Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey! I'm still alive! :) Amazing huh? I've been sooo busy with school, and really should be busy with it right now, but I'm not cause I wanted to write this... obviously! IDK why since I kinda think I'm the only one who reads it lol! If you are reading, leave a comment with... your favorite form of exercise, that can also include laughing histarically at the idea, since until recently that've been me! :)
I say until recently because I never really worked out much until a week ago, last Wednesday to be exact. Three of my roommates and I decided we were gonna work out together every other day, because Sara and I need to get in shape--although we're both skinny, we aren't in shape by any means,-- and Mike used to work out all the time because of football but doesn't really anymore. So we went to the workout room at our apartment complex, and I did the elliptical for like 15 minutes, but then decided I should really be doing a paper that was due Thursday, so I left. We then decided to work out Tuesday Thursday Saturday since those are the days Sara doesn't go to the preschool the next day. I went Saturday with them and did the bike (not sure how long), and messed around with weights and the rowing machine which I really like. We were over there for about an hour, but not sure how much of that was actually working out. I didn't get to go Tuesday since I was busy but I went today, and did 3.89 miles (roughly) on the bike, and 30 reps (or whatever you call them haha!) on the rowing machine set at 40 lbs, plus a little bit on elliptical. Got bored since I didn't bring my booksense and went back to the bike since there's music there haha! Next time I'm charging my Booksense and bring that, although it may get in my way since I don't have a clip or anything for it... Overall though, I feel good! :)

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