Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Telling Potential Employers you are blind.

Ok, I was on this websight for blind/vi people to hang out called The Zone BBS, and i found this board post about the title of this post, here's my response, and if anybody actually reads this I'd like your thoughts on this please! :)
I agree that in most cases one would do better not telling of blindness before meeting in person, but here's something for debate: what about babysitting"I am looking for a babysitting job for the school year, and got my best friend to recomend me to one of the families she's babysat for because they needed someone for mondays and wednesdays which is when I could work. They have 3-year-old twins, one with autism, and they speak mostly duch, but are really getting good at english except when they are really upset. I went over to their house last saturday, with my friend, and was interviewed by the parents and then helped my friend babysit. They saw me interact with the kids and realized that the kids liked me a lot, and when I was leaving I was kind of hopeful that they'd hire me, even though they said they'd call me and let me know. I got called on Monday and told that they really were sorry but they were going to have to say no mostly because the girls were still young and needed someone to watch them all the time and they wanted someone who could read to them, (I told them I have braille children's books), and the one girl likes to go outside and ride her bike and doesn't always do what she's supposed to and stay where she should. I was upset, (I totally fell in love with these kids), but in a way I understand. They wanted someone who could read the books the kids got from the library and such, and they weren't there when we took the kids to the park and I helped keep track of them. I hadn't told them of my blindness beforehand, thinking that they wouldn't give me a chance, but my mom said that I should have when I told her about it because the parents are putting the safty of their children in my hands and need to know. I said that's why I had the interview! Any helpful ideas on this and how to get a babysitting job would be helpful. thanks :)

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