Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Job applications and Dentists.

Three Posts in 4 days? You all should be proud! :) lol
This summer, I've been looking for a job, so I can pay for some of my own stuff. I don't get any government aid yet, because I have to many savings bonds and such for college saved up in my name and they won't give me SSI till there done, and plus I'm in school, so... Getting a job is proving dificult though. Like I said in an earlier post, I was and still am trying for a babysitting job, but it isn't working out so far, so I've applied for a job at the library on campus. I literally went to the library with the Counseling/Voc Rehab guy, (he's working at DSS for grad school hours and helping me also helps him get hours), and he and I got an application from this lady at the info desk and he helped me fill it out and we sent it back Via Campus Mail. It didn't say specific jobs, and we didn't have time to look online for specifics, but hopefully they'll hire me for computer work or something not involving putting books on shelves lol.

On another, less wonderful note: I had a dentists appointment tonight, so I'm home for the next few days before going back for school. Normally I hate the dentists, (who doesn't?), and this time was no different. I have never had a Cavity before. I was always so proud of that fact since most if not all of my friends have had at least one, but my luck ran out today. :( The Dentist decided to get it done right then and there, so she numbed me, which I thought was going to hurt a lot more than it actually did and I was really tense haha! My mouth is still numb, and dad and mom keep laughing at my facial expressions and attempts at talking hahahaha!

I actually have an appoint with the (Opthamologist?) or whatever the eye doctor is called, Thursday, so it's the week for doctors I guess. I also need to get my prosthetic eye cleaned, but I don't have an appointment for that yet.

Wow, this is a really weird and stupid post, but I wanted to write something to keep my mind off food... I can't really eat well until I can feel my face! lol

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