmm... Probably. Maybe I should work on my acting skills for him haha!

Im taking this middle Childhood Literature class that's focusing on teaching literature to kids 4th-9th grades, and I absolutely love it so far! My teacher is amazing! We found something in common the first day... we're both fans of The Hunger Games series. I was actually reading the third book (just came out last tuesday), before class and she said I should really read it. When I said I was she asked where I was and said she should be done with the book by Friday. At the rate I'm going I'll be done by tomorrow evening or thursday haha!
We have to read Among The Hidden (shadow children number 1) by tomorrow, and I started it last Wednesday since I wasn't sure how long it was and finished it thursday night. Good book. Check it out!
Ok, gonna get ready to leave.
If anyone actually reads this anymore, have a good night! :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surprise! I'm here!

Ok, I know its been forever since I've posted! life's either been crazy busy and too much going on to write or really really dull with nothing to write about, but I have something now.

Last Monday Nick's mom texted me to see what I was doing this weekend. She said that she and his dad were going to visit Nick (he's in Indiana for an internship) this weekend and wanted to take me to surprise him. So Bilko and I went ot his grandma's this weekend. They picked us up Friday night around 8 and so we got there around 11:30 or so, and Nick was asleep already since he'd been getting up around 5:30 for work last week. We had some issues figuring out where we were all going to sleep (even though there were enough bedrooms... It was dumb lol), and then I went to bed. When I got up the next morning Nick's dad was walking down the hall and was like "Nick still doesn't know your here," so he started leading me out to see him. That house was huuuuuuge! I actually used my cane around it for awhile and I never ever do that! Anyway... Nick was walking in to the kitchen when we were coming through and I reeeeally wish I could have seen his face! His dad said he looked astonished and like he couldn't believe his eyes haha!
Well his grandparents had to bail hay so I rode along in the truck with his grandma. I really wanted to help bail (I've never even been around when somebody was bailing), but running by a truck throwing bails onto a trailer probably isn't the best idea for a blink! lol I did want to help when they were unloading it, but they wouldn't let me! :(
O well... It was still fun listening to the menand Nick's mom argue haha!
Then we went swimming in their huge pool. It was like 88 dgs which is a little on the warm side for me but it was still fun. They had a water slide that I went down. Everybody else was afraid they'd break it and I was the smallest so I went. Nick's dad also through me. I stood on his knees and he tossed me on the count of 3 while I kicked off... I haven't done that since I was little! :) O and for the record I'm like 5.6 but I'm skinny, so that's why he could throw me still at 19 hehehe.
We had a cookout for Nick's grandpa's birthday which was earlier this week, and the cake was really good. Especially for a storebaught cake. Then we went swimming again after dark (Nick and his dad and I did.) We went to bed after that since It was around 11 and everybody was exhausted from bailing.
Today we had doghnuts for breakfast and I got to ride one of their horses. O! Did I mention they have arabians? Well they have like 10 horses and all but 1 are arabians. They're actually looking to sell them so if anybody wants more info let me know! :)
They haven't ridden them much lately, but Nick's grandpa saddled one up for me and rode it around for awhile to make sure he wasn't going to freak out and throw me or something. Well he was trying to go back to the barn so Nick's grandpa walked beside me and made sure the horse wouldn't go to the barn. I kinda didn't like that, because I am a pretty good rider and can confidently control a horse myself, but I understood why he was reluctant to let me ride solo since the horse (I can't think of his name at the moment), hadn't been ridden in awhile.
I was sad to leave, but I was also glad I got to go see Nick and surprise him like that. :)

Seriously! If anybody wants Arabians let me know!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby taken from blind parents

O my gosh! this just showed up on the guidedogs list (yeah I know most of you are on it but yeah...)
macayla's story

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drop the new and pick up the old!

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in awhile... I've actually been really busy! :D
I was just at church today for like the first time in a month (I want to change that but since I haven't been home...)
Anyway pastor was talking about the story in Luke about Mary and Martha. Mary sat at Jesus's feet and listened to him, but Marthy, while she had started out sitting and listening, got distracted by all of the things she had to do around the house. She then came back and asked Jesus why he was allowing Mary to leave Martha with all the work, and Jesus responded that Mary was doing the good thing and listening to his word rather than worrying about everything and being distracted.
Pastor told us that we do the same thing today. We get sooo distracted by all of the technology and other things in our lives-- IPods, T.V, internet, texting and more-- that we don't take time to remember that Jesus should be the focus of our lives, not earthly things that won't mean anything in the afterlife.

Just thought I'd post that... hopefully somebody gets something out of it, but if not I have it for my own reference hahaha!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bycicle, burgers, and bonfires O My!

I'm at Nick's right now writing on the air matress (its friggin huge and reeaally comfortable actually), that I'm sleeping on while here. Nick and his dad are touching up some paint spots on his car and his mom is mowing the lawn. Nick came over on Tuesday and spent the night. Then I went home with him Wednesday and we had fun renting a tandom bycicle and riding 10 miles ish maybe more. I haven't ridden a bike in forever! It was fun! :) I have a tandom but its up in the top of the garage and hasn't been taken down in a couple years.
Then when his parents got home from work, we had a nice dinner of fresh strawberries, corn and... I can't remember what the main dish was! lol Maybe that's because we had pork loin tonight and it was delicious too. Anyway... after that we went outside and had a bonfire in this neat little fire ring Nick's dad put on the patio. It was really smoky and annoying for awhile, so Nick's dad got down and started blowing on the flames! Nick took a picture and it (apparently) looks like he's trying to kiss the flames! :) lol I said he was going to burn his eyebrows off.

Today we got up and had breakfast (after I fought with the shower because the knob was weird and I couldn't get the right temperature), and then went to buy his dad's father's day gift. It's the Avatar movie. I got my dad a card that says something like:
I wanted to get you a card for this, but he wanted to get a pack of beer, so we drank the beer for you and filled out this card! It has a couple of dogs dressed as humans totally waisted and says We love yuo dad! Really really we love you!
I thought my dad would get a kick out of that.

After that Nick called his dad to see if he wanted to go to lunch with us, but he had to finish something at work so we went to Nick's great grandmother's and delivered some pictures to her from Nick's uncle. We stayed and talked to her for awhile and she's the cutest little old woman ever! She was dog-sitting, but she put the dog in the garage just before we came because she was going to go out. She kept going in to the garage and saying "mandy shut up! Your a bad dog!" Poor dog she just wanted attention haha! She's blind in one eye but she obviously could tell Bilko was there, because when she got in the house accidently she ran right over to us and stood barking right at him until Nick's grandma took her back outside. Bilko just sat there lol.
Nick's dad called soon after and we went out to this really good restaurant (I forget the name) and I had a buffalo chicken wrap and homemade chips with ranch.
It was good

Nick's taking me home tomorrow on his way back to Indiana for work. He has an internship this summer :)
Well IDK what else to write, and I'm not even sure if anybody actually reads this haha!
Signing off.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something Significant

I waas going to write about today's sermon from Luke where Jesus taught about loving God and not being smug because we think we haven't sinned as much as somebody else so were better than them. Its in the story about the man inviting Jesus to his house and a women coming and washing Jesus' feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. I don't remember where exactly, but in Luke.
I was going to write about that but my computer decided to restart before I could save my file. Arg!
Now iI'm going to write about a radio program I've enjoyed since I was little. Its Called "Adventures in odyssey" and buy "Focus on the Family" Its radio shows that take bible lessons and put them in stories that are interesting and fun to listen to for all ages. They always have a lesson at the end, and this one is really cool!
Something Significant
is about a boy named Trent wanting to do something "big" for God, but learning an important lesson about it. Listen and have fun! It may seem like a simple lesson, but one I had to be reminded of and I'm glad I listened to it. This link will probably only work for a week or two, so try and listen soon.

