Sunday, September 11, 2011

I just have to say this.

Ok, so today's 9/11. Yes. There has been facebook posts all day today about it, and vidios galore. I remember exactly what I was doing when we found out... standing in line waiting to go to art class. I was in fifth grade. I don't remember if we actually went to art or not, but I do remember all the fourth and fifth grade students going in one classroom and watching the TV. I also remember a little girl laughing about it, and my best friend at the time getting really mad at her. I'm not sure we all totally new what was going on, but we, most of us at least, were aware and mature enough to know it was serious. I remember being really sad for those people that died and their families.

What I also remember is all the banding together our country did after the attacks. Yes, it was horrible! None of us will ever begin to understand why the people who did this did what they did. What was going through their minds we will never know, but what I no for certain is this:
God has brought good from that horrible time. My pastor spoke about this in church today, but I was thinking it already. People were so much kinder after those atacks, and willing to help others in need. Yes, there was (and sadly still is), unfounded fear and predjudice about middle easterners in the U.S, but God really helped us to realize that it is important to work together and be united as a country.
God bless America!

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