Tuesday, November 8, 2011

not very creative

Not much went on today. I went to Classroom management, but skipped Weather and Climate to go vote. I used the talking voting machine, which I love! I've used it before, but thisone was different. There was no way o f changing the speech rate, so it was really slow. I voted no on issue two (dealing with teachers unions and all that), while I agree with some of the stuff packed in there, most of it I do not. Although, I don't like politics, so yeah. I voted for the issues that concern me.
Anyway. I had a quiz in phonics, and that went well, but now we apparently have this huge project due in exactly two weeks from today, and I don't really have time to do it! Aaaaah! I guess I will be working on it whenever I can for the next two weeks, and hopefully finishing it up before ACBO convention on the 18th.
Did I tell you all I got another ACBO Scholarship? I did! :)
I just realized I haven't sent back the registration form! Crap! I'd better do that before going to bed tonight!

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