Sunday, February 28, 2010

Praise Songs from H2o :)

I just got back from church (H2O) here on campus and here are some of the songs we sang. We were talking about Mark Chapter 7 and how Jesus said nothing that enters the body is unclean, but what comes out of it is unclean. Basically nothing we eat is unclean, but the evil words and profanity and twisted teachings that come from our mouths are what is unclean. Also we talked about how the farasies twisted the rules God gave to fit there own ideas and plans for life, and how we do that as well. We put too much efort in to trying to live by our own rules that we put pressure on ourselves to make others think we are the perfect person, when God does not have those same expectations. He will love us no matter what and will forgive us no matter what we do, are doing, or will do. Does this mean that we should go out and perposefully disobey God? No, but its always good and comforting to know that he will forgive us when we do screw up.

Ok... enough with my sope box serman lol. Here are some songs we sang today.
Give Us Clean Hands
This song goes along with the serman from today and they totally didn't plan that lol!
also here's All I Need Is You
Another really good song.

I can't remember the names of the others right now, but if you guys want them let me know and I'll put them up :)

Well off to actually complete my homework that I neglected to finish and went to the Hockey Game last night instead haha!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy O and M!

Ok, so I have lots of stuff about yesterday to post, but I really wanted to get this O and M lesson up lol.

I just got back from the craziest O and M lesson of my life. Not bad, but crazy. I really didn’t want to do the lesson today because it was walking around my apartment for next fall and figuring out what’s around it, and its snowy and freezing out. Melyssa came and we decided to just take the car and drive around to get a feel of how far things were and where there weren’t sidewalks etc.
We drove the 10-ish blocks to the apartment complex, and realized that part of the street its on has no sidewalks. The north side does, but not the south, and the complex is on the south. I could walk around on the north side and wait for an all clear to cross over to the complex, but that could take awhile so I couldn’t be in a hurry lol. I might be able to do sidewalkless with Bilko walking along the left side of the rode, but I’m not sure how safe that would be…
We decided to try to walk to the complex from a couple blocks away, but we realized that the sidewalks were completely covered in snow. Seriously, we couldn’t even tell there was sidewalk! We crossed the street to the side where there was cleared sidewalk and that was better. The kind of scary part about that is there’s absolutely no boundry between the sidewalk and the street. Its sidewalk, white line, street. Bilko did wonderfully though :)
At one point, Melyssa took my ID cane that I always cary with me especially in the snow, and crossed back over to see if there was sidewalk on the other side (when there wasn’t any snow anyway lol.) She almost lost the tip of my cane in the mud, but she found sidewalk! Smile
We then took the car and drove around to see what stores and businesses were around, and found out that the nearest store is 2 blocks away so that’s not too bad. The thing is there’s no sidewalk on the south side of the street so I’d either have to cross to the other side or do sidewalkless. I am definitely gonna have Chuck from GDB come look at this this summer. We then tried to cross this intersection by the “South Side Six,” that was nearest to the apartments, and once I figured it out was good, but we were crossing it to go back to the car and Bilko, who was facing the correct direction initially, decided half way across the street he wanted to go to a driveway to the right. What the heck? I don’t know why he did that, but he’s usually good… maybe he was tired… IDK he was goin nuts. We’re both just glad to be back home in the warm dorms.
More later about yesterday. I should do homework. Bleh!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't know if this is good or bad.

I posted this to the list but its here to so anyone who didn't see it and coment or what ever can here too.
Ok… so I don’t know whether to be extatic or worried about this. Tonight I was just coming back from a night class, and I walked out of the building and said “Ok Bilko, lets go home.” Off we went. Bilko was extremely confident. He was practically running! Lol
I figured he’d take me to the steps to the education building like usual. “Bilko stairs’ I said when I thought we were close enough. We never found stairs, but I heard a building on my left. Ok… Where the heck is he so confident about leading me? I knew we were going in the right direction, so I wasn’t to worried, but when we found a down curb I heard a bus so stopped a girl to ask if I was on the right track. He’d lead me to the crossing near my dorm, on a completely different rout than normal, in the dark! Gosh dang my dog is friggin amazing!... All I said was “lets go home.” He didn’t take me the normal way, but we got there.
Now, is this good or not? What the frick just happened!?
My hearts still racing (Its like 8:50 I got back ten minutes ago.) I don't know if this is good or bad so any ideas would be appreciated!

