Thursday, November 21, 2013

Very Very Very long time o see! I'm baaaaack!!!

Hey all! I was bored today and saw somebody's post to a blog on the guide dog network group I'm apart of on facebook, and realized that I hadn't posted on here in awhile,although I've written. Yeah! Almost two years would be considered awhile! Gosh! Hmmm... An overview of the past two years... I started dating randy in April of 2012, who I met through Mike and Sara, and he stuck with me through the horrid methods experience I had, (not a good teacher placement), and student teaching, (which was with Mr. P from earlier posts, and was really good.) Now we are engaged! :d We're getting married September 27, 2013! I have my dress picked out and my bridesmaids dresses almost decided on. We're getting married in my home church and having the reception in a reception hall at our fairgrounds. I'm so excited! :D Also, I have a job now, not teaching as I'm not sure I want to do that at least right now, but as an Office Mannager at a company working with adults with cognitive disabilities. I'm living with the owner of the small company now, they thought I'd be a great fit for the company and knew my dad from school, so decided to help me out so I could find a place. They truly love having me work for them and say that the company feels complete like it hasn't for two years since the previous lady that did my job died of cancer, (R.I.P for her), so I know it isn't just because they knew my dad that they hired me haha! :) I'm moving in to my own apartment December 9th, and am really excited about it! It's unfurnished, but I have some furnature already from family and Jim and shelly,, who I'm living with now, have some they don't use that they said I could, so that's great! I like my job, although it can get boring sometimes when people are not coming in and I'm caught up on what I have to do lol! Other than that it's great, and I get to talk to clients which is fun. You'd think I had more to write... Oh! i'm still working Bilko, and he's doing great. He has some fatty sists on his sides, but the vet said they aren't cancerous so he's fine. Boy did I freak out the first time I found one though! Randy was there, and his brother's dog had some, so he calmed me down. Oh, we had to put Hope down in March. She was our standard poodle. She was having seizures and the medication was making her in to a different dog, and her organs were shutting down. The meds weren't helping much either. It was really sad, but she's with Jesus now... Mom and dad got snickers, a Golden doodle, (golden retriever/poodle cross), in april and she's a bundle of energy. she was only 8 weeks when they got her. She loves Bilko, and Bilko likes her, but not the pulling on his ears andconstantly wanting him to play part. He'll be seven in December! How'd that happen! Oh! I went to a Cincinnati Goalball group last night, a friend I know through aCBo plays and told me about it, and I absolutely love it! Shelly went with me and promptly decided we had to get a ball for OTS and play as a staff. lol! I'm sore now since I haven't played in forever, so will probably take a hot bath tonight lol. I did well though, scored the winning point in overtime for the game where the teams were ACB (mine), vs. NFB, so that was awesome. I'm planning on going whenever I can, hopefully every week, when it starts again in January. It's $25 for ten or so weeks, so pretty good. They have two weeks in December, but I hope I can convince them to let me pay half of it or something since I'm joining late. I know there's things I've forgotten to say in here, but I'm going to post this now and take Billy out. Hopefully somebody still reads this!!!!

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