Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!! and an update on the goings on here.

Well, this past two weeks has been great. I found out I got a 4.0 this past semester! :D I was sooo surprised! I thought I’d at least have one or 2 B’s!!!
Now that I’m on break, I've not really done much except read, go to Grandma's and bake cake and cookies and help with chili, (yum!), and I went bowling with Dee and her boyfriend Thursday night. It was really fun. My games kinda sucked, (93, 82, 86), but it could have been worse. We walked around Walmart for awhile afterward and looked at stuff and talked. Sara, Mike, and our friend Ben came over last week and we hung out for a few hours and played Wii and ate AJ's pizza.

Christmas was nice. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's instead of great Grandma's for once for the entire Christmas eve, (usually we split it between the two houses even though its the same side of the family), and great Grandma didn't come, because she said she was not feeling well. I got a nice gold pearl necklace/bracelet set that can go with about anything dressy, so that was cool. I also got some nice tops, (one purple and one grey), that were dressy, so that was good since I need more dress clothes for teaching. Even though I won't be in the classroom this semester really, I'll need them for methods/student-teaching next year. I got some bath-and-bodyworks Sea-Island Cotton spray and lotion. I have so much bath-and-body its crazy, but at least I have variety lol. I got a gift card to the mall, and so my cousins and I went shopping on Monday, and I got some good deals. I even got Bilko a treat dispenser that is a soccer ball like ball with a hole in it for treats/food. He loves rolling it around and shaking it to get the food it, but he gives up after awhile, so I help him, (when I can find the ball.)

Christmas day we got up and all the grandparents came over as usual to see us open gifts. (More clothes, ITunes card, a new pare of boots that didn't fit so we're going to try to return them, an Ohio State pillow (from Walker.) We went to grandma and grandpa's at noon for Christmas dinner, and had a very... awkward conversation that consisted of my grandpa's racist jokes. It was horrible, and my grandpa's not a bad guy, and he's nice, but... I ended up throwing a grape at him from my apple salad. We all just hung out and talked until it was time to go to grandma's at 3. We had a silly gift-exchange in which I got one of the gifts we brought (and I really didn't want), and my dad got a pop-it extreme with an optional "shake-it" setting. We traded. I then set around and talked to my cousin and one of their girlfriends for awhile. That was interesting, just because I've never really talked to this girl before since I just met her at Thanksgiving.

Its now Newyears Eve Day, and Walker was up half the night puking last night, and mom was up with him. I didn't feel like going to my parents room to sleep, (I was half asleep and comfortable), so I was awake too off-and-on. He was going to have a party tonight, but I'm not sure if that's happening or not now. I'm just hanging out at home tonight with my family. Nobody invited me anywhere, and I that's fine. Usually I'm the one that has the party, but not this year, since the usual guests (except me and one friend), are doing other things in other towns. I keep telling myself that I'm going to work out more this year, and I mean to do it. Honestly, though, anything more than a few times would be an improvement. I get so busy with school and such that it never seems to happen.
Well, now that it's actually 2012 and I'm posting, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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