Monday, February 22, 2010

being pretty productive

Ok, so I was supposed to go in to the schools today in the near-by iner-city school district, (TPS), but I have it set up so the local news station texts me if they are delayed or canceled, and I got a text about 6 this morning. O boy I was happy! Not that I don't like going and working with the kids, I do, but some idiot set off the fire alarm at 1:22 this morning (someone checked the time as we were heading out of the building.) I was really not happy! Well, duh, nobody was. Some of my friends had just gotten to sleep or just layed down to go to sleep. To top it all off, it was raining! Bilko and I stood there talking and complaining with friends (no, bilko still hasn't mastered English, I was talking he was standing there probably thinking "What the heck are we doing! What's that reaaaaaally loud noise?) smile
I went back to bed when they finally let us back in. I don't know what time that was. I was too agrivated to look. I think we were out there for at least 20 minutes. My facebook status was something like "Dear room 330, i really don't appreciate your fire-alarm gift at 1:20 in the morning. Please do not do it again! Sincerely, me."

Yeah... I'm bored. I did some homework that I usually do in a group with 3 others, but I feel like I don't actually learn the material that way, so I started it on my own. Gonna go try to get a book to unzip... NLS books and I don't get along when it comes to unzipping. Any pointers?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

home again and Silly dogs

Ok, so I'm home at the moment sitting in our den. I came home yesterday morning because my brother (Walker) had a concert last night. He was in the honors band for the middle schools in our district. We went to the concert after hanging out at home and helping watch my cousin's year old daughter. She's sooo cute! At one point she was getting fussy because she was tired, and was just crying no matter what. Once she was walking around and crying and I heard her going toward the stairs so I ran over and grabbed her. (we don't have a baby gate so we just have to watch her.) That's the only good thiing about her crying was I could tell where she was lol!
The concert was good. I liked the songs, and one of Walker's friends sang a solo in the choir so that was cool. O and they had a surprise song and it was "Sing Sing Sing!" (go to my earlier post if you want to listen to a version of it... I'm to lazy to link to it right now haha.) I was excited lol. O and one of the songs I heard bass claranettes! I don't remember there being bass claranettes in middle school, but I guess there are. they sounded like Contra basses... IDK.

So this morning at 7:30 I was woken up by my grandma's dog, Ebony, coming in my room. She is staying with us for a week while grandma is in Florida, (Lucky!) Well Ebony came in and got Bilko up andd they went out and started running around the living room. Grumbling, I got up to get Bilko so when Hope (standard poodle) started barking everyone else wouldn't be woken up. Mostly Walker because everyone else was awake. I brought Bilko in my room again and closed the door. I layed back down, but sombody kept nosing me and pawing me. Fine. I'm up! I'm up!
I took Bilko out and fed him, then went back to bed. A few minutes later my dad came in and had all the dogs (Bilko, Ebony, and Hope) get up on my bed and lay down. He then went and got the camera and took a picture. I bet its cute, and if I can get the picture on my computer I'll try and load it on here. We then got all of them on my brother's bed and took a picture. I was cold, so I went back to lay down in my nice warm bed. I'd given up on sleep by now haha! My brother came in and Bilko climbed back up on my bed and Walker took tons of random pictures of God only know what and saved them on my phone. Great... Waste of memory. O well...