Guide Cats for the Blind

Thanks Mandi for this!Anybody who ever thought Guide Cats was a good idea, listen to this and you'll change your mind! lol!
- 3 min 22 sec - Jul 19, 2008 - Uploaded by offpix
Pix of Maine Coon kittens set to Guide Cats for the Blind by Les barker -

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer and the Mall

Well, I’m still alive. I just haven’t had much to write about… or at least felt like writing it.
Its been pretty boring around here lately. Now that my family is out of school and since mom’s a teacher she’s home too things have picked up a bit.

I went to Cedar Point with some friends on May 28th. Jessica, Sarah, and Sarah’s friend Dan from out-of-state. I’d never met him but he was cool and we all had . a blast. smile
We rode most of the coasters I think… O we didn’t get a chance to ride the Mavric unfortunately since I love that ride, and I refuse to ride the Dragster (to many breakdowns for me), the melenium is also daunting so I didn’t ride that either. I looove rollercoasters, but not those! Lol We got Jessica to ride the Magnum, (she hated us for it) and the Rapter (another “I’m gonna kill you!” ride), it was fun. We stayed all day and rode water rides to boot. I forgot extra clothes so I walked around wet the rest of the day for about 5 hours. Hmmm… maybe that’s why I have a cold now?...

Momorial day weekend we spent at my grandma’s cottage in Michigan. Nick came too and we had a lot of fun swimming and with the little kids (my cousins kids Abi and Owen.) I neglected to tell Nick that we were going home Sunday and since he would have stayed till Monday and drove back to Indiana we decided to go to his parents cottage and visit them. His uncle was there from Mississippi with his girlfriend and they brought fresh shrimp.
Mmm that was sooooo good! Smile.
I was really nervous about meeting his uncle and his girlfriend, but they turned out cool. I like his dad, we get along, but I still don’t know what to make of his mom. She seems to like me, but every time I’m there she gets mad about something really ridiculously stupid.
Like this last time Nick and I went over to the neighbors cause they wanted to say hi, and his dad said he’d call us when breakfast was ready. That generally means “hey guys! Breakfast is ready come on and get it!” right? Aparently not. They told us when it would be a couple minutes, so we figured they’d tell us when it was actually ready. W Well 15 minut4es or so pasted and we finally got the neighbors to stop talking long enough to say we had to go for breakfast. We got there and his mom was cleaning up and she was all mad that we’d missed breakfast and crap. At first I didn’t think they saved us anything which would’ve made me absolutely furious, but they did. She threw out the egs saying they were “ruined” when really I bet they’d have been fine, not warm and delicious, but ok. Nick says she freaks out about stupid things a lot even when I’m not there, so she’s just kinda weird like that.

I went to the mall with my mom and aunt and a neighbor who is really good friends with my mom yesterday. I usually don’t really like shopping, but it was fun. I really wanted out of the house, so I agreed to go. I got a new pair of flip flops (brown with purple sections), they’re really squishy and comfortable, as well as 2 pairs of cut-off shorts, 2 tanktops, and a blouse that’s all really bright colors like pink, green and blue.
We ate lunch at Chipoltle and then after shopping at the mall got Cold Stone Creamery. It was good, but what ever I got was extremely rich at cold stone.

Bilko did amazing guiding me through the crouds and stores. It was funny to hear little kids reading his sign and telling parents. “The dog has a sign that says do not pet me I am working.” Smile
Well I’ve rambled enough. Thanks for reading this if you made it this far! lol

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Confirming Family

Ok, really corny title, I know, I c9ouldn't think of anything better! lol
My brother got confirmed today. O and for some reason whenever I say that people ask if we're catholic. Nope, Lutheran, not that it matters really. Anyway... He ended up chosing to memorize Mark 12 30: Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. (that's actually a song. Maybe I'll link to it later...) I liked how my brother summarized it. He said something about how God should be first in our lives and he shouldn't take a back seat to anything. The service was good, but I'll save you all from bordum by not going in to detail. hehe. O and my brother was one of person that had his verse memorized, I don't know if the other 3 did, but they were aloud to use the bulletin, so what was the point? O well I guess they still had to look up the verse that was meaningful to them.

After church mostly all of our family came to our house and we had a party down by "the cabbin" which is basically a little cabbin in the woods that my dad built with help from family and friends. Its really fun to just go down there and its like your away from civilization for awhile even though you can hear cars and stuff. It was fun. We had a camp fire and roasted marshmallows for smores. Anybody ever had coconut marshmallows? I hadn't until my mom baught them for the party. They're good, but I'd rather have regular. They toast better. My aunt made hobo baked beans, grandma made potato salad, and mom made shredded chicken, and what she calls "peach dump cake." Its really really good! I may post the recipe later if anybody wants it.

Bilko was out of harness for awhile during the party, but I couldn't let him off leash to run with the 3 other labs and our poodle because there was a river near by and every dog was getting reeaally dirty and wet haha! Plus there's no fence and sometimes the dogs can be rough. He did get to say hi to them when they came by though, and to my family members. I harnessed him when we were eating, just because it was easier than having to deal with him spinning around to say hi to the other dogs and eat too! lol
I got a couple book recomendations from my cousin too so I'll be checking those out.
Outa things to say...

Friday, May 14, 2010

IDK what to call this...

So, my brother is getting confermed on Sunday, and has to have a verse from the Bible memorized to say in front of the congragation. He also has to be able to talk a little about why he picked that verse and what it means to him. He doesn't want to do it AT ALL. (screen readers: at all is in all caps) He was supposed to be looking one up last night, but I don't think he actually got anywhere, so tonight he said he was doing Hebrews 5 4. I looked it up and this is what it is: "No-one takes this honour upon himself; he must be called by God, just as Aaron was" It's talking about being a priest, and (in my oppinion anyway) doesn't make any sense what so ever when taken out of context. I told him this, and he didn't seem to care that he could make a fool of himself in front of everybody in the congrigation. I tried looking up other verses, but he was so tired from track and baseball practice tonight that he didn't really listen I don't think. I looked up some of the verses from my notes I took during "The Well" Second Corinthians 1, 3-4:
3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,

4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.
Kind of long, but not too bad.
I also found Mathew 12, 30: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
(NIV bible)
I think Mathew 12 30 would be the easiest to memorize in such a short time, but I don't know if he could "BS" something about it. BS in church... somehow I think that's a bad idea!
Ok, I know I wasn't all that interested in memorizing verses back then either, (I'm still trying to get in to it actually, but its better), and we didn't have to say anything about the verse we chose, so I chose Psalms 105 verse 119: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. (I'm pretty sure that's exact... I don't want to look it up and it's been 6 years) And actually my pastor gave it to me and I really liked it so I stuck with it. I know how he feels about not knowing what to choose, but he's going to make himself look bad if he goes up there with no clue what he's doing.
Hmmm... I'm trying to figure out if I'm more worried about him making himself look bad or embarassing me. I feel bad thinking that. Its not about me at all, but I can't help it. I think it's both. Any thoughts? Hey... maybe, since I said I was going to read the bible every day when summer started and I haven't, God is using my brother's disinterest trying to tell me to get my butt in gear!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Recomendation.

