Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Third day of field experience

Tuesday September 28, 2010
I got to help a lot today. I helped a girl with her science homework in the seventh grade resource, and then help the same girl and another girl study and figure out the mean of 20+40+60+40. Anybody know the answer? NO CALCULATORS! They were doing it without calculators and had trouble, (which is sad because its a really easy problem that they should get quickly, but since calculators are so easy to use... Don't get me started lol.) I had to break it down so they would get it. I'll post how I taught them if somebody comments with the answer lol. Yea teacher mind, right?

Friend D in the 8th grade class is gone, he supposedly changed schools. The 8th grade class was ok... I didn't help anybody in there, but it was ok just listening to the teacher work. During math, I sat and listened and then attempted to help a student I will call S. S is very far behind his class in math, and was very very confused today. The teacher said she would send me the lessons before Tuesdays and I can go over them so I know what is going on. I'm excited! I get to teach! :D :D

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Anonymous said...

O wow, sounds productive! Glad it was.