Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P-Burg Day 3

From Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Today Dena, (the girl I carpull with), and I got to school and were told that we had to go to her teachers room and wait, because the teachers were having a meeting in Mr. P's room. We went in and there were "benderoos," I knew them as "wikki sticks" when I was younger, out. We started making our names with them, and mine looked better than hers lol. I'd been using them for years and she'd never seen them before this year so...
A couple of her students came in and they were facinated with Bilko. The one little girl wouldn't stop staring in his eyes. It was funny, yet annoying. Technically we wern't supposed to be alone with students, but whatever. I got to Mr. P's room just as my first group of third graders came in, so we talked until Mr. P was ready. He had to put the story on the flash drive for me, and he has a new student with a para today, so it was all crazy. He ended up having the boys do a word search on the computer while he did other stuff. I just sat and monitored them to make sure they didn't fight. Then I read a story with the first graders. I then worked with a boy named Lukas, who has autism, on reading, and then he did this matching game with his sight words from the story. It was cool, because Mr. P asked him if he was done, and he said, (for the first time ever), "still playing." We were both really excited that he said that, since it had never happened before. I worked with Mason on reading a book on a park in Africa and all the animals these people saw there. It was very difficult for him, because every one word is a struggle. He has to sound out each word, and so he doesn't remember what he read at the beginning of the sentence, let alone the story. Mr. P then showed him this game from a+math.com that is a multiplication game. It was a dungeon, and you had to answer problems to get through it. It was really cool.

There was a new girl today. She has autism, and is in third grade. She liked Bilko, but when he was on his back, she kept trying to pet the wrong part of him if you get my drift. LOL It made us all laugh.
I hope you all are enjoying my teaching experiences. I know I am! :)

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