Well gotta get ready for church here soon. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. :)
(Meagan, Gonna link to that soon, to lazy now)

Friday, February 19, 2010

party and drama :)

Ok, so I'm tired, and really need to finish my english paper, but I thought I'd write this first.
Mikes party was a success :)
We were unsure if we could pull it off, because Sara's been sick all week, and her phone broke the other day, so we had to text or call on Mike's phone when he wasn't around to make sure we knew what was going on. Today I thought she was coming around 11 to my dorm to start cooking since it was lasagna and neither of us had made it before. 11 came and went and she wasn't here. I tried texting Mike's phone "Happy birthday Mike! :)... and if sara still has the phone, tell him for me." Mike had the phone. Crap!
I decided to do laundry while I waited (still need to put that away lol), and she finally knocked on my door around 12:30. We had to run to the little grocery store right next door to my dorm on campus to get last minute supplies, and grab ourselves something to eat since neither of us had eaten yet. We checked out the kitchen key and started cooking.
We made "dill dip" Yum veggie dip! When we tried it though it tasted more like cream cheese and mayonase (yes I know I spelled that way wrong... hush! :)
We decided to add more Dill Weed, and vwahla! It tasted nearly perfect! Note to self... when making dill dip, add extra dill.
We then started the Lasagna, but half way through browning the meat Sara realized we didn't have shredded matzarella or parmasan cheese. (seriously! How do you spell these things? lol)
So Sara took over the browning from me, and I ran to commons (the grocery store) and got the cheeses plus plates and cups. On my way back, since I'd ran in to Mike on the first floor earlier when taking Bilko out, I was listening for his voice and ready to hide the food (don't ask how) if he came buy. Walking down the hall-- almost to the kitchen...

"Hi Jenna!"
"Hi Mike."
"Is Sara still with you?"
"wasn't Sara gonna hang out with you?"
"O yeah, I think she went back to Harshman."
"aww! Seriously?"
"I think so."

I couldn't hide the bag at this point, so I decided to pretend I'd missed the stairs I needed to go up to my room and go back until he was gone so I could sneak to the kitchen. Then his parents said something about how nice our apartment was going to be next year while I was trying to walk away. Arg! So I stood there and talked to them until a couple girls came up and started talking to me. I didn't know it at first, but they were friends of Sara and Mike. I'd met them before, but didn't recognize them. Then one of them asked if she could take the bag to the kitchen and Mike and his parents had walked away, so we finally got to the kitchen.
I'd just sent Mike all the way across campus looking for Sara, hoping this would give us time to finish cooking. He got to Harshmen like 15 minutes later and texted me (Sara's phone is still broke remember)
"Hey I thought you said Sara was going to Harshman?"
"I thought she did, but she might have went back to work... I think she left something there."
A few minutes later Sara told me to text him that she was back at Kohl (my dorm) and to meet us there. He called and told Sara he was at Harshman but would come to Kohl.
By the time he got back the Lasagna was almost done and Sara was working on the cake. She was using Mike's family's secret recipe for caromel icing that he'd made so much around her she memorized it... and hacked his facebook (his password is stored on his computer.)
It all turned out wonderful!
They have a lot of veggies and cheese left over though. The veggie tray was weird! It was carots, cucumbers, celery, and green peppers. Where was the Coliflower and broccoli? O and it was thanks to Meagan the lasagna got done because she brought the Tomato paste! lol
Over all it was great and we all had fun hanging with friends and for meagan and I making new ones. :)

Now english paper time. :( Bleh!
Jenna and Bilko

Thursday, February 18, 2010

O the Kibble!

O I totally forgot to mention the Kibble! Yeah... I don't remember who thought it'd be a bright idea, but somehow it happened... Me, Mandi, Carina, Tony... I think I have the vidio somewhere... or the recording from my BN... Maybe I'll share it.

Friends and memories

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie. Reading Mandi's blog got me inspired to write this, but I've been thinking it a lot recently anyway so here's the motivation I needed to write it lol.

