Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bilko's Bloggings-- weirdness

September 3
This morning was weird! Mom got up and went right to the black thing that talks a lot. She was on the black thing for awhile and also the little weird looking thing with bumps. Mom says that's a "braillenote"... Whatever. I'll just use BN. Then she got dressed and then fed me. She usually feeds me first. She fed me, but didn't take me out right away. She always does! She ate her breakfast first, then got everything she needed ready. I think we're going somewhere, because she put a bunch of my food in a bag, and packed her stuff too. I wonder what's going on? Then when she finally took me out it was raining! I hate rain! Then we went back inside and got her blue thing to wear. Thankfully she didn't grab the yallow thing. I hate that thing! We went to class and it was raining. Then when we came back out to go to a different class it was sunny. Yea!

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