Saturday, January 15, 2011

Help please?

Ok, so I've realized the links I've been posting aren't working. The link about going blind wasn't working, and I checked other links and they say "page not found" in blogger as well. I'm using the code Ro sent me because i can't get jaws to click on the add link button or whatever for some reason. Could this be why? Help Please it's driving me nuts! any jaws users know why I can't get that to work? any help would be appreciated! :(


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm a Jaws User and I'd like to let you know how I do links properly in case you might have missed something when Ro showed you. Nothing wrong with her help... Don't worry lol! But just in case you didn't understand something here's what I do.

Press Less than and lower case letter a, spacebar, type href=" then the URL and close quotation mark. type the greater than sign, then words like "click on Google", before typing the less than, forward slash then lower case a and the greater than sign. I hope this works.

Anonymous said...

What you should get is this link.

Take care,