Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bilko's bloggings-- noooo! :(

Hi guys! So mom's letting me use the computer again, since her most pressing assignment isn't due till next thursday. Yesterday was weird. Mom's been getting up really early the past few weeks, and playing on the black talking thing and the thing with bumps, BN I guess she calls it. Yesterday she got up early and did that, then got her food as usual and fed me, but she got to talking to Mike and Sara and we didn't get to go on the van thing that takes us to the place with lots of buildings and people like usual. We got a ride from Mike since he was taking Sara to her "Preschool Practicum." Mom forgot to put the stuff on my feet that protects them from the salty stuff on the sidewalks when there's the cold white stuff on the ground. When we got home, she usually just wipes my feet off and lets me run around, but yesterday she kept me on leash and lead me in to the bathroom. I usually am not aloud in there since she thinks I'll get in to the trash (which I did once last week, but I just wanted paper!) I was like what heck? Then she took my leash off and started the tub! What? Mom! what are you doing? She took off her human fur since she said she didn't want to get it wet, well I didn't want to get mine wet either! She then tried to get me to climb in to the tub for food. What do you think I am, woman! crazy? She then tried to coax me in by standing in the tub, but I ran toward the bathroom door. She finally had to pick me up and put me in! I was sooo mad! I just stood there and she gave me food for being so good and I stood there until she told me I could come out which seemed to take forever! I was so stressed out that I threw up the food she gave me when I was out in the living room, and I ate it again before mom could know but she came in and found me so I grosed her out haha! She did give me a treat after getting in the tub too when I got out though. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm tired from running all over campus and trying to comfort mom when her BrailleNote broke. I just hope mom doesn't make me get in the tub anytime soon! As my other mom from a looong time ago said on facebook, I don't like baths!

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Anonymous said...

O wow, Bilko! That sounds horrible! I hate baths too. ewwww! That throwing up sounds like a good idea, get them happy then throw it up. Ha, I will have to remember that. Rooof.