Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something Significant

I waas going to write about today's sermon from Luke where Jesus taught about loving God and not being smug because we think we haven't sinned as much as somebody else so were better than them. Its in the story about the man inviting Jesus to his house and a women coming and washing Jesus' feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. I don't remember where exactly, but in Luke.
I was going to write about that but my computer decided to restart before I could save my file. Arg!
Now iI'm going to write about a radio program I've enjoyed since I was little. Its Called "Adventures in odyssey" and buy "Focus on the Family" Its radio shows that take bible lessons and put them in stories that are interesting and fun to listen to for all ages. They always have a lesson at the end, and this one is really cool!
Something Significant
is about a boy named Trent wanting to do something "big" for God, but learning an important lesson about it. Listen and have fun! It may seem like a simple lesson, but one I had to be reminded of and I'm glad I listened to it. This link will probably only work for a week or two, so try and listen soon.

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