Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Poopy Adventure

Yeah... exactly what it sounds like really...
I took Bilko out earlier, he was pawing at me trying to get me to get up. I thought he was really hungry and had to go too, so I fed him and took him out. I was totally right, because he pooped pretty much as soon as we got out there! lol
I marked it with my foot like we're supposed to, then he moved and started pooping again, so I used my other foot for that... then he moved to my other side and pooped again! Crap! I don't have 3 feet! Ok, maybe he'll stay there... nope he moved and stopped pooping thank goodness. I would have called my roommates to get one of them to come help me find the third pile, but I didn't have my phone. I heard somebody walking toward the building, so I was like, "hey, random question, but could you help me find the dog poop? He kept moving!" So this random girl helped me find it but at first she just was pointing and being like "its over there and right there." Um, duh! I'm blind!--why do sighties do that?-- anyway...
She finally told me exactly what to do and I got it. It was just really funny haha!
Um ok so I have no idea why I felt the need to share this with the wirld... It's just been a really lazy and boring day here and I wanted to write! lol

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Anonymous said...

Ah, hahahahahaha lol. Wow, that is too funny.