Friday, March 11, 2011

SP--East and South

I went to East Elementary yesterday, (Thuosday), for awhile and worked with a woman I'll call Mrs. Goggles. (nickna/e a girl in my class came up with when we were younger.) I had fun helping a boy with figuring out pennies and nickles. He spoke mostly Spanish, so I greeted him and he was all smiles! It was cool. I al helped a fourth grader with multiplication and devision using fake pennies as manipulative. That was cool, because that is what we were learning how to teach before break. I then went and brought the first graders in to the hall in groups of 4, (they wanted to see Bilko and were doing reading groups), and explained to them what Bilko does for me. I had the harness on and had them read his sign, "do not pet me I am working." Then I took off the harness, made hm say sitting, and let them pet him. Mrs. Gogqles was totally amazed how well I handled that with having them read it and everything. I was thinking 'duh! what else would I do? they're first graders! They need to read.' I then talked to my mom's PE class of 3rd graders, and let them hold the harness and then let them come up in 4s to pet him before getting their shoes on.
Today I went to South Elementary and observed Mrs. Kits. She had IEP's part of the day so I got to sit through 2 of them. One the parents only spoke Spanish, and I realized how inadequate my spanish-speaking skills are. I was thinking about minoring in Spanish, but I'm not sure I will. I may try to learn on my own or something. At least enough to get by in parent-teacher conferences. I want to find spanish radio or something to listen too. I'd like to go to Spain next summer, but I don't if that will happen since I kind of want a job for the summer... The resorse room at South has a lot of kids doing lots of different subjects at once. They do tests it there, like math but the teachers aren't aloud to do more than just make sure the problems are set up right. It is interesting to see how they work with several subjects at once. they mostly give one kid a question or problem then help someone ekse than go back when the other kid is done with the question...
I really want to student-teach in Texas, especially with the crappy bill being talked about passing in Ohio. I don't know much about it except its something to do with getting rid of the teacher's union and capping pay at $34,000. That really scares me. What is this country coming to if they're running teachers out of the field? It hasn't passed quite yet but it might, and it will eventually effect everywhere! I'm horrified! how the heck can they do this? Kids NEED TO LEARN! O well, guess I can't do anything about it, so why waste time worrying? (BTW East and South are 2 schools in my town.)

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