Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frogger with Chuck

I just got done with a meeting with my GDB field rep, Chuck. He came down to help me with crossing the street my apartment is on to the bus stop. I don't usually use this bus, but since I have late night classes, it would be easier to get on the "south Route" bus than call campus escort. Basically, I cross the parking lott in front of my building, and walk along the curb until I get to my usual shuddle stop that we use for the Enclave shuddle, then we turn left from the bus stop (its at our back then we do this) then he finds this curb, its kind of rounded, so he rounds it to the right and when it levels out we turn and cross the parking lott again to the sidewalk on the other side. We then turn left on the sidewalk and follow it until it T's off. We turn right and find the driveway to this house near the complex, turn left in the driveway and the street slopes up so when we find that slope we stop and wait for an all-clear and cross. The sidewalk splits at the curb, so we go streight and I tell Bilko to "find the poll." We're there! It's not near as complicated as I thought it would be. :)

After that I wanted to work on rounded curbs, so Chuck drove us to downtown BG and we worked a route of them. We basically did a large rectangle, and he did amazing! Yea Bilko! That's the best work I've seen out of him in a long time! He was having fun, and really paying attention. :D There was a large lab across the street at one point that got him distracted, but I made him sit and lay down then sit again and he was fine. :)
Chuck praised how good he looks and how mature and focused he is. He also praised my handling which is always nice to hear haha!
He said that Bilko had some tarter on his teeth, but they wern't bad, and I admitted I hadn't been brushing them as regularly as I should.

I actually should be in class right now, but decided not to go since we were going to be late anyway, and I really didn't feel like trying to explain to Chuck where the building is hahaha! Besides, I only know how to get to the classroom from one door that we can't drive too, and nothing is brailled in that building. I could have asked Chuck for help, but o well... I really didn't want to go to class! lol

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Jen said...

Its always a brilliant feeling when a trainer comes and the dog works well.
Good dog!