Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second day of field experience

(written on Tuesday)
Ok, so today I came in just as my teacher was heading to lunch, and again, I forgot mine, so I talked to her while she ate and she said she wished I could come in the mornings because in the afternoon she has 2 resource periods and then works in the classroom with the lady who is alergic to dogs. (Although she kept saying "guy," I'm confused), I now go to Mrs. Mead's room and sit in on her math class for the last period instead of going to the science class. friend D, the kid that got a demarit last week, got one again this week, but it was the classroom teacher that gave it to him because he, again, wasn't behaving and doing his work. I helped a couple people in the eighth grade resource, and tried to help a few in 7th. I don't feel like I'm going to get much out of this experience, but I'll try...

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