Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter storm warning (last week)

Woulda posted this earlier but forgot...

From February 1, 2011
Snow snow go away... or increase a ton so classes are canceled!
Today SUCKS so far! I got up and made a beggal, but it was so hard I couldn't cut it so had my roommate do it. Then it was rock hard to eat as well. Not cool! I had music education today at 8:30 am, so since Sara and Mike were going anyway to drop Sara off at her placement, so I got a ride with them. Mike dropped me off by this intersection near the building, but it was in the parking lott and I got confused as to where the building was. Also, I forgot my gloves in Mikes car. My friend let me borrow hers since I had to use my hands to work Bilko, then Mike brought them into me after my 11:20 class (Spanish) ended, but he could only find one glove! I also got disoriented walking to the math science building, and had to ask to make sure where I was because of the snow. There are like 5 sidewalks that lead in the same direction, so Bilko lead me on the most cleared one and theyre so close together I get confused especially in snow. I ended up realizing where I was and finding the class even though I'd only been in that door once before. Bilko recognized where we were and tried to take me to our class from last semester, so I praised him and found the way to the class.

So the snow ended up not being that bad, but it was horribly icy and both my classes were canceled Wednesday which was good since I wasn't going anyway haha!

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