Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bla bla bla blogging.

So I have a little more than an hour-- an hour and... 17 minutes to be exact-- until my first class of the day, so I thought I'd update yall on life here. I'm doing well. I think I've come to grips with Nick and me not being together anymore and that actually being a good thing in the long run... then again I haven't really talked to him except through a few texts and I commented on his picture on FB which I wouldn't have done if it hadn't shown up on my feed-- since last Tuesday. I want us to still be friends, but know that may take awhile if it's even meant to happen.
classes are going well: Spanish 1010 is easy so far since I took 3 years of it in high school but the last was 4 years ago so I'm going back to the beginning.
Transitions: should be interesting, and there's an add-on program you can take to become a transition specialist, so depending on how I like this class I may do that to have something to fall back on if I fail at teaching hahahaha!
Assistive Technology for special needs: The material sounds interesting, but the teacher is boring, and the people around me are all on FB so that's annoying when I'm resisting the temptation and trying to pay attention.
Teaching Middle School Math: That is going to be hard! I'm totally not liking it so far, and it's only been a week. At least I know I'm not the only one since the girl sitting next to me hates it already and we both can't figure out some of the problems. Wow that made me feel a whole lot better when she told me that! :)
Music Education for Elementary is a required class for Special Ed, (intervention Specialist), majors. There's a lecture part on Tuesdays at 8:30 am and then my resitation at 10:30 on Thursdays. It's fun! We get to sing little songs and play recorders... those things are soooo annoying! hehehehe!
PCC: Going to suck this semester! We have to come up with a research question related to our field experience/s and research and present it at the Urban Ed conference-- which is 2 days long, friday night and saturday-- and have 4 conferences with Dr. V (director) or his assistent who I don't really know but what I do know I'm not sure about but whatever. The only good thing is we don't have 9:15-10:30 seminar every Tuesday night, but that means I have to figure out when we do have it... O well.

I joined this "national Society of Leadership and Success" (NSLS), that is for people wanting to be better leaders I guess. I have an orientation meating Sunday at 3:00, so I'll have more information then. It's a life-long organization and looks really good on resumes (spelling?), so that's cool.

I'm also going to tutor this kid, I'll call him A for now, who is blind and in like 4th grade or something, in jaws and braille. I need to call his mom tonight and set up a meeting for Friday. Any ideas on how much I should charge? Comment with suggestions please! I'm thinking $10 per hour but I'm not sure.
Ok, really I need to stop rambling! Does anybody actually read this?


Anonymous said...

O wow. You sound busy busy busy.
Glad you are coming to terms with your relationship situation.
As for charging, I would suggest $10 sounds good. Not too high but not too low.
Good luck!

Jen and Bil said...

Thanks :) Yeah I'm gonna be extremely busy! I'll probably be goin nuts by the middle of the semester, but o well... it'll be good for me... or that's what I'm telling myself! :)