Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surprise! I'm here!

Ok, I know its been forever since I've posted! life's either been crazy busy and too much going on to write or really really dull with nothing to write about, but I have something now.

Last Monday Nick's mom texted me to see what I was doing this weekend. She said that she and his dad were going to visit Nick (he's in Indiana for an internship) this weekend and wanted to take me to surprise him. So Bilko and I went ot his grandma's this weekend. They picked us up Friday night around 8 and so we got there around 11:30 or so, and Nick was asleep already since he'd been getting up around 5:30 for work last week. We had some issues figuring out where we were all going to sleep (even though there were enough bedrooms... It was dumb lol), and then I went to bed. When I got up the next morning Nick's dad was walking down the hall and was like "Nick still doesn't know your here," so he started leading me out to see him. That house was huuuuuuge! I actually used my cane around it for awhile and I never ever do that! Anyway... Nick was walking in to the kitchen when we were coming through and I reeeeally wish I could have seen his face! His dad said he looked astonished and like he couldn't believe his eyes haha!
Well his grandparents had to bail hay so I rode along in the truck with his grandma. I really wanted to help bail (I've never even been around when somebody was bailing), but running by a truck throwing bails onto a trailer probably isn't the best idea for a blink! lol I did want to help when they were unloading it, but they wouldn't let me! :(
O well... It was still fun listening to the menand Nick's mom argue haha!
Then we went swimming in their huge pool. It was like 88 dgs which is a little on the warm side for me but it was still fun. They had a water slide that I went down. Everybody else was afraid they'd break it and I was the smallest so I went. Nick's dad also through me. I stood on his knees and he tossed me on the count of 3 while I kicked off... I haven't done that since I was little! :) O and for the record I'm like 5.6 but I'm skinny, so that's why he could throw me still at 19 hehehe.
We had a cookout for Nick's grandpa's birthday which was earlier this week, and the cake was really good. Especially for a storebaught cake. Then we went swimming again after dark (Nick and his dad and I did.) We went to bed after that since It was around 11 and everybody was exhausted from bailing.
Today we had doghnuts for breakfast and I got to ride one of their horses. O! Did I mention they have arabians? Well they have like 10 horses and all but 1 are arabians. They're actually looking to sell them so if anybody wants more info let me know! :)
They haven't ridden them much lately, but Nick's grandpa saddled one up for me and rode it around for awhile to make sure he wasn't going to freak out and throw me or something. Well he was trying to go back to the barn so Nick's grandpa walked beside me and made sure the horse wouldn't go to the barn. I kinda didn't like that, because I am a pretty good rider and can confidently control a horse myself, but I understood why he was reluctant to let me ride solo since the horse (I can't think of his name at the moment), hadn't been ridden in awhile.
I was sad to leave, but I was also glad I got to go see Nick and surprise him like that. :)

Seriously! If anybody wants Arabians let me know!

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