Saturday, November 5, 2011

Transitions Expo 2011

Today Shelby and I spoke at the second Annual Transitions Expo at BG. We got up around 6:30, (well I did), and we walked to campus, which is about ten blocks, to be there by 8:30. It was cold! It was a nice walk though.
After a yummy coffee and blueberry muffin, we listened to LeDerrick... Horn? I think that was his last name, but I'm not sure. He has a neurological impairment and spoke of his difficulties and how he came to where he is today. Then we talked to two groups of parents of students with disabilities. There were students ranging from freshman in high school to seniors. It was really fun. There were 4 of us total. The first group wasn't very talkative, but the second was really good. Then I went down for lunch, and Shelby left. I ran into a friend/teacher at the Sight Center I did some things with a few years ago, so that was fun to see her, and she gave me a ride home, so that was nice. She helped me find Sara S, who I went to ACBO convention with last year, and so that was great to see her and little her dog too. LOL
I also got to see a girl that I went to camp with a few years ago, who's now a Sophomore in high school. She has a visual impairment. I then talked on a panel for students. It was called "learning after high school," and there was me, a girl from a two year program, and a man who was in an internship program type thing. It was a really nice mix of people and representations, and at the end I got a business card from one of the Special Education coordinators at TPS! He wants me to try to get in to wherever he is for methods. he said "we're always looking for highly enthusiastic methods students," or something to that effect. I was really excited.
Now we're getting ready to go to Outback Steak House with Sara's family for her uncle's birthday.
11:07 pm We're back, and it was fun. I love Sara's grandma, and her family is so fun! We got lost trying to find a mall, but we did it, and I got a cool clock puzzle for my classroom, and a nerf basketball set for Alex and Mason. I had this really cute pair of shirts, but they were $50, and I wanted to get the toys lol, so I didn't get it and am asking for it for Christmas. Sara took a pictchre.

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