Sunday, March 14, 2010


So now I'm finally getting around to writing about my spring break adventures.
I tried just typing it into blogger the other day, but (again) I pressed the wrong button. I'm really gonna start writing my posts in word documents and copying them.
anyway... Last weekend on Saturday, we had dinner with my cousins who made grilled salmon and vegetables of that rice-looking noodles called, roso? Rosaro? I don't remember lol. It was delicious! Well, the salmon was, my cousin managed to make all the vegitables I don't like, and I'm not a picky eater by any means! Then my brother and I went bowling with my friend Dee and her boyfriend. I got a 92 the first game and 88 the second. My brother beat me both times. :( I usually do better than that, but I haven't bowled in forever haha!

Monday I was stuck at home while everyone was at work/school.
Tuesday my grandma picked me up and took me to town (we live in the country which sucks for getting anywhere independently for a blink like me.) I hung out with a friend from high school and we went to East of Chicago for lunch and had BBQ'd Chicken Pizza. Mmm! We then walked around town and talked. We ran into another friend from high school that I haven't seen in forever, and a friend that I go to college with and was also best friends in high school.
My brother then had a band and choir concert tuesday night, and that was good. Bilko just slept by my feet, and sometimes looked up when the band started playing.
Wednesday I went to Bridges Academy in the next town over. Its a school for the Talented and Gifted. There is a boy there who is blind and in third grade and just learning braille. He hates it for some reason. He can't see anything at all either. I tried to get him to type his name but he wouldn't even try. It saddens me to think that he doesn't even want to learn. I was working with his mom, (who is his aid), to try to find motivation for him. He plays guitar, so I suggested using that as motivation-- if he learns so many letters or writes so many words he can play guitar for x amount of time,-- so I hope that she tries that and it helps. Any ideas guys? This kid is sooo stubborn!

Thursday I went out to lunch with my grandma and one of her friends to Arbies, and then walked around my grandma's block with Bilko while she did some yardwork. [I would've helped, but figured she didn't want me killing her bush! LOL.) She then tried to help me with my knitting, but we're both bad at it, so that was interesting. I had dinner with her and went to knitting class to try to get pointers. I know how to do it, but its so frustrating. I might try crochet... seems like that'll be easier since its only one hook instead of 2 needles lol. Any pointers all you blinks that do? (wink wink nudge nudge) How'd you learn?
I don't remember what I did Friday, and Saturday was spent hanging with family. This post is ridiculously long, so I'm shutting up now. My mom asked what I was doing and when I told said, "Do you really think people care about all that?"
Well, no, but if I post it online I can't lose it, right?
Seriously, posting this now.


Ro said...

I crochet, but I taught myself before I went blind, so I wouldn't know how to learn blind. I'd be happy to try and figure out how to explain it though :)

Jen and Bil said...

Could you? That would be awsome! :) Knitting is driving me up the wall. I think its because of having to hold the needles and make sure I don't drop a stitch too lol. O and I'm a perfectionest when it comes to making things so that doesn't help! hehe.

Ro said...

Absolutely. I've heard about knitting. Ick. With crochet, it's fairly easy to correct mistakes. I'll have to think about how to get you started. Hmmm. Do you have any crochet hooks? I started out with this kit that had a book and all the hookes, but the book wouldn't be very helpful for you. Do you read braille? I think there are books in braille on how to do it. But that would be hard. Reading with your hands while crocheting with your hands. Hmmm. Haha! I know there's a way.

Jen and Bil said...

Yeah I read braille, and I don't have any hooks yet... I may con a friend in to taking me to Walmart to get one though lol. I have yarn. (always a good thing :)
Maybe I can find audio books about how to do it? IDK but any help would be appreciated. :)