Friday, October 1, 2010

Dorito adventures

I’m sitting here alone in the apartment since my boyfriend ran a friend home, Mike went with him to get something (IDK), and Sara went to Leann’s for dinner. I’m making this “cool Ranch Dorito Hot Dish” that Mandi suggested, but I’m kinda scared it’s going to absolutely suck. First of all, it called for ground turkey. Where the heck do you buy ground turkey? We couldn’t find it and the guy at the delly had no idea what we were talking about, so Nick suggested we buy chipped turkey and that would work just as well. I didn’t agree, but we got it anyway and tried it. We basically ended up cooking it like we were browning it but obviously it didn’t brown, but we added the salsa and corn anyway. It called for green pepper and onion, but none of us like that, so we didn’t use it. I think it may be ok, but I’m worried how it’s gonna taste with the delly-ish turkey instead of actually ground turkey. Its cooking right now so I’ll let yall know… If this sucks I’m gonna feel llike the stupidest person on the planet haha!

O and Sara doesn’t like half the stuff in this dish, so IDK who else will eat it and I may be eating it all by myself. *sad face* Hopefully Nick will try it and hopefully he won’t hate it…

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Well, you could of used ground beef, ground chicken...LOL
Ground turkey is found near the turkey. LOL. The raw one, not cooked. LOL.
Anyway, it is just something different.