Wednesday, November 2, 2011

P-Burg day 6


November 2, 2011
Dena and I got to school kind of late today, partly because I was making tea when Dena showed up, and partly because Dena missed the exit we needed and we drove around for awhile to find where we needed. We still aren's sure how we got here the way we did. Then Mr. Pevoar wasn't in his room when I walked in, and I spent the first 5 minutes just talking to the third graders while we waited.

I forgot to bring the cookies (just little bags of mini cookies), for my students today, but that's ok, because I wasn't exactly sure how many kids I had since we started new math groups last week. I counted and I have 17 students, and 20 bags of cookies. Hmmm, sounds like a math problem. "If Ms. Jenna has 17 students, and each student gets one bag of cookies how many bags are left if she started out with 20 bags of cookies?"
That could have been worded better, but o well. It would be a good introduction to story problems though, especially since it relates to %sthing that really happened, (or will happen next week at least.)

I'm thinking of posting a kid quote every day that I can. I have at least a weeks worth. Some of them I may post together, because they've related, and funny.

Mr. P told me about a 2-day seminar about IPads and using them with people with disabilities, but mostly autism. Its at BGSU, and free for students. Its November 12-13, but you don't have to go all of the sessions. I'm really excited and want to go for the first day at least, but that's Walker and dad's birthday weekend. I don't know if I'll be able to go or not.

O! I figured out Justin and Ben. Justin's voice is higher than Ben's.
I think I have the other students, but some of them still confuse me. Hopefully it'll be better when I see them every day.

I met my other first grade math student today. She's really quiet. I told her about Bilko, but I'm not sure she really got it. She liked petting him when I took him off harness at the end though.
Ok, so I'm taking time out of studying for Weather and Climate to post this (most of it was already written), so going now.

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