Monday, March 15, 2010

The Most Boring Day of Field Placement Ever.

Or so I thought. Here's what I wrote on the BN when I wasn't busy today:

So I have a feeling this day is going to last forever. I can't believe it but they have assessments all this week, and the kids need them read to them. My teacher was going to scan them and send them but she left them at school. I might be able to tach them a writing lesson though. 9:48 am Yeah, my teacher quickly read the writing worksheet, and I get to work with the kids reading that and making sure they know what to do. I'm excited because its something different and challenging! :) I guess I'll have to scan the assessments when I'm teaching Special Ed. They need to be read to them--the direcations and such. There's a little girl in this class and she's sooo cute! She was coloring something for a worksheet and said, "I take too long." "That's ok Your just being careful," I said. She said something about not wanting to mess up. :) A perfectionest 6-year-old? I never thought I'd see the day! LOL These kids are so much fun to work with, but I just don't feel like they'd listen to me if they wern't told too. Maybe, but I don't know, and don't feel like dealing with a sub that knows and does nothing to figure that out. The last time a sub was here, my fellow PCCer and ow had full control of the classroom, and we thought we were going to die! I'm sore from yesterday. Diving on a cement floor and getting hit with a basketball sized goalball being rolled hard across a gym will do that to you. LOL
No editing was done here and you get to see what comes out when you type to fast on a brailleNote haha!
TTFN (don't really have homework that's due, but I might get a headstart on some stuff due later this month. So totally unlike me!)

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Hi Jenna
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Jen from Ireland