You know those friends that when your little you talk about going to the same college or living next door with your families and all that? Well I had a very good friend in Elementry that I thought the friendship would last forever. She was my closest friend from third grade till middle school. In middle school we still hung out some, but we didn't have every class together so it was hard. I remember a time... I think it was middleschool or early high school, when i was at a basketball game. My parents saw Alex and I wanted to go sit with her in the students section. I did, and I thought it'd be just like old times where she'd tell me what was going on in the game and we'd laugh at the players. I was wrong. She hardly talked to me at all! She was laughing and joking with other kids around me and ignoring me! Then when half time rolled around she left me alone in the stands! I don't remember if I cried or not, but I might have. Someone came and sat with me. I don't remember who but I think it was an adult. I was soo mad at Alex! She said later that one of her other friends was really sad and needed her and that she didn't want to leave me but everyone was pressuring her and all this stuff. I think I knew then that we wern't going to stay friends. We still talked off and on, but our friendship was never the same. Now I have her number, but I don't think she has mine, and I feel like even if I did call her it'd be the most awkward conversation ever haha! I hate losing friends like that, but it happends, and I think God does that for a reason.
When I was in high school, I had friends I hung with all the time. My friends Sara and Brittani were the closest, and we did tons of stuff together. Sara and I were in band together, so we had lots of time to hang out, and Britt came over a lot and we talked on the phone for hours :)
I'd known Britt and her twin sister Chelsey for years... we went to this before school program together... but high school is when we really started becoming close. The problem was, all of my close friends were at least a year or 2 older than me. Needless to say, senior year sucked! I couldn't really make new friends by then. Cliques were set in stone, and I wasn't really close with anyone in my grade. I hated it! I hung out with a yunger student that was kind of a social outcast. She was/is nice and we get/got along, but we never went to each other's houses or anything like that. She kind of thinks of me as her big sister :)
She knows she can come to me with anything, but its hard to keep in touch when she's still in high school.

GDB... Ah GDB! I was soo excited! I wanted to make new friends and couldn't wait to meet everybody, but I was nervous too. I hadn't had to make new friends much lately, but figured I could do it ok. I met Mandi first, and was really excited! She liked drums like me and was really cool!We were on the same plane to San fransisco, and I thought we'd talk the whole ride, but we didn't. I would've talked to her, but I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or listening to music or something and didn't want to interupt her lol! I thought we'd become really good friendsright off at school, and we hung out, but I'm not sure why we didn't hang out more. I wish we would have. For some reason we didn't. She was probably the who was most like me or at least a lot like me haha!
I really miss all my friends from GDB. Carina: Awesome roomie! I'm glad she recently texted me her new number. :) Yes!
Kristina: All I can say about that is tons of laughter and stupid songs came from our conversations, but also some pretty deep stuff too. :)
Stephannie: I remember this one time sitting in Star Bucks drinking Mint-moca Frapiccinos and comparing american and canadian money haha! Then we knocked on the window to get Carina's attention cause she was walking up and she thought it was the door... oops!
Mandi: I remember one time sitting in her room talking about our home lives and finding out that they were pretty similar in some aspects, and we really did have a lot in common. O and playing with her phone. It was really nice to just sit and talk and not be interupted by instructors taking us on routs lol.I think she was the one that ratted me and Kristina out for puttingBalloons in Tony's shower though... Darn you Mandi! LOL JK JK! Shhh! I didn't just admit that we did that! :) Good times!
O and the TP-ing the instructors... and flexy leash! Wish you guys'd gotten me off the couch 5 feet away for that one! The movie could've waited lol! I'm still wondering exactly who tried to TP me... whoever it was did a pretty crappy job of it :P
Hugs Mandi!

Yeah, I really miss my GDB friends. Now that I'm at college, I have friends, but sometimes I still feel alone. I'm not usually invited to friends rooms (Well, recently Mike and Sara have invited me places but there gonna be my roomies next year and I've known Sara for ever, and Meagan), but last semester I hardly saw the so I didn't like that much..m. and this semester none of the people I sometimes hung with and I really do much together because of schedules so it really sucksThe ones I made that live in my dorm don't invite me anywhere though, so I don't know what to think of that. I've known Sara for years (Yes the Sara from earlier in this post, which shows that friendships can last.) So God has blessed me with someone who I can turn to,and I am extremely greatful.
I don't know why God brings some people more in to lives than others, but I'm soo greatful fore all the friends he's blessed me with over the years, and I really wanna get together with out-of-state friends like Mandi and Stephannie and Carina and Kristina this summer! Miss you all! Hugs!
Jenna and Bilko
(gosh this post was depressing and random and I don't think it even makes sense! Arg me an my swirling thoughts!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slightly pg13: my day

