Friday, November 4, 2011

Song, song of the south

Sweet Potato Waffles and I shut my mouth!

Ok, yeah I know that's not the right words, but it goes with my post, because that's exactly what I'm writing about! Yes folks, I had sweet potato Waffles this afternoon! Shelby had been talking about this place in town called "Mile's Bakery," for weeks. Yesterday, she said she had Sweet Potato Waffels, and I decided I really had to try them. After Shelby was done with classes for today, we walked there. It’s only crossing the street at the end of campus by the dorm “Founders,” then crossing Wooster, turn right, walk until you cross the tracks and a little parkinglot entrance, step up on the sidewalk and turn left, and it’s on that block, but I’m not sure how many doors down it was. We’re planning on going next week again so I will count. Not that anybody actually cares about how you get there, but I put it in for my own reference hahaha!

They were sooooo good! They could have been a little warmer, but we came late in the day so they probably weren’t really serving them much longer or something, and they were still really good! They came with these Candied Almonds on top, and a little cup of sirup, (I just dipped the waffles in it, less messy. :)
I also got a Pumpkin Chi Latte. That was good, but reeeeally sweet! Especially with the waffles! Lol
I couldn’t even finish the waffles since that combined with the latte was too sweet, but I ate all but a few bites of them. I ended up asking for a cup of water. Lol
In conclusion, (I sound like I’m writing a report!), The waffles were good, but don’t get the pumpkin Chai Latte with them. Get one or the other, but not both.
Now that I’ve gone and made you all hungry, I’m going to post this and probably work on my lesson plan for next Wednesday.
Jen and Bill

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