Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bilko's bloggings: Hiss Hiss!

Ok, so yesterday was definitely an adventure! Mom and I decided to take a root to DSS (disability services), that we'd taken a few time's before, but never alone. We had to pass right buy where the van thing picks us up and takes us back to the place where we live, and I couldn't understand why mom wanted me to pass it, but finally I relented and kept moving. Then we crossed a parking lot entrance, and then another and went through a little passage between 2 buildings and turned left and kept going till mom told me to find the stairs and we were at the building. Yea! Go me! Awsome! Mom was excited and gave me kibble and pets and sounded really happy.

Then when we came back out and headed back we turned to soon and ended up in the wrong connecting hall thing. There's 3 buildings that are connected, and we went into the first connecting thing instead of the second. Mom told me to turn so we could go into the building and go through it, but I wanted to go back outside instead of going through the building, so she said "ok, we can do that," when I looked toward it. Well I really wish I'd just went through the building, because we were coming to these steps that I show her and then we pass them, and this hissy-spitty thing came and shot water at us! I don't like water, and mom didn't want to get wet so we quickly got out of the way of the hissy thing, and some lady asked if she could help us get by it and mom told her where we were going so the lady told us when to go and we hurried past the hissy-spitty thing and got back on track. Then I didn't want to go up this hill we needed to go up because the van that takes us home was there and the guy started talking to mom and I thought we were going to go home, but she said no and tried to make me go up the hill, and finally I went and we got back to the building we needed. Hissy-spitty thing is not fun though! We've went by them before, but haven't gotten caught before that time.

Other than that it was a good day though, especially since mom's cousin and uncle came and took us home to my friend hope and the rest of the family. Mom went to someplace and left me in my kennel at home because she thought hope and I would get into trouble. Its hope's fault! She does stupid stuff like try to get food off the counter! I am glad we got to come home for awhile though, because I like seeing everybody. We're back at the place we live at now and mom needs to do homework, so I need to post this. More later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Bilko! Dude!
It is Hughes! I hate gettingg wet as well! Especially when those things start spraying at you and you can't get around them fast enough sometimes! Yuck! Sometimes I get so wet!

Sounds like you had a fun day! I been ggoing out every day! It has been fun, allthough hot so I do not like the heat much and Mom tries to get me to drink water when I get home, however I am too tired and I do not just sleep!