Ok so I wrote this on my BN (braille note) earlier before class, and decided it should be posted.
5:54 pm
Ok, so this is usually a G rated journal, but not right now! O shit! O shit shit shit! Dam!
I took an exam today, and for the first time, I had to turn it in myself. I didn't know where the health center was exactly, and I would have looked for it-- taken a bus to it and asked people on the way,-- but DSS said I could just take it to him during class. Ok, I figured I could bring it to the classroom and then go to my next class afterward. I took it to the classroom, it was after 5, but class ended at 5:45 usually, and he wasn't there! Everyone was done with the exam by then. O it didn't help that I got kinda lost on the way there... My campus has so many random sidewalks its crazy. 5:59 pm Heck yeah! I gave the test to a friend to run to the health center for me (I know, probably not the best idea, but I had class soon, and it was in like 2 sealed envelopes! O and she'd already taken the class), and she just called to say she found my teacher and gave it to him. Thank God for my froomie (future roomie) Sara! 8:33 pm Bla bla bla! Ok, so I'm sitting in women's Studies watching a mofie about breast implants, and how cylicone breast implants are possibly causing many illnesses. Arg! This is sooo stupid and boring! Hopefully it'll be over soon. I don't get why people would want this done anyway! Maybe that's because I believe if God'd wanted me to have big breasts I'd have them. LOL
One lady said she got them done to try to save a failing marriage. Seriously? If you have to get implants to save a marriage, that's a pretty shaatty marriage!
Class is till 9, but I think she said we'd get out a little early. Bla bla bla. *yawn*

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day and thanks Meagan

So yesterday my boyfriend came over and we were gonna go see "Valentines Day" Good idea right? See the movie on the day? Well, all of BG seemed to have the same idea. Arg! It was sold out, and the other theators we were gonna try didn't have it showing till 6;:30 or 7 and I had to be at "The Well" at 8.
So that backfired... Then we tried to find "Fireproof" online. If you haven't seen it check it out! Its my new fav movie!
We youtubed it, but a lot of the posts we found weren't loud enough. We could hardly hear them talking. We finally found one that would play loud enough to hear and realized we didn't have time to watch it. :( We ended up going to a little restaurant here called "Paglyeyes" (aka Pollyeyes) and got there amazing stuffed breadsticks. I just had half of one for breakfast and it was gooood! lol

O and I'd also like to thank Meagan for getting the Tigger song stuck in my head! in this post
She linked to loads of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Stuff and now I'm walking around humming the tigger song! Aaaah! lol Gotta love Tigger!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

O my gosh! This is barbaric!

In my intro to teaching students with exceptionalities (EDIS) class, we had to find an current event on disabilities.
This is the article one classmate came up with. Its insane! Russian Call For 'Postnatal Abortion' Sparks Furor Among Parents Of Disabled
Its basically how Russians are thinking about legalizing post-natal abortion-- killing disabled children after birth!
Dear God, Please knock sense in to these people! Even the severely disabled are that way for some reason, and don't deserve to die! They are still human! They still feel!

Greatful for my guide ({)

So I just had to post about how much I love my dog. :)
I went out with some friends today. One is actually my O and M instructor lol. I met her and her husband at a camp for the Vblind/VI over the summer, and she ended up being my O and M instructor for college haha!
I have to say I have absolutely nothing against this school what-so-ever. . I actually considered it for getting a dog, but this guy's handling is not good! He lets people pet his dog in harness, which if the dog can handle it and not get distracted is ok, but this dog can't. The dog just randomly went over to say hi to some kids standing near us. He kept having to tell the dog to come repetedly. The dog also licked the floor... Ok its a dog, its gonna lick, but its discusting, and he didn't do anything about it. He also gave his dog icecream in harness! He can give his dog icecream if he wants, but I don't get why he'd keep him in harness to do it. Then the dog would try to get more icecream... he was watching mine lol. Bilko just layed by my side and looked around, but didn't try to say hi to anybody like the other dog did, and didn't lick the floor. I only had to correct him once for missing a curb, but it was right outside the door of DQ. The other dog tried to follow a stranger lol! O and this dog is 11, and Bilko behaved better than him. I love my boy!
I really like this guy and his wife, but yeah... his wife and I agree he doesn't handle his dog well. Yea Bilko! You rock!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bilko and surprise party :)

