Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goalball Blog

I'm on my way back home from Goalball in Columbus, and had a blast! We started out introducing ourselves and doing stretches. We did passing drills (which reminds me of basketball haha!), and then blocking. I got hit in the stomach like 5 times. It hurts! Its so much fun though! LOL
I played two games one before lunch (pizza) and one after. During the first game, I got hit in the... um... breasts. Now that hurt, especially since I wasn't expecting it haha!

I finally got to meet one of the members of 2 guide dog lists I'm on, and Bilko and her dog had fun sniffing and playing when we took them out of harness. smile
He is sooo much bigger than Bilko Its crazy! His fur is a lot courser too. Guess I take the fact that Bilko's extremely amazingly soft for grantit lol. It was nice to finally meet someone from the list.
I also met a lot of other cool people who hopefully will be my teammates. I'm still trying to make sure I can get to practices. It was fun though. :)


Ro said...

I'm thinking of playing too. My trainer at the gym at my blind center is a paralympic gold medalist in Goalball. It would be so cool. I just don't know if my knees could handle it. But reading this makes me want to try, and it's local. Hmmm.

Jen and Bil said...

You should deffinitly try! Its tons of fun... kinda painful, but what sport isn't? lol Lucky its local for you. I have to drive at least an hour or more depending on where practice is. There's a scrimmage in kentucky the 27-28th of this month and I really want to go, but don't know if it'll be possible...

Becky said...

Trying goalball is on my 'bucket list' Sounds like so much fun -- agree with ro reading this makes we want to try!