Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday :) bestest!

So I'm officially not a teenager anymore! :)) Actually, doesn't feel any different. Lol.
I was woken up this morning by my roommates (Sara and Mike at least, Meg was still sleeping I think) coming in and singing "Happy Birthday," with synimon rolls and a candle in one of them. Yum Yum! That was goood breakfast!
I just hung out and looked on FB for awhile and read all the comments on my wall (I think like 115 as of a few minutes ago! Wow!) Then my parents came around 1, and we went out to this Mexican restaurant called "Don Pablos" and I was adventuress and tried fish tacos. Weird! My brother said I should try them, and I didn't know what to get, so I did and didn't like them. The rice and beans were good, but I really didn't care for the tacos and the enchilada I tried from my grandma. My mom made this giant cookie, and they sang happy birthday to me and we ate the cookie in the restaurant. Then they gave me gifts. I got a new pair of earrings from mom and da. Diamonds that I can wear all the time. I got this keychain beed thing from my grandma (mom's mom) and she picked beeds like hearts and a lock and key thing. I think they are like pandora, but not, maybe they are, I don't know. I got movies from mom and dad, and an ITunes gift card from the boys, Walker and Brennan, and a starbucks gift card! :D :D
and Money and singing cards (one from grandma and grandpa, and one from mom and dad),
When we got home, Walker wanted to say hi to Billy, (who kept licking the floor every now and again in the restaurant, but he was probably getting reeeally bored), so he took him to the bathroom for me, and I went inside. I smelled cake when I walked in to the hallway of our building, and when I opened the door... "Surprise!" There were tons of my friends! I totally wasn't expecting it! well, I was kinda suspicious, because Mike mentioned Lasagna by accident earlier, and the cake smell... It was awesome! :)
We had fun hanging out and playing scrabble, (me Brook, Kaitie, Jennie), maybe someone else but I can't think of who it was for the life of me! and it was sweet because Jenifer gave me Chocolate truffels and Trisha a stargbucks giftcard! Number two! :D Can you tell I like starbucks? lol

I did hear from Nick. Yesterday he told me his great grandpa died yesterday, and so I called and talked to him for awhile. It was kinda awkward since we hadn't talked in over a week, and I think it was weighing on us both that we wern't dating anymore but it was nice to talk to him again. He then texted me happy birthday and I texted thanks and we texted for a few minutes. It was good to hear from him. I did wish he was hear for the party, but I mannaged not to dwell on it, and overall it was an amazing birthday! :D Much more good than sad :D.
I love my friends!
(O and no spell check so excuse typos.)

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