Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Placement october 19th

(Tuesday oct. 19)
I officially do not like my field placement. I do nothing most of the day, and only help the kids when they have questions, and sometimes I have to say, "I'll help them," or the teacher will do it instead. I also have a math class, but they're doing coordinate planes and liniar equations, which are easy, but I can't see their graphs, so I can't help them. I can sometimes, but I can't be sure they're graphing them right. I can help them creat the equation, but friend A doesn't get it. It is frustrating, because I can't see the exact problems. One of the teachers was helping me help him, since I wasn't sure how to do it, but now I get it. Y, then thinking where they put the number of boxes or whatever than changes plus what is added, then the total which is the tetal than they get when they add everything. It makes sense now. This kid should actually be in an LD type math class, but they put him in the wrong one and he couldn't change it. Why? No idea. Its stupid! I thought about bringing manipulatives, but he would just play with them instead of do the work. He already can't concentrate. I may try to find out what he likes and then use it to teach him the math. Maybe that will work... I hope, because I hate seeing him struggle.

I can schedule classes today, but one of them that I wanted to take wasn't able to be scheduled because I haven't taken the mretest. I had to contact DSS, then the math department, then DSS again to get everything worked out to take it ASAP so I can schedule it.

I decided not to take the math class now, but I will take the test, because I still need it of next semester when I do take the class anyway and if I don't pass it this semester I can always try again next.
Arg scheduling is complecated.
So Meagan and I had fun walking to our next meeting/class after our 6-9 Education Psychology class. Last week there was a whole conversation on facebook about us throwing canes. (its hillarious maybe I'll post later haha!) This week my teacher gave me a large print paper (which I can't read), so I made a paper airoplain. Naturally, right? lol
TTYL I'm just bored

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