Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cold, rainy, but not a bad day

Hey all,
So I was going to get up at 7 today just to make sure I had time to talk to the roommies before I went to class, and didn't have to rush around, but, of course, I didn't get up then. Usually I would, but yesterday was a long day, and this weekend is gong to be even longer, so I slept till 8 ish. I got up, got everything ready including giving Bilko his breakfast with the half pill in it, and was out the door at 9:05 and off to the stop to wait for the van for the complex I live in to take me (and like 14 other people at that point in the morning) to school. It was REALLY REALLY cold and rainy today! Bilko, being the weird water-hating lab he is, didn't want to walk through any water, but I made him, getting my shoes soaked in the process. After Standing in the rain and cold for about 15 minutes, I checked my email on my phone, and behold! An email from my professor of my 9:30 class saying class for today was canceled! "Sweet! I'm going home!" I said to nobody inparticular, "my class was canceled!" I then rushed off back to my apartment.

Sara and I decided that, since I didn't have class until 11:30 and she didn't until 2, we would go grocery shopping. Well, we couldn't find the money bag with the combined money we put in every month so we are contributing evenly to the fund. We ended up paying with our own money, flipping out because we couldn't find it, and going to McDonalds for breakfast. I just had a hash brown. We baught a ton of groceries though, and so I was excited to have good food again!
I got my content lit exam back and got an 86%! I was excited, but at first, the way my professor was talking, I was afraid I failed it.I couldn't read the chart for one of the questions, and I completely forgot to ask her about it since I was so afraid of getting everything else answered. I made it though because she let me answer it with her in her office today. I love my teacher!

I got pinkberry (it's a frozen Yogurt place I'd never heard of util we got one on campus this year), with my friend Alisa. She had meal plan, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. I got chocolate and peanut butter swirl with strawberries and and roasted almonds. It was good,,but expensive. like $5 for a small.

When I came home, Mike was making Lasagna. Yum, yum! I took a break from writing this to eat it, and had two big pieces.

Now off to do do my reading folder for next week.

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