Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this majorly sucks!

so my fb status for the day: Grrrreat! My Ed Psych exam that was supposed to be available to take online today at 7 is not there! This is the only time I have enough time to take it! grrrr! Unless its blackboard that hates me (is it possible to pray for something that doesn't live... grrr! Its definitely my enemy right now! haha)

My Educational Psychology exam is online today and I get 3 hours to take it, well I don't, literally don't, have 3 hours in which to take this bloody thing! (Yes I'm being british, blame jaws), Its not showing up on my blackboard! I've emailed my prof, twice, and now am thinking about going to bed again but that would probably not be a good idea since I have placement in TPS at 11... arg! This sucks, but since I can't do anything about it I'll just have to either skip seminar or skip class (ed psych is 3 hours so we have shortened class today) I'm the only 1 that gets 3 hours,(well me and Meg), thanks blindness? Never thought that would come outa my mouth.
I hate this, but I'm surprisingly calm about it since I can't do anything about it.
Probably gonna study some more. (bleh!)


Jen said...

Hey! Haven't looked at your blog in months, but your comments on Torie's reminded me about it. Just thought I'd say hi :)
Jen and OJ (from Ireland)

Jen and Bil said...

Hey Jen! :) Yeah that's ok I haven't posted much lately... well I'm posting more now, and I'll look at yours since I haven't in awhile lol.