Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow! That was cool!

When I went to church tonight for Lent, I was kind of expecting the traditional lentin service—hymns we’ve sang every year during Lent and serman’s that somewhat hold my attention, but the pastor’s still boring so no matter how hard I try I end up zoning—but this year we have a new pastor. I forgot he plays guitar until I got to church and he started by playing “Cats in the Cradle” to go along with the serman. We also watched a video by “Rob Bell” that was cool.
The entire serman was about diciplin. Never anybody’s favorite topic, but a great serman. We talked about “Psalm 40 1-10” and “Geremiah 29 11-13” and “Mathew 7 9-11.”
We talked about how we sometimes think God doesn’t listen, or is cruel for not giving us what we want, but its always done because he loves us. A lot of what we want him to give us we think will make us happy, or make us have a good life, but it won’t. It will a lot of times come back to smack us in the face.
It was a really cool serman. (I'd post the links to the verces but my brother needs the internet lol)

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