So, now that summer's here, I actually have time to read a book for fun without knowing I should be studying. lol
This is the book I finished today. I was actually listening to it while at my brother's track meet. (I just had someone tell me when he was doing something or somebody from our team was lol)

This summary is from the NLS website:

Twisted Creek
Thomas, Jodi. Read by Kristin Allison. Reading time 7 hours 22 minutes.
College dropout Allie Daniels inherits a lake property outside Lubbock, Texas, from her previously unknown uncle Jefferson. Allie and her Nana arrive, reopen Jefferson's country store, and meet the neighbors. Meanwhile ATF agent Luke Morgan investigates Jefferson's suspicious death--and falls in love with Allie. Some violence. 2008.

Its actually better than the summary (surprise surprise lol) so if you like these kinds of books check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

School's out!

For the summer!
I'm finally done with exams and sitting in my bedroom at home. :_ I love college, but i am sooo sick of classes! lol I' sooo excited about moving out in to the apartment next fall. I used a lot of my meal plan (about $300 that would go to waist if I didn't use it), on getting bulk food items we an use next year. mmm speghetti-oa's! lol. Can ya tell I'm tired? My friend Meagan and I were studying yesterday and 3 answers or more in a row were "asthma" and we started saying asthma for every answer and it was hillarious! Ok, so this post was stupid, but I'm wanting to do something while I'm talking on skype.
I'm going to post "recaps" soon.... probably tomorrow sometome since I don't have anything to do. Yea summer!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mmm! Buffalo Sauce!

Ok, so I just posted this to my guide dog list, so those of you on it may have seen it, but I had to post it here too lol!
(O and I'll be doing "catch up" posts at some point)

Ok, so I had a major O-my-gosh-these-labs-are-friggin-sneaky moment today.
We went to the Henry Ford Museum with a group from my learning community. I got up and fed Bilko around 7:15, and then we went to detroit. We had fun looking around all of the exibits and touring the Rouge Factory and seeing some of Green Field Village. Bilko's guide work was fanominal!
It was on the way home, and we stopped to get McDonalds. I figured I would just feed Bilko when we got back to school since we were getting back around 7 and It would be a hastle to bring food and everything. Well my friend finished her meal and set her bag down on the floor of the van. I was in the seat just behind the front passengers seat, and Bilko was laying between a cooler and the seat. Well apparently he was really hungry, because all of a sudden my friend looked down and was like "Bilko chewed through my bag, and got my sauce." I was like what! Really?
He's never done that before, and he was so quiet none of us even noticed until she looked down and saw him chewing on it! I guess him not eating more than bites of kibble periotically for 12 hours made him decide to be a brat.
Darn sneaky dog! haha!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bilko's bloggings

Ok, so mom said I can write this before she catches you all up on what's been going on lately-- Yea! I get the computer! *wags tail and wiggles excitedly*
So yesterday was weird. It was raining (bleck!) and usually I don't like the rain but mom makes me go out and work in it anyway, but yesterday she put this weird yellow thing over me. I hate that weird yellow thing! It sounds weird when she puts it on-- like a scratchy sound as she adjusts it. It keeps me dry in the rain, but I still hate it! I don't want to move with it on. It feels weird and I shake and try to get it off but it doesn't work and then mom gets frustrated cause she just dropped her white shirt in mud (she says she'll tell you about that later), so we went back to our room and she turns on this blowy thing and puts the shirt in front of it then she says we have to go back out. I'm still wearing the yellow thing, and when we're walking down the stairs I don't want to go and just stand there so she corrects me and I am forced to go to her side sliding on the wet steps but I'm ok just mad that she's making me do this. Then we go outside and she tries to get me to work on this rout we do every day but I don't want to! I want this thing off me! Now! She doesn't listen to my complaints and tries to get me to work but I won't so she gets mad and her friend is walking by and walks with us around a huge puddle and mom heals me and then I grudgingly walk and work and then we go through this building that we do every day and mom does obedience to make sure I'll listen and I grudgingly obey then we go to the building with lots of music and I don't want to work with the yellow thing so finally she makes me sit and takes it off! Yes's's! :D I then lay down by this chair like I do twice a week and listen and watch mom and a bunch of other people singing. Ok, good, normal stuff. Then We go to this dorm I've never been to before and mom makes me lay down while some girl puts some hot thing on mom's hair. I wanted to sniff it but mom and the girl both said no its hot so I didn't. Then we took the bus back to our dorm and mom was like freaking out cause her shirt had mud on it so she was running around trying to get that cleaned and then she fed me and got all dressed up nice and we took the bus back to the cool building with the music and we were sitting there with her friends from the grou. Then I'm laying there nicely and mom's mom (my grandma I guess) comes up and says "hi Jenna," and I get all excited and start wagging and trying to say hi but mom corrects me. Then she takes my harness off and I go with her mom! Yea! Wait? Why am I going with her? O well... Then mom goes up on stage and sings like she does during the other times we come to this building but now there's lots of other people. What is this? Then after she's done mom walks up to me with her mom guiding her (steeling my job!) and I get excited and sit up and lick this guy behind the ear before mom's grandma can stop me and he freaks out until he realizes what's going on then I get pet by mom and wag. Then she makes me lay down for awhile for the other singing people then we leave and go back to the dorm and get our stuff and go back to the house with my friend Hope. Few! That was a long day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Most Boring Day of Field Placement Ever.