So, I have no idea what... nevermind... I was gonna say I don't really know what to write about, but right as I was starting the sentence, Bilko came up and started pawing me and nudging me with his head. I thought he just wanted attention, because he does that, so I got on the floor and petted him and talked to him. He just sat there. So I started trying to find a toy to play with him. I found his bone (he just came back over and nudged me again as I'm writing this), he didn't want the bone. He went over and stood by his food and water dishes. 'O! Duh! He wants water!' I was out of water in the jug with the little spicket I use for him here in the dorms. I got the jug and went to the laundry room down the hall to refill it. As soon as I walked in the door he was looking at the jug like "mom! Water? Please! I'm thirsty!" You'd think he never got water! I told him to wait and filled his bowl. He was happy after he got his water lol... O wow I just realized how dumb this post is lol!

I don't have classes on fridays, so I did lots of laundry and cleaning my room today, which meant Billy didn't get to do much haha. He was getting bored, so I was glad when my friend Sara called and said to meet her at the "Union" and we'd go shopping. We're putting on a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend next Friday, and she wanted to get stuff to make lasagna. We picked up our other friend, Meagan, who is also rooming with us and Mike (the guy we're throwing the party for), next fall. We went to Croger. Sara had told Mike we were going to Walmart to get his present. We had fun trying to find everything we needed (especially since I'm blind and Meagan's visually impaired so it mostly was Sara who had to find things unless Meagan stuck them right up to her face lol) We eventually found everything we needed, and headed back to campus.
Bilko was doing really good except he kept sniffing everybody that walked past. (darn social dog!)
While we were in the store Mike texted Sara to ask where she was (he'd let us use his car) and she forgot she was supposed to be at walmart and said "Croger." We made up this lame excuse that Meagan had to get fruit and walmart's fruits suck so we went to Croger. I think he baught it... hopefully.

We used Meagan's food stamps since Mike said Sara couldn't spend more than $40 from cash or meal plan... he didn't mention foodstamps! :D He said that I could spend like $5 lol... gonna spend more than that on meal plan but shhh! He's gonna kill us when he finds out that we're making Lasagna, ordering a fruit tray, cheese tray, and veggie tray, and making his families secret recipe for cake. He taught Sara how to make it. We're also inviting around 10 to 15 people to the party. This is gonna be awesome! :)
Well that's all I got for now.
Jen and Bil
Yea! now on my own lol Indescribable

Yea! :) It worked! thanks ro :)

more testing

I'm trying this :

Just copying RO's post to make sure it works haha! lets hope that worked ;:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

testing links

So I just saw a comment from RO and am now trying links lol
Here's one of the songs we sang tonight.

... ok so when I pushed the link grafic it didn't do anything but bleep at me... what the heck? Ah well I'll keep playing


(for screen readers, that title is "confusion" with the C and F capatilized... you'll get it later)

ok... So do you ever have something that you loved to do, but then you were required to do it for some reason, and then you didn't want to do it as much anymore?
Well, that's what's happening to me, and I feel horrible, because its bible study! I've been going to this non-denominational church on campus since last semester off and on. Its really cool! We have cermons that relate to college life and issues we're having as college students believing in Christ and all that, and the songs rock! Guitars make everything more fun! lol
Anyways... back on topic... We have bible studies every thursday night called "Fusion" groups. I didn't go every thursday last semester, but it was always fun when I did, and I loved it. I joined this other related church group called "The Well." It helps us better relate to Christ and really realize what exactly being a Christian means, and how we can act out faith... at least that's what I've got so far lol. We are required to do sertain things for the well, and one of these is to go to Fusion on Thursdays. I don't think they'd do anything if we didn't, but they want us too. Now I feel like I have to go, because of the Well, and I don't know if I'm going because I want to go or I feel obligated to go. Tonight I wanted to just hang out and read peoples blogs lol, but I went, and enjoyed it. We sang some songs that I'll link to if I can figure out how, and if anybody's interested.
I just hate feeling obligated to do something I would do anyway, because I feel like I may be doing it for the wrong reasons... does this even make sense?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow and shrimp

Ok, so I know this doesn't make sense... I just needed a title lol. It has finally stopped snowing for now, and the sidewalks are at least somewhat usable... I still had some trouble because Bilko was confused but at least I knew I was on a sidewalk. I don't have class until 4:30 today, and hopefully that'll be canceled. My 6-9 women's studies class was. I was excited about that because I wasn't planning on going anyway in this weather lol.

