Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah! Spring Break! *sigh*

So I came home yesterday for spring break this week. I was gonna post thursday night and tell yall about my crazy week, but I was half way through the post and hit the wrong key combination, (alt left arrow,) and so it went back to the previous page and lost all my work and I was tired and said screw it haha!
I ended up talking to a friend from the list I'm on about guide dogs on skype. Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends on campus at this actual restaurant that was good :) then I talked to my adviser about scheduling classes for next year and then went home. O before I went home Nick was coming by on his way home so he stopped over to say hi for a bit :) Yea! I didn't think I'd get to see him for like 3 weeks still and we already havent seen each other since feb 14th! :)
I'm going bowling with some friends at 5:30 tonight. I don't know if I'll bring Bilko though. I might since he won't get that much work this week. Less than at school anyway. He chewed up my mom's dirty clenexes this morning already... that's the only thing he gets in to, and I thought he only did it when he was bored... guess not or he got really bored really fast haha. IDK what else to write and I'm bored... maybe I'll find a game to play.
If your looking for fun computer games for the blind try
kitchen Sink by Jim Kitchen
I know they have windows games... I'm not sure about Macs but you can look.

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