Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bilko's Bloggings--I'm baaaack!

Hey all! So I know mom posted earlier about me throwing up, but I'm fine now. Honestly, she wouldn't have freaked out so much if Sara hadn't said it was white foam. I ate my dinner at 7:30 instead of 5:30 (torcher! Let me tell you!) just in case, but I've been fine ever since. I just drank my water to fast I think. Mom asked if there was any way that there could be laundry sope (what's that?) in my water bowl, but everybody pours it over the big, loud, machine thing. --Bilko, that's a washer.-- Thanks mom. Anyway. I feel fine now. So, I thought I was in the mood to write, but I'm tired, so think I'll go to bed. Here's what I posted on FB earlier: So, yesterday mom and I went to the big place with all the food and sometimes loud music, (what's it called? I don't remember), and there were lots of people and I got to see my friend Tyler! Mom talked to some groups too. Boring! I slept. Now waiting for mom to take me out. Lazy day today for me.
Pretty much sums up my weekend, other than going to this restaurant with mom and our other people we live with and a bunch of people I'd met a couple of times before. I think they were the girl called Sara's family. Mom tried to put me under her chair but somehow i got stepped on or pinched by the chair and I didn't like that. I started yelping and stood up. Then mom found that there was a bench near her I could lay under and she could still have the leash since it was where Shelby was sitting right next to her. Shelby had to jump over me though. haha!
Going to bed now, but maybe write later,

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