I did laundry this morning, and really think I'll check out those sheets RO uses... (anyone know how to link to other blogs/sites?) they sound really easy to use and convenient. Much better than the powder I'm using now.

Since we all had class canceled for tonight, my future roommies and I are gonna make Garlic-shrimp pasta! yum! :) I could probably post the recipe if anyones interested... I think its just speghetti with shrimp and garlic but IDK for sure.
TTFN (Ta-ta for now)
Jen and Bil

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow Go away!

Unless classes are gonna be canceled for tomorrow!
Ok, so of course there has been talk of the "Blizard of 2010" lately, and everybody's been flipping out. Some teachers canceled classes (which I found out there not supposed to do without permission from the university) yesterday, but none of mine did. Granted I only had 2 classes today, but one was clear across campus (and this campus isn't small) in the music building (aka CMA.) I had not left my dorm much except to relieve Bilko, and I noticed that the sidewalks wern't really cleared yet. Well, my first class was in my dorm building which was awesome! Then I was debating on even trying to get to the CMA since its been snowing like mad all day. The busses were still running, so I decided to go for it and take the bus. If the bus wasn't running I wouldn't even have bothered attempting it! So I went out and tried to take my normal rout to the bus stop, but the sidewalks were completely covered still! This was at like 3 this afternoon! Arg! I hate stupid people! A lady that knows me directed me to a different rout that I'd done before but hate because it involves getting through this parking lot that Bilko and I always end up wandering around in... It happened again, and someone directed me out of it. Then the cleaning lady that'd helped me before came running up and insisted on helping me get to the bus stop. She tried to grab me, and I said "no, my dog will guide me thanks." I absolutely hate people grabbing or pushing me! She made sure I was going in the right direction and walked away. I told Bilko to "find the bus stop" and we were fine. When the bus finally came, we got on, and a few minutes later I heard on the radio that all classes were canceled after 5:00 pm tonight. My jazz choir rehearsal ended at 4:30, so I didn't think It'd be canceled, and I was already on the bus anyway. I got to the CMA and the bus driver made sure I got across the street with the huge piles of snow (nice, but I'd've been fine without her lol) the sidewalk was much clearer than the ones by my dorm, and we made it to the building and when we got to the classroom... "Hi Jenna. We're canceling class." my director.
Arg! You've got to be kidding me! I should've not even bothered coming! O well... A friend from the group gave me a ride back to the dorm so I didn't have to wait for the bus, and when I got back I realized everyone was packing up on food for the next day lol.

I'm really hoping it either snows a lot tonight so classes are canceled tomorrow, or melts. I have an O and M (orientation and Mobility) lesson tomorrow, and I want to go walk around the neighborhood near my apartment complex for next year to see what's there, but I don't think walking in feet of snow will do anybody any good... especially since I'll be using my cane to get the layout of things. I hate that thing! i'll use it when I have to, but no more!
Ok now I'm going to do homework. Hopefully my future posts will be more entertaining than this one. Ta-Ta for Now

intro to my self and guide

Hello all. My name is Jenna and I have my first guide from GDB (Guide Dogs For The Blind.) I am 19 years old and attending college to be a special Education (mild-moderate) teacher. My dog is a black lab named Bilko. I've had him for over a year, and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me as far as independence goes! I can get around so much more confidently safely and quickly with him!
I am a freshmin at college, and really like it so far.

I have other pets at home. A standard poodle named Hope, a rabit named Benetha (from "A raisin in the Sun," and I probably spelled that wrong lol!), and some fish... who cares about them? I don't even know how many there are now! haha!
I'm living in a dorm now, but will be in an apartment with 3 other friends next fall! Woohoo! :D
Um, so that's all for this post... write more later.