Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sophomore year so far

Hey all,
I started college again last week, so I've been really busy, but I have some downtime before I have to feed Bilko and head to campus for my first class (I have a 6-9 every tuesday and then my learning comunity class from 9:15 to 10:30) I'm meeting one of my roommates (froommies now stands for fantastic roommies), for dinner and then going to class. I like my classes ok so far. I can get to them all right :) Yea! My new O and M instructor was so amazed that Bilko remembered the rout after only doing it once! He says he's never seen such a smart dog! Yea Billy! Show them all how smart you are! :D
I should probably figure out how to get to the library on campus... I've never really needed to go there before unless it was with friends for group work. I feel a lot more confident walking around campus this year than I did even last semester, and Bilko seems to too. Yesterday he had his first A.D.D day so far. He's been reeeally good up till then, and I don't know what made him so off, but maybe it was me being in a bad mood? Hmmm... Probably. Maybe I should work on my acting skills for him haha!

Im taking this middle Childhood Literature class that's focusing on teaching literature to kids 4th-9th grades, and I absolutely love it so far! My teacher is amazing! We found something in common the first day... we're both fans of The Hunger Games series. I was actually reading the third book (just came out last tuesday), before class and she said I should really read it. When I said I was she asked where I was and said she should be done with the book by Friday. At the rate I'm going I'll be done by tomorrow evening or thursday haha!
We have to read Among The Hidden (shadow children number 1) by tomorrow, and I started it last Wednesday since I wasn't sure how long it was and finished it thursday night. Good book. Check it out!
Ok, gonna get ready to leave.
If anyone actually reads this anymore, have a good night! :D

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