Thursday, May 6, 2010

School's out!

For the summer!
I'm finally done with exams and sitting in my bedroom at home. :_ I love college, but i am sooo sick of classes! lol I' sooo excited about moving out in to the apartment next fall. I used a lot of my meal plan (about $300 that would go to waist if I didn't use it), on getting bulk food items we an use next year. mmm speghetti-oa's! lol. Can ya tell I'm tired? My friend Meagan and I were studying yesterday and 3 answers or more in a row were "asthma" and we started saying asthma for every answer and it was hillarious! Ok, so this post was stupid, but I'm wanting to do something while I'm talking on skype.
I'm going to post "recaps" soon.... probably tomorrow sometome since I don't have anything to do. Yea summer!

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