Friday, March 11, 2011

Airport Madness!

from tuesday March 8, 2011
So we're on the plain and almost didn't make it. So when you take a guide dog on a plain you would think you could get to a relieving area to let the dog go before they go on the flight. Well apparently Houston likes to make things complecated! We had sooo many issues coming to find a relieving area!area because nobody knew what they were talking about! the one lady sent us down to bagage where there was one and we couldn't find it because it was on the other side of a parking garage. We went to ask somebody but nobody was in information. somebody did tell us there was 1 in termonal d so we tried there after riding the stupid train for half an hour and going in huge circles because the train went weird ways... don't ask hahaha! we didn't find it in d either so went back to c and decided to go and try and get him to relieve on concrete. I should have kept up on making him do that. we tried to get him to go in front of a cop car, (nobody was in it), but he wouldn't and we had half an hour till boarding. Aunt L, (teachers sister that told us all to call her Aunt), ended up driving us to a patch of grass and he finally went! We then had to rush through security and they scanned my braillenote twice for some reason, but we made it to the plain with time to use the restroom before boarding. few! Talk about stressful!

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