Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't ya just Love it when?...

Don’t ya just love it when…?
You find a dollar in the pocket of the jeans you wore last week? How about when you snag the last cookie? What about when you randomly run in to someone you’ve never met before and find out you have tons in common? I do! That’s what just happened to me a few minutes ago. I was relieving Bilko, (auspicious start, I know), and someone pulled up in a car. He just stopped and stared at it. I kept trying to get him to do his business, but he just kept staring. I heard someone get out and start walking up to the door. I said something like “hi.” And something about Bilko staring at her. Then I was like Bilko seriously do your business so we can go out of the rain! The girl laughed and Bilko wouldn’t even begin to circle like he is supposed to, so I gave up and asked the girl if she wanted to pet him. We walked in to the building to get out of the rain, and she started petting him and he loved it and was wagging his tail. We started talking and I found out she lives on third floor above me. I said something like “O, third floor, you don’t have to deal with people being noisy above you. Sometimes I think the people above us sound like elephants when it’s really quiet.” We laughed and she said that she is one of those people, because she’s trying to learn drums, and is practicing her base peddle. She said she was looking for someone to teach her, and since I’d played for 8 years, I said “I can teach you!” She agreed and we started talking about music. Turns out she plays violin, and I’ve been wanting to learn, so we’re going to swap lessons. Hopefully we are going to meet up this weekend and I’ll teach her some basics. I mentioned that (since we were thinking of meeting Sunday), “We’re going to H2O at 11:30, you wanna come?” She declined, but I JUST MET HER! I NEVER INVITE PEOPLE I JUST MET TO CHURCH! I am sooo proud of myself right now! :D
So, I increased my self-confidence, and hopefully made a new friend, all in 20 minutes! :D (hmmm, kinda sounds like an Infomercial.)

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