Or so I thought. Here's what I wrote on the BN when I wasn't busy today:

So I have a feeling this day is going to last forever. I can't believe it but they have assessments all this week, and the kids need them read to them. My teacher was going to scan them and send them but she left them at school. I might be able to tach them a writing lesson though. 9:48 am Yeah, my teacher quickly read the writing worksheet, and I get to work with the kids reading that and making sure they know what to do. I'm excited because its something different and challenging! :) I guess I'll have to scan the assessments when I'm teaching Special Ed. They need to be read to them--the direcations and such. There's a little girl in this class and she's sooo cute! She was coloring something for a worksheet and said, "I take too long." "That's ok Your just being careful," I said. She said something about not wanting to mess up. :) A perfectionest 6-year-old? I never thought I'd see the day! LOL These kids are so much fun to work with, but I just don't feel like they'd listen to me if they wern't told too. Maybe, but I don't know, and don't feel like dealing with a sub that knows and does nothing to figure that out. The last time a sub was here, my fellow PCCer and ow had full control of the classroom, and we thought we were going to die! I'm sore from yesterday. Diving on a cement floor and getting hit with a basketball sized goalball being rolled hard across a gym will do that to you. LOL
No editing was done here and you get to see what comes out when you type to fast on a brailleNote haha!
TTFN (don't really have homework that's due, but I might get a headstart on some stuff due later this month. So totally unlike me!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goalball Blog

I'm on my way back home from Goalball in Columbus, and had a blast! We started out introducing ourselves and doing stretches. We did passing drills (which reminds me of basketball haha!), and then blocking. I got hit in the stomach like 5 times. It hurts! Its so much fun though! LOL
I played two games one before lunch (pizza) and one after. During the first game, I got hit in the... um... breasts. Now that hurt, especially since I wasn't expecting it haha!

I finally got to meet one of the members of 2 guide dog lists I'm on, and Bilko and her dog had fun sniffing and playing when we took them out of harness. smile
He is sooo much bigger than Bilko Its crazy! His fur is a lot courser too. Guess I take the fact that Bilko's extremely amazingly soft for grantit lol. It was nice to finally meet someone from the list.
I also met a lot of other cool people who hopefully will be my teammates. I'm still trying to make sure I can get to practices. It was fun though. :)


So now I'm finally getting around to writing about my spring break adventures.
I tried just typing it into blogger the other day, but (again) I pressed the wrong button. I'm really gonna start writing my posts in word documents and copying them.
anyway... Last weekend on Saturday, we had dinner with my cousins who made grilled salmon and vegetables of that rice-looking noodles called, roso? Rosaro? I don't remember lol. It was delicious! Well, the salmon was, my cousin managed to make all the vegitables I don't like, and I'm not a picky eater by any means! Then my brother and I went bowling with my friend Dee and her boyfriend. I got a 92 the first game and 88 the second. My brother beat me both times. :( I usually do better than that, but I haven't bowled in forever haha!

Monday I was stuck at home while everyone was at work/school.
Tuesday my grandma picked me up and took me to town (we live in the country which sucks for getting anywhere independently for a blink like me.) I hung out with a friend from high school and we went to East of Chicago for lunch and had BBQ'd Chicken Pizza. Mmm! We then walked around town and talked. We ran into another friend from high school that I haven't seen in forever, and a friend that I go to college with and was also best friends in high school.
My brother then had a band and choir concert tuesday night, and that was good. Bilko just slept by my feet, and sometimes looked up when the band started playing.
Wednesday I went to Bridges Academy in the next town over. Its a school for the Talented and Gifted. There is a boy there who is blind and in third grade and just learning braille. He hates it for some reason. He can't see anything at all either. I tried to get him to type his name but he wouldn't even try. It saddens me to think that he doesn't even want to learn. I was working with his mom, (who is his aid), to try to find motivation for him. He plays guitar, so I suggested using that as motivation-- if he learns so many letters or writes so many words he can play guitar for x amount of time,-- so I hope that she tries that and it helps. Any ideas guys? This kid is sooo stubborn!

Thursday I went out to lunch with my grandma and one of her friends to Arbies, and then walked around my grandma's block with Bilko while she did some yardwork. [I would've helped, but figured she didn't want me killing her bush! LOL.) She then tried to help me with my knitting, but we're both bad at it, so that was interesting. I had dinner with her and went to knitting class to try to get pointers. I know how to do it, but its so frustrating. I might try crochet... seems like that'll be easier since its only one hook instead of 2 needles lol. Any pointers all you blinks that do? (wink wink nudge nudge) How'd you learn?
I don't remember what I did Friday, and Saturday was spent hanging with family. This post is ridiculously long, so I'm shutting up now. My mom asked what I was doing and when I told said, "Do you really think people care about all that?"
Well, no, but if I post it online I can't lose it, right?
Seriously, posting this now.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goalball! :)

I got an email on facebook a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to join a goalball team for Ohio. We'd travel around the states and play different schools. Well its in Columbus, so at least an hour away, and obviously I can't drive haha! I'm going to a meeting with the potential members tomorrow in Columbus, so I'll get to see if there's a way I can still do it and do 15 credit hours too. Practice is only once a month for us non-Columbus-living people, so that's good. One of the people on my Guidedog list is going too, so I'm excited to meet her and her dog. I love goalball! :D (I may writ aout the rest of this week sometime... maybe tonight.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow! That was cool!

When I went to church tonight for Lent, I was kind of expecting the traditional lentin service—hymns we’ve sang every year during Lent and serman’s that somewhat hold my attention, but the pastor’s still boring so no matter how hard I try I end up zoning—but this year we have a new pastor. I forgot he plays guitar until I got to church and he started by playing “Cats in the Cradle” to go along with the serman. We also watched a video by “Rob Bell” that was cool.
The entire serman was about diciplin. Never anybody’s favorite topic, but a great serman. We talked about “Psalm 40 1-10” and “Geremiah 29 11-13” and “Mathew 7 9-11.”
We talked about how we sometimes think God doesn’t listen, or is cruel for not giving us what we want, but its always done because he loves us. A lot of what we want him to give us we think will make us happy, or make us have a good life, but it won’t. It will a lot of times come back to smack us in the face.
It was a really cool serman. (I'd post the links to the verces but my brother needs the internet lol)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah! Spring Break! *sigh*

So I came home yesterday for spring break this week. I was gonna post thursday night and tell yall about my crazy week, but I was half way through the post and hit the wrong key combination, (alt left arrow,) and so it went back to the previous page and lost all my work and I was tired and said screw it haha!
I ended up talking to a friend from the list I'm on about guide dogs on skype. Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends on campus at this actual restaurant that was good :) then I talked to my adviser about scheduling classes for next year and then went home. O before I went home Nick was coming by on his way home so he stopped over to say hi for a bit :) Yea! I didn't think I'd get to see him for like 3 weeks still and we already havent seen each other since feb 14th! :)
I'm going bowling with some friends at 5:30 tonight. I don't know if I'll bring Bilko though. I might since he won't get that much work this week. Less than at school anyway. He chewed up my mom's dirty clenexes this morning already... that's the only thing he gets in to, and I thought he only did it when he was bored... guess not or he got really bored really fast haha. IDK what else to write and I'm bored... maybe I'll find a game to play.
If your looking for fun computer games for the blind try
kitchen Sink by Jim Kitchen
I know they have windows games... I'm not sure about Macs but you can look.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Praise Songs from H2o :)

I just got back from church (H2O) here on campus and here are some of the songs we sang. We were talking about Mark Chapter 7 and how Jesus said nothing that enters the body is unclean, but what comes out of it is unclean. Basically nothing we eat is unclean, but the evil words and profanity and twisted teachings that come from our mouths are what is unclean. Also we talked about how the farasies twisted the rules God gave to fit there own ideas and plans for life, and how we do that as well. We put too much efort in to trying to live by our own rules that we put pressure on ourselves to make others think we are the perfect person, when God does not have those same expectations. He will love us no matter what and will forgive us no matter what we do, are doing, or will do. Does this mean that we should go out and perposefully disobey God? No, but its always good and comforting to know that he will forgive us when we do screw up.

