Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mmm! Buffalo Sauce!

Ok, so I just posted this to my guide dog list, so those of you on it may have seen it, but I had to post it here too lol!
(O and I'll be doing "catch up" posts at some point)

Ok, so I had a major O-my-gosh-these-labs-are-friggin-sneaky moment today.
We went to the Henry Ford Museum with a group from my learning community. I got up and fed Bilko around 7:15, and then we went to detroit. We had fun looking around all of the exibits and touring the Rouge Factory and seeing some of Green Field Village. Bilko's guide work was fanominal!
It was on the way home, and we stopped to get McDonalds. I figured I would just feed Bilko when we got back to school since we were getting back around 7 and It would be a hastle to bring food and everything. Well my friend finished her meal and set her bag down on the floor of the van. I was in the seat just behind the front passengers seat, and Bilko was laying between a cooler and the seat. Well apparently he was really hungry, because all of a sudden my friend looked down and was like "Bilko chewed through my bag, and got my sauce." I was like what! Really?
He's never done that before, and he was so quiet none of us even noticed until she looked down and saw him chewing on it! I guess him not eating more than bites of kibble periotically for 12 hours made him decide to be a brat.
Darn sneaky dog! haha!


Ro said...

Mmmm I had a buffalo chicken salad last night and this is making me want another one hahaha!!

Sure hope he doesn't have erm, buffalo poops now :)

Anonymous said...

O wow. Buffalo sauce sounds so good right now! lol
Aww, I hope he got all better from that. Aren't they sneaky at the most calm moments?
You got to keep your hands on that boy! Give him a hug from Hughes and I.