Ok... enough with my sope box serman lol. Here are some songs we sang today.
Give Us Clean Hands
This song goes along with the serman from today and they totally didn't plan that lol!
also here's All I Need Is You
Another really good song.

I can't remember the names of the others right now, but if you guys want them let me know and I'll put them up :)

Well off to actually complete my homework that I neglected to finish and went to the Hockey Game last night instead haha!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy O and M!

Ok, so I have lots of stuff about yesterday to post, but I really wanted to get this O and M lesson up lol.

I just got back from the craziest O and M lesson of my life. Not bad, but crazy. I really didn’t want to do the lesson today because it was walking around my apartment for next fall and figuring out what’s around it, and its snowy and freezing out. Melyssa came and we decided to just take the car and drive around to get a feel of how far things were and where there weren’t sidewalks etc.
We drove the 10-ish blocks to the apartment complex, and realized that part of the street its on has no sidewalks. The north side does, but not the south, and the complex is on the south. I could walk around on the north side and wait for an all clear to cross over to the complex, but that could take awhile so I couldn’t be in a hurry lol. I might be able to do sidewalkless with Bilko walking along the left side of the rode, but I’m not sure how safe that would be…
We decided to try to walk to the complex from a couple blocks away, but we realized that the sidewalks were completely covered in snow. Seriously, we couldn’t even tell there was sidewalk! We crossed the street to the side where there was cleared sidewalk and that was better. The kind of scary part about that is there’s absolutely no boundry between the sidewalk and the street. Its sidewalk, white line, street. Bilko did wonderfully though :)
At one point, Melyssa took my ID cane that I always cary with me especially in the snow, and crossed back over to see if there was sidewalk on the other side (when there wasn’t any snow anyway lol.) She almost lost the tip of my cane in the mud, but she found sidewalk! Smile
We then took the car and drove around to see what stores and businesses were around, and found out that the nearest store is 2 blocks away so that’s not too bad. The thing is there’s no sidewalk on the south side of the street so I’d either have to cross to the other side or do sidewalkless. I am definitely gonna have Chuck from GDB come look at this this summer. We then tried to cross this intersection by the “South Side Six,” that was nearest to the apartments, and once I figured it out was good, but we were crossing it to go back to the car and Bilko, who was facing the correct direction initially, decided half way across the street he wanted to go to a driveway to the right. What the heck? I don’t know why he did that, but he’s usually good… maybe he was tired… IDK he was goin nuts. We’re both just glad to be back home in the warm dorms.
More later about yesterday. I should do homework. Bleh!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't know if this is good or bad.

I posted this to the list but its here to so anyone who didn't see it and coment or what ever can here too.
Ok… so I don’t know whether to be extatic or worried about this. Tonight I was just coming back from a night class, and I walked out of the building and said “Ok Bilko, lets go home.” Off we went. Bilko was extremely confident. He was practically running! Lol
I figured he’d take me to the steps to the education building like usual. “Bilko stairs’ I said when I thought we were close enough. We never found stairs, but I heard a building on my left. Ok… Where the heck is he so confident about leading me? I knew we were going in the right direction, so I wasn’t to worried, but when we found a down curb I heard a bus so stopped a girl to ask if I was on the right track. He’d lead me to the crossing near my dorm, on a completely different rout than normal, in the dark! Gosh dang my dog is friggin amazing!... All I said was “lets go home.” He didn’t take me the normal way, but we got there.
Now, is this good or not? What the frick just happened!?
My hearts still racing (Its like 8:50 I got back ten minutes ago.) I don't know if this is good or bad so any ideas would be appreciated!

Monday, February 22, 2010

being pretty productive

Ok, so I was supposed to go in to the schools today in the near-by iner-city school district, (TPS), but I have it set up so the local news station texts me if they are delayed or canceled, and I got a text about 6 this morning. O boy I was happy! Not that I don't like going and working with the kids, I do, but some idiot set off the fire alarm at 1:22 this morning (someone checked the time as we were heading out of the building.) I was really not happy! Well, duh, nobody was. Some of my friends had just gotten to sleep or just layed down to go to sleep. To top it all off, it was raining! Bilko and I stood there talking and complaining with friends (no, bilko still hasn't mastered English, I was talking he was standing there probably thinking "What the heck are we doing! What's that reaaaaaally loud noise?) smile
I went back to bed when they finally let us back in. I don't know what time that was. I was too agrivated to look. I think we were out there for at least 20 minutes. My facebook status was something like "Dear room 330, i really don't appreciate your fire-alarm gift at 1:20 in the morning. Please do not do it again! Sincerely, me."

Yeah... I'm bored. I did some homework that I usually do in a group with 3 others, but I feel like I don't actually learn the material that way, so I started it on my own. Gonna go try to get a book to unzip... NLS books and I don't get along when it comes to unzipping. Any pointers?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

home again and Silly dogs

Ok, so I'm home at the moment sitting in our den. I came home yesterday morning because my brother (Walker) had a concert last night. He was in the honors band for the middle schools in our district. We went to the concert after hanging out at home and helping watch my cousin's year old daughter. She's sooo cute! At one point she was getting fussy because she was tired, and was just crying no matter what. Once she was walking around and crying and I heard her going toward the stairs so I ran over and grabbed her. (we don't have a baby gate so we just have to watch her.) That's the only good thiing about her crying was I could tell where she was lol!
The concert was good. I liked the songs, and one of Walker's friends sang a solo in the choir so that was cool. O and they had a surprise song and it was "Sing Sing Sing!" (go to my earlier post if you want to listen to a version of it... I'm to lazy to link to it right now haha.) I was excited lol. O and one of the songs I heard bass claranettes! I don't remember there being bass claranettes in middle school, but I guess there are. they sounded like Contra basses... IDK.

So this morning at 7:30 I was woken up by my grandma's dog, Ebony, coming in my room. She is staying with us for a week while grandma is in Florida, (Lucky!) Well Ebony came in and got Bilko up andd they went out and started running around the living room. Grumbling, I got up to get Bilko so when Hope (standard poodle) started barking everyone else wouldn't be woken up. Mostly Walker because everyone else was awake. I brought Bilko in my room again and closed the door. I layed back down, but sombody kept nosing me and pawing me. Fine. I'm up! I'm up!
I took Bilko out and fed him, then went back to bed. A few minutes later my dad came in and had all the dogs (Bilko, Ebony, and Hope) get up on my bed and lay down. He then went and got the camera and took a picture. I bet its cute, and if I can get the picture on my computer I'll try and load it on here. We then got all of them on my brother's bed and took a picture. I was cold, so I went back to lay down in my nice warm bed. I'd given up on sleep by now haha! My brother came in and Bilko climbed back up on my bed and Walker took tons of random pictures of God only know what and saved them on my phone. Great... Waste of memory. O well...

Well gotta get ready for church here soon. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. :)
(Meagan, Gonna link to that soon, to lazy now)

Friday, February 19, 2010

party and drama :)

Ok, so I'm tired, and really need to finish my english paper, but I thought I'd write this first.
Mikes party was a success :)
We were unsure if we could pull it off, because Sara's been sick all week, and her phone broke the other day, so we had to text or call on Mike's phone when he wasn't around to make sure we knew what was going on. Today I thought she was coming around 11 to my dorm to start cooking since it was lasagna and neither of us had made it before. 11 came and went and she wasn't here. I tried texting Mike's phone "Happy birthday Mike! :)... and if sara still has the phone, tell him for me." Mike had the phone. Crap!
I decided to do laundry while I waited (still need to put that away lol), and she finally knocked on my door around 12:30. We had to run to the little grocery store right next door to my dorm on campus to get last minute supplies, and grab ourselves something to eat since neither of us had eaten yet. We checked out the kitchen key and started cooking.
We made "dill dip" Yum veggie dip! When we tried it though it tasted more like cream cheese and mayonase (yes I know I spelled that way wrong... hush! :)
We decided to add more Dill Weed, and vwahla! It tasted nearly perfect! Note to self... when making dill dip, add extra dill.
We then started the Lasagna, but half way through browning the meat Sara realized we didn't have shredded matzarella or parmasan cheese. (seriously! How do you spell these things? lol)
So Sara took over the browning from me, and I ran to commons (the grocery store) and got the cheeses plus plates and cups. On my way back, since I'd ran in to Mike on the first floor earlier when taking Bilko out, I was listening for his voice and ready to hide the food (don't ask how) if he came buy. Walking down the hall-- almost to the kitchen...

"Hi Jenna!"
"Hi Mike."
"Is Sara still with you?"
"wasn't Sara gonna hang out with you?"
"O yeah, I think she went back to Harshman."
"aww! Seriously?"
"I think so."

I couldn't hide the bag at this point, so I decided to pretend I'd missed the stairs I needed to go up to my room and go back until he was gone so I could sneak to the kitchen. Then his parents said something about how nice our apartment was going to be next year while I was trying to walk away. Arg! So I stood there and talked to them until a couple girls came up and started talking to me. I didn't know it at first, but they were friends of Sara and Mike. I'd met them before, but didn't recognize them. Then one of them asked if she could take the bag to the kitchen and Mike and his parents had walked away, so we finally got to the kitchen.
I'd just sent Mike all the way across campus looking for Sara, hoping this would give us time to finish cooking. He got to Harshmen like 15 minutes later and texted me (Sara's phone is still broke remember)
"Hey I thought you said Sara was going to Harshman?"
"I thought she did, but she might have went back to work... I think she left something there."
A few minutes later Sara told me to text him that she was back at Kohl (my dorm) and to meet us there. He called and told Sara he was at Harshman but would come to Kohl.
By the time he got back the Lasagna was almost done and Sara was working on the cake. She was using Mike's family's secret recipe for caromel icing that he'd made so much around her she memorized it... and hacked his facebook (his password is stored on his computer.)
It all turned out wonderful!
They have a lot of veggies and cheese left over though. The veggie tray was weird! It was carots, cucumbers, celery, and green peppers. Where was the Coliflower and broccoli? O and it was thanks to Meagan the lasagna got done because she brought the Tomato paste! lol
Over all it was great and we all had fun hanging with friends and for meagan and I making new ones. :)

Now english paper time. :( Bleh!
Jenna and Bilko

Thursday, February 18, 2010

O the Kibble!

O I totally forgot to mention the Kibble! Yeah... I don't remember who thought it'd be a bright idea, but somehow it happened... Me, Mandi, Carina, Tony... I think I have the vidio somewhere... or the recording from my BN... Maybe I'll share it.

Friends and memories

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie. Reading Mandi's blog got me inspired to write this, but I've been thinking it a lot recently anyway so here's the motivation I needed to write it lol.

You know those friends that when your little you talk about going to the same college or living next door with your families and all that? Well I had a very good friend in Elementry that I thought the friendship would last forever. She was my closest friend from third grade till middle school. In middle school we still hung out some, but we didn't have every class together so it was hard. I remember a time... I think it was middleschool or early high school, when i was at a basketball game. My parents saw Alex and I wanted to go sit with her in the students section. I did, and I thought it'd be just like old times where she'd tell me what was going on in the game and we'd laugh at the players. I was wrong. She hardly talked to me at all! She was laughing and joking with other kids around me and ignoring me! Then when half time rolled around she left me alone in the stands! I don't remember if I cried or not, but I might have. Someone came and sat with me. I don't remember who but I think it was an adult. I was soo mad at Alex! She said later that one of her other friends was really sad and needed her and that she didn't want to leave me but everyone was pressuring her and all this stuff. I think I knew then that we wern't going to stay friends. We still talked off and on, but our friendship was never the same. Now I have her number, but I don't think she has mine, and I feel like even if I did call her it'd be the most awkward conversation ever haha! I hate losing friends like that, but it happends, and I think God does that for a reason.
When I was in high school, I had friends I hung with all the time. My friends Sara and Brittani were the closest, and we did tons of stuff together. Sara and I were in band together, so we had lots of time to hang out, and Britt came over a lot and we talked on the phone for hours :)
I'd known Britt and her twin sister Chelsey for years... we went to this before school program together... but high school is when we really started becoming close. The problem was, all of my close friends were at least a year or 2 older than me. Needless to say, senior year sucked! I couldn't really make new friends by then. Cliques were set in stone, and I wasn't really close with anyone in my grade. I hated it! I hung out with a yunger student that was kind of a social outcast. She was/is nice and we get/got along, but we never went to each other's houses or anything like that. She kind of thinks of me as her big sister :)
She knows she can come to me with anything, but its hard to keep in touch when she's still in high school.

GDB... Ah GDB! I was soo excited! I wanted to make new friends and couldn't wait to meet everybody, but I was nervous too. I hadn't had to make new friends much lately, but figured I could do it ok. I met Mandi first, and was really excited! She liked drums like me and was really cool!We were on the same plane to San fransisco, and I thought we'd talk the whole ride, but we didn't. I would've talked to her, but I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or listening to music or something and didn't want to interupt her lol! I thought we'd become really good friendsright off at school, and we hung out, but I'm not sure why we didn't hang out more. I wish we would have. For some reason we didn't. She was probably the who was most like me or at least a lot like me haha!
I really miss all my friends from GDB. Carina: Awesome roomie! I'm glad she recently texted me her new number. :) Yes!
Kristina: All I can say about that is tons of laughter and stupid songs came from our conversations, but also some pretty deep stuff too. :)
Stephannie: I remember this one time sitting in Star Bucks drinking Mint-moca Frapiccinos and comparing american and canadian money haha! Then we knocked on the window to get Carina's attention cause she was walking up and she thought it was the door... oops!
Mandi: I remember one time sitting in her room talking about our home lives and finding out that they were pretty similar in some aspects, and we really did have a lot in common. O and playing with her phone. It was really nice to just sit and talk and not be interupted by instructors taking us on routs lol.I think she was the one that ratted me and Kristina out for puttingBalloons in Tony's shower though... Darn you Mandi! LOL JK JK! Shhh! I didn't just admit that we did that! :) Good times!
O and the TP-ing the instructors... and flexy leash! Wish you guys'd gotten me off the couch 5 feet away for that one! The movie could've waited lol! I'm still wondering exactly who tried to TP me... whoever it was did a pretty crappy job of it :P
Hugs Mandi!

Yeah, I really miss my GDB friends. Now that I'm at college, I have friends, but sometimes I still feel alone. I'm not usually invited to friends rooms (Well, recently Mike and Sara have invited me places but there gonna be my roomies next year and I've known Sara for ever, and Meagan), but last semester I hardly saw the so I didn't like that much..m. and this semester none of the people I sometimes hung with and I really do much together because of schedules so it really sucksThe ones I made that live in my dorm don't invite me anywhere though, so I don't know what to think of that. I've known Sara for years (Yes the Sara from earlier in this post, which shows that friendships can last.) So God has blessed me with someone who I can turn to,and I am extremely greatful.
I don't know why God brings some people more in to lives than others, but I'm soo greatful fore all the friends he's blessed me with over the years, and I really wanna get together with out-of-state friends like Mandi and Stephannie and Carina and Kristina this summer! Miss you all! Hugs!
Jenna and Bilko
(gosh this post was depressing and random and I don't think it even makes sense! Arg me an my swirling thoughts!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slightly pg13: my day

Ok so I wrote this on my BN (braille note) earlier before class, and decided it should be posted.
5:54 pm
Ok, so this is usually a G rated journal, but not right now! O shit! O shit shit shit! Dam!
I took an exam today, and for the first time, I had to turn it in myself. I didn't know where the health center was exactly, and I would have looked for it-- taken a bus to it and asked people on the way,-- but DSS said I could just take it to him during class. Ok, I figured I could bring it to the classroom and then go to my next class afterward. I took it to the classroom, it was after 5, but class ended at 5:45 usually, and he wasn't there! Everyone was done with the exam by then. O it didn't help that I got kinda lost on the way there... My campus has so many random sidewalks its crazy. 5:59 pm Heck yeah! I gave the test to a friend to run to the health center for me (I know, probably not the best idea, but I had class soon, and it was in like 2 sealed envelopes! O and she'd already taken the class), and she just called to say she found my teacher and gave it to him. Thank God for my froomie (future roomie) Sara! 8:33 pm Bla bla bla! Ok, so I'm sitting in women's Studies watching a mofie about breast implants, and how cylicone breast implants are possibly causing many illnesses. Arg! This is sooo stupid and boring! Hopefully it'll be over soon. I don't get why people would want this done anyway! Maybe that's because I believe if God'd wanted me to have big breasts I'd have them. LOL
One lady said she got them done to try to save a failing marriage. Seriously? If you have to get implants to save a marriage, that's a pretty shaatty marriage!
Class is till 9, but I think she said we'd get out a little early. Bla bla bla. *yawn*

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day and thanks Meagan

So yesterday my boyfriend came over and we were gonna go see "Valentines Day" Good idea right? See the movie on the day? Well, all of BG seemed to have the same idea. Arg! It was sold out, and the other theators we were gonna try didn't have it showing till 6;:30 or 7 and I had to be at "The Well" at 8.
So that backfired... Then we tried to find "Fireproof" online. If you haven't seen it check it out! Its my new fav movie!
We youtubed it, but a lot of the posts we found weren't loud enough. We could hardly hear them talking. We finally found one that would play loud enough to hear and realized we didn't have time to watch it. :( We ended up going to a little restaurant here called "Paglyeyes" (aka Pollyeyes) and got there amazing stuffed breadsticks. I just had half of one for breakfast and it was gooood! lol

O and I'd also like to thank Meagan for getting the Tigger song stuck in my head! in this post
She linked to loads of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Stuff and now I'm walking around humming the tigger song! Aaaah! lol Gotta love Tigger!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

O my gosh! This is barbaric!

In my intro to teaching students with exceptionalities (EDIS) class, we had to find an current event on disabilities.
This is the article one classmate came up with. Its insane! Russian Call For 'Postnatal Abortion' Sparks Furor Among Parents Of Disabled
Its basically how Russians are thinking about legalizing post-natal abortion-- killing disabled children after birth!
Dear God, Please knock sense in to these people! Even the severely disabled are that way for some reason, and don't deserve to die! They are still human! They still feel!

Greatful for my guide ({)

So I just had to post about how much I love my dog. :)
I went out with some friends today. One is actually my O and M instructor lol. I met her and her husband at a camp for the Vblind/VI over the summer, and she ended up being my O and M instructor for college haha!
I have to say I have absolutely nothing against this school what-so-ever. . I actually considered it for getting a dog, but this guy's handling is not good! He lets people pet his dog in harness, which if the dog can handle it and not get distracted is ok, but this dog can't. The dog just randomly went over to say hi to some kids standing near us. He kept having to tell the dog to come repetedly. The dog also licked the floor... Ok its a dog, its gonna lick, but its discusting, and he didn't do anything about it. He also gave his dog icecream in harness! He can give his dog icecream if he wants, but I don't get why he'd keep him in harness to do it. Then the dog would try to get more icecream... he was watching mine lol. Bilko just layed by my side and looked around, but didn't try to say hi to anybody like the other dog did, and didn't lick the floor. I only had to correct him once for missing a curb, but it was right outside the door of DQ. The other dog tried to follow a stranger lol! O and this dog is 11, and Bilko behaved better than him. I love my boy!
I really like this guy and his wife, but yeah... his wife and I agree he doesn't handle his dog well. Yea Bilko! You rock!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bilko and surprise party :)

So, I have no idea what... nevermind... I was gonna say I don't really know what to write about, but right as I was starting the sentence, Bilko came up and started pawing me and nudging me with his head. I thought he just wanted attention, because he does that, so I got on the floor and petted him and talked to him. He just sat there. So I started trying to find a toy to play with him. I found his bone (he just came back over and nudged me again as I'm writing this), he didn't want the bone. He went over and stood by his food and water dishes. 'O! Duh! He wants water!' I was out of water in the jug with the little spicket I use for him here in the dorms. I got the jug and went to the laundry room down the hall to refill it. As soon as I walked in the door he was looking at the jug like "mom! Water? Please! I'm thirsty!" You'd think he never got water! I told him to wait and filled his bowl. He was happy after he got his water lol... O wow I just realized how dumb this post is lol!

I don't have classes on fridays, so I did lots of laundry and cleaning my room today, which meant Billy didn't get to do much haha. He was getting bored, so I was glad when my friend Sara called and said to meet her at the "Union" and we'd go shopping. We're putting on a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend next Friday, and she wanted to get stuff to make lasagna. We picked up our other friend, Meagan, who is also rooming with us and Mike (the guy we're throwing the party for), next fall. We went to Croger. Sara had told Mike we were going to Walmart to get his present. We had fun trying to find everything we needed (especially since I'm blind and Meagan's visually impaired so it mostly was Sara who had to find things unless Meagan stuck them right up to her face lol) We eventually found everything we needed, and headed back to campus.
Bilko was doing really good except he kept sniffing everybody that walked past. (darn social dog!)
While we were in the store Mike texted Sara to ask where she was (he'd let us use his car) and she forgot she was supposed to be at walmart and said "Croger." We made up this lame excuse that Meagan had to get fruit and walmart's fruits suck so we went to Croger. I think he baught it... hopefully.

We used Meagan's food stamps since Mike said Sara couldn't spend more than $40 from cash or meal plan... he didn't mention foodstamps! :D He said that I could spend like $5 lol... gonna spend more than that on meal plan but shhh! He's gonna kill us when he finds out that we're making Lasagna, ordering a fruit tray, cheese tray, and veggie tray, and making his families secret recipe for cake. He taught Sara how to make it. We're also inviting around 10 to 15 people to the party. This is gonna be awesome! :)
Well that's all I got for now.
Jen and Bil
Yea! now on my own lol Indescribable

Yea! :) It worked! thanks ro :)

more testing

I'm trying this :

Just copying RO's post to make sure it works haha! lets hope that worked ;:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

testing links

So I just saw a comment from RO and am now trying links lol
Here's one of the songs we sang tonight.

... ok so when I pushed the link grafic it didn't do anything but bleep at me... what the heck? Ah well I'll keep playing


(for screen readers, that title is "confusion" with the C and F capatilized... you'll get it later)

ok... So do you ever have something that you loved to do, but then you were required to do it for some reason, and then you didn't want to do it as much anymore?
Well, that's what's happening to me, and I feel horrible, because its bible study! I've been going to this non-denominational church on campus since last semester off and on. Its really cool! We have cermons that relate to college life and issues we're having as college students believing in Christ and all that, and the songs rock! Guitars make everything more fun! lol
Anyways... back on topic... We have bible studies every thursday night called "Fusion" groups. I didn't go every thursday last semester, but it was always fun when I did, and I loved it. I joined this other related church group called "The Well." It helps us better relate to Christ and really realize what exactly being a Christian means, and how we can act out faith... at least that's what I've got so far lol. We are required to do sertain things for the well, and one of these is to go to Fusion on Thursdays. I don't think they'd do anything if we didn't, but they want us too. Now I feel like I have to go, because of the Well, and I don't know if I'm going because I want to go or I feel obligated to go. Tonight I wanted to just hang out and read peoples blogs lol, but I went, and enjoyed it. We sang some songs that I'll link to if I can figure out how, and if anybody's interested.
I just hate feeling obligated to do something I would do anyway, because I feel like I may be doing it for the wrong reasons... does this even make sense?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow and shrimp

Ok, so I know this doesn't make sense... I just needed a title lol. It has finally stopped snowing for now, and the sidewalks are at least somewhat usable... I still had some trouble because Bilko was confused but at least I knew I was on a sidewalk. I don't have class until 4:30 today, and hopefully that'll be canceled. My 6-9 women's studies class was. I was excited about that because I wasn't planning on going anyway in this weather lol.

I did laundry this morning, and really think I'll check out those sheets RO uses... (anyone know how to link to other blogs/sites?) they sound really easy to use and convenient. Much better than the powder I'm using now.

Since we all had class canceled for tonight, my future roommies and I are gonna make Garlic-shrimp pasta! yum! :) I could probably post the recipe if anyones interested... I think its just speghetti with shrimp and garlic but IDK for sure.
TTFN (Ta-ta for now)
Jen and Bil

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow Go away!

Unless classes are gonna be canceled for tomorrow!
Ok, so of course there has been talk of the "Blizard of 2010" lately, and everybody's been flipping out. Some teachers canceled classes (which I found out there not supposed to do without permission from the university) yesterday, but none of mine did. Granted I only had 2 classes today, but one was clear across campus (and this campus isn't small) in the music building (aka CMA.) I had not left my dorm much except to relieve Bilko, and I noticed that the sidewalks wern't really cleared yet. Well, my first class was in my dorm building which was awesome! Then I was debating on even trying to get to the CMA since its been snowing like mad all day. The busses were still running, so I decided to go for it and take the bus. If the bus wasn't running I wouldn't even have bothered attempting it! So I went out and tried to take my normal rout to the bus stop, but the sidewalks were completely covered still! This was at like 3 this afternoon! Arg! I hate stupid people! A lady that knows me directed me to a different rout that I'd done before but hate because it involves getting through this parking lot that Bilko and I always end up wandering around in... It happened again, and someone directed me out of it. Then the cleaning lady that'd helped me before came running up and insisted on helping me get to the bus stop. She tried to grab me, and I said "no, my dog will guide me thanks." I absolutely hate people grabbing or pushing me! She made sure I was going in the right direction and walked away. I told Bilko to "find the bus stop" and we were fine. When the bus finally came, we got on, and a few minutes later I heard on the radio that all classes were canceled after 5:00 pm tonight. My jazz choir rehearsal ended at 4:30, so I didn't think It'd be canceled, and I was already on the bus anyway. I got to the CMA and the bus driver made sure I got across the street with the huge piles of snow (nice, but I'd've been fine without her lol) the sidewalk was much clearer than the ones by my dorm, and we made it to the building and when we got to the classroom... "Hi Jenna. We're canceling class." my director.
Arg! You've got to be kidding me! I should've not even bothered coming! O well... A friend from the group gave me a ride back to the dorm so I didn't have to wait for the bus, and when I got back I realized everyone was packing up on food for the next day lol.

I'm really hoping it either snows a lot tonight so classes are canceled tomorrow, or melts. I have an O and M (orientation and Mobility) lesson tomorrow, and I want to go walk around the neighborhood near my apartment complex for next year to see what's there, but I don't think walking in feet of snow will do anybody any good... especially since I'll be using my cane to get the layout of things. I hate that thing! i'll use it when I have to, but no more!
Ok now I'm going to do homework. Hopefully my future posts will be more entertaining than this one. Ta-Ta for Now

intro to my self and guide

Hello all. My name is Jenna and I have my first guide from GDB (Guide Dogs For The Blind.) I am 19 years old and attending college to be a special Education (mild-moderate) teacher. My dog is a black lab named Bilko. I've had him for over a year, and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me as far as independence goes! I can get around so much more confidently safely and quickly with him!
I am a freshmin at college, and really like it so far.

I have other pets at home. A standard poodle named Hope, a rabit named Benetha (from "A raisin in the Sun," and I probably spelled that wrong lol!), and some fish... who cares about them? I don't even know how many there are now! haha!
I'm living in a dorm now, but will be in an apartment with 3 other friends next fall! Woohoo! :D
Um, so that's all